Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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The warm pillow is slowly slipping away, Ria grab it not wanting to part ways from its warmth.But instead of a soft pillow, her hand stumble upon a hard smooth thing.She was quick to avert her hands away from it and fluttering her eyes open.“Morning” says that raspy voice next to her.It sounds very alluring to her ears but Ria bit her inside cheeks to fight off the growing desire inside her body.Ria glance to the side where the voice came from.Her eyes turn in a saucer ball wide in disbelief that she’s still in this place.Ria’s cheeks turn beat red from embarrassment when everything went back to her mind from the time she almost drowned herself with toxic beverage to the point of her begging to make love with a stranger and giving in to her unexplainable desire to be with the stranger all over again.“Oh dear, what have I done?” She facepalms hiding her blushing cheeks.Ok, Ria you’re screwed, just a perfect way to start your new journey in life.Perfect.Just perfect.Now Ria has to find an excuse to live, and she wishes to never cross path with this handsome guy again.Darting her gazed back to him Ria saw a smirk merit his Adonis looking face.She wonders what’s playing inside his head.“Breakfast is ready, would you like me to asked them to bring it in the room or should i bring you down to the dining area?” To Ria’s utter shock he crossed the distance between them his body’s flexed showing off his well physique. Just two inches apart from her face. His deep ocean blue orbs conveying so many emotions, Ria was caught off guard.Why was there, passion, admiration, love, and sincerity?His giving her a sense of security that she won’t be alone nor will be harm if she stays with him. But that’s only possible in a romance novel or in her dream. She is destined to be in misery she knows that..No one can save her. Her pain, no one can ease it away.Showing her heart to someone else will never happened again.She already made up her mind.Ria raised her quivering hands cupping his cheeks.“I wish you were a dream that I can hold on too, but you’re real and I’m not fit to be with you,’ look for someone who can give you the things your heart is yearning for and thank you.” With two drops of tears slipping her cheeks she kissed his forehead like she’s bidding him a goodbye.It felt good to feel his skin on her lips such a bad luck but she had to go.After savoring the warm touch there’s something creeps in her heart.Ria broke the kiss wiping the stain on her cheeks before averting her gaze and was in a process of moving out of the bed.

A big calloused hand stop her and in a quick move he mange to pull her back in the bed with him, caging her petite body to his.If possible Khrys want to mold their body in one in that way she will never leave his side.Her broken voice piercing his heart, he can’t believe she’s living him just like that. He could sense his heart burning in fire willing to break those icy walls that she created in order to protect her heart.He thought everything will go smoothly like how he pictured things in his mind but hearing those words coming out of her mouth he can’t help but to get mad. Not to her, but to how her life made her like this, how one person wrong doing can totally change someone's heart.“Please, let me go. I’m so sorry you stumble upon me. But I have to live. I need to be back in reality. Thank you for making treating like I’m somewhat special” Ria look else where than to face those stormy dark blue orbs.“My Queen, I have been waiting for you patiently for how many years.”“You don’t have any idea how painful it is to find out you’re with somebody else. I didn’t pursue you because I saw the happiness in your eyes. Don’t you know you are made for me? Yet I let someone else take you away from my grasp. I am being considerate yet this is how you want to repay me?” His chill voice made Ria want to escaped from him.What the hell is he talking about?His Queen? How on earth did she even become one?!She was made for him? Was that even possible?!“I think you should see a doctor, please get off of me.” With voice void of emotion Ria tried to absorb everything she heard from him but when it registered in her brain. She form a conclusion that his somewhat delusional or his a stalker watching her from afar.That alone made up her mind.He doesn’t need her, he needs help from professional healthcare.“I’m not crazy, and I will prove that to you.” There’s a promised word lingering his voice. His eyes change in obsidian like a glazier. It is hard to read and Ria felt uneasy by the change of his emotion now she can’t figure out what’s inside his mind. She like it more when his showing her his true emotion.

Ria tried to push away the tingling sensation created by his calloused hand on her skin. It travels to her cheeks, his index finger smoothly touches the tip of her nose until it lands on her slightly parted lips. His thumb caress it awakening something inside of her.Shoot! There it goes again, those sparks and toe curling sensation muddling Ria’s right state of mind.She had to used up all her mental strength to brush it off but still some linger to her skin like a worm inching its way to her shielded heart.He closed the distant their lips and gave Ria a passionate kiss.Ria can’t hardly organize her thoughts because of his sudden assault.

Her body is out of her control.His majestic lips are made to lure her to succumb to his desire.Ria felt she’s out of control and this damn brute is giving her a sense that she’s not going anywhere but here, by his side.Ria moans at the sudden bit in her lower lips, the intruder doesn’t have enough yet. He is commanding Ria to open her mouth and welcome his tongue.To no avail, her body responded to his needs and soon both of them are out of clothes and Ria can’t believe for the third time she has given her self to him.After an intense session she was brought back again to the bathtub, and he bathed her like wee child.Dang it! How on earth can she escaped from?!

Her moans are muffled by his lips while her body is facing the glamorous tiled wall. Even though Ria is sore on her lower region from their excessive exercise, she can’t help but to gave in.He pumps her harder while one hand holds her hips, and the other is tilting her head in support.Such a selfish man, he wants to kissed Ria senselessly while pounding his throbbing friend at the same time.He only let her mouth go when he felt Ria is out of breath.He guided Ria’s both hand to tiled wall for support while tilting her ass up so he can have a better access to those tight tunnel of her.His growl get louder and Ria’s legs started to clenched by the intensity of his unforgiving assault,She knows far too well she’s about to reach her second climax today but felt his throbbing membrane getting much bigger enough to make Ria cry in pleasure.Then a sudden realization hits her, she’s been having sex for countless time without any protection.When Ria felt his tight hold on her hips deepen, she panicky blurted out.“Don’t come inside of me.”

“No. I love it when of your warm cum coating me and it's mixing with my own cum” his ragged voice fanning on Ria’s ears it's very ticklish.“No, please don’t—” Ria can’t continue what she’s about to say when his one hand reach for her swelled private part and start to rub it gently.This made their union more exciting as Ria’s worries is thrown at the back of her head. Her head swayed letting her back rest on his masculine chest while she arch her lower body.She latched on his neck and before she knew it she was sent again in a blissful place while Khrys grunt indicates they both cum.

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