Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-2 I thought I know the real you.

Somehow Ria manages to go back to her table and collect her things to go home early. After half a day of thinking and re-reading the proposal Ria finally come to a conclusion, She must admit Mr. Charles has a point.

Given a chance to be apart of the interior design team was her dream.

If she needs to prove herself that she is worthy to be apart of the team then so be it!

What bothered Ria is the place and this Mr.Villar that says he knows her.

Ria grows up in the province but she never once encountered this person.

Although the last name ring a bell.

Ria didn't have a single clue who it might be. The location in the proposal is her hometown.

She was given a month to fulfill her mission or else, She will be fired.

For the sake of the people who are relying on her, she knows she has to do her very best.

Ria's family doesn't have a clue of her real situation here in Manila. They thought she's doing all fine.

Ria never complains about her misery to her family.

Whenever she talks to them it's always happy things and made up lies.

Ria thoughts she choose to be here,

Her problem is for her to solve she doesn't want them to be involved.

All of her suffering when she left them to venture her luck in Manila until now, she will bury it till her last breath.

Ria's family thought she's the head of an interior design team in One of the most famous companies in the city.

Well, that is what she imagined she would be when she came to manila.

But just like any country bumpkin who taught the big city is the key to their success she was disappointed when she realizes she's living in a dream.

Realization slap her hard in the face, manila is nothing but she can't turn back the time.

Ria woke up by the rustling of keys in the front door of her condo.

She looks at the time, it's past ‪twelve o'clock‬ in the evening she didn't realize that she fall asleep next to the file of proposal she decided to take in.‬‬‬‬

Her brows furrowed, she noticed that Micheal is frequently going home late this fast few weeks and most of the time his drunk too.

Ria wishes his not intoxicated tonight.

She still needs to wake up early today and she's not in the mood to clean up his filth.

Arranging the files, Ria places it neatly on her computer table before a disaster could unfold.

This file is too important to mess with and if it does Ria knows it's the end of her work too.

Ria walks to the main door and looked at the spy hole to check who's outside before opening it.

In Manila, there are too many casualties of rape and robbery especially if you're careless of your surroundings.

Most of the time all the houses around manila have high gates barb wire, grill widows and door to protect them from the thief.

Hoodlums nowadays use a spray to cause people to fall deep in sleep.

If the intent is only robbery then the victim is lucky but if some of these bad guys have ill intentions like rape and killing, then their life is at stake.

Ria felt goosebumps all over her arms from thinking about it.

She sighs in relief when It's really Micheal.

She opens the door and helps him.

The stench of alcohol and a strong female perfume engulfed her.

Instantly she cringed her nose, she felt a fang of jealousy creeping on her heart, when she sees his lips have a smudge of red lipstick and his suit has it also.

"Ohh, here's my obedient girlfriend, come here I'll give you a reward." Micheal took Ria's arm and pulled her in a hug but seeing the smudged lipstick on his lips, Ria dodge her boyfriend hug which made the later slumped in the ground.

"What the fuck Ria! What's wrong with you?"Micheal asked furiously. Ria felt scared of seeing his mad.

She's surprised to see this side of him.

The Micheal that she knows is a gentleman with a sweet smile that loves to cuddle her all the time.

But now seeing him act barbaric, makes Ria think twice if she really knows her boyfriend completely.

Fighting back her fear, Ria even offered her hand to help him up.

"Where, have you been Micheal? It's almost ‪one o'clock ‬in the morning," she asked in a low voice afraid that their neighbors will wake up from her noisy boyfriend.‬‬‬‬ Micheal took her offered hand and stood up without answering her question. He grabs her wrist and holds it tight while he strode with her in a forceful way until they end up in their shared room.

Micheal slumps her in the bed.

Ria was to shock that Micheal used force on her.

She cringed rubbing her wrist to ease the pain.

With his forceful move, Ria's hello kitty cotton dress was disheveled revealing her slender legs and lace panty.

She quickly push her dress down to covered her lower body and look at her boyfriend with a questioning look.

"Huh! and now you are hiding your body to me when I've seen and tasted it for two years and a half!" Micheal smirked while untying his necktie and his suit, his face looks dark and dangerous.

"It seems like you forget already who help you all these years and now your showing disobedience to your man." He said before pulling Ria's one leg.

Ria struggled to be free but a man force is completely different from her.

She ends up halfway on the edge of the bed, while Micheal manages to unclothe himself leaving his naked body in view.

Ria turns to look on the other side and said: " stop this, Micheal, your drunk and you are hurting me..." Ria never likes to make love with him in a drunken state and Micheal knows that.

She hates the stench of alcohol, and she finds him disgusting when he tries to kiss her with those smudge lipstick on his lips.

She can't accept sharing kisses with another woman.

"Oh, have I hurt you my darling? I'm sorry but you know what? I'm not. And this time I'll do things on my own way baby.." and with that Micheal went on top of Ria holding her both hands up.

Ria didn't know how Micheal manages to grab his necktie but in one moment her hands are tied up in one of the corners of their bedpost while Micheal pulled her cotton dress until its off her face.

Horrified she yelled.

"Micheal! Stop this! I'm warning you!" But Micheal plays deaf.

He grabs one of her naked breasts forcefully while the other, he used his mouth to suck and bite her buds.

Ria winch in pain when she felt his forceful assault in her body.

"Damn, you smell so good and clean as always baby.." he murmured.

"Fuck you! Stop this right now! If I'm clean and good your not gonna flirt with other woman you fucking cheater!" Ria felt filthy hearing Micheal's voice.

"Shut up! Don't be jealous and be fucking thankful I'm staying with you for all these years when your like a doll laying on the bed while I do all the work! Now I'll show you how a woman should be acting in bed." He said before forcing Ria's legs to spread for him.

He kissed her down there licking her clit, while he's holding both of her legs.

Ria can't do much with her both hands tied up and her lower body is pushed down forcefully on the bed.

Tears start to stream down her face as she wishes she can scream and asked for help, but she can't. That's the reality. No matter how Ria tried to think of the best option at this moment, there's none that could benefit her.

Ria's thought was interrupted when she heard him say.

"Now, it's your turn to make me happy..." he said before he hovers over Ria's body until he reaches her face.

His legs are spread and to Ria's utter shock, he was wiggling his manhood in front of her face.

Ria never likes this kind of sex so they never tried it before.

She grows up with high morals and because her parents teach her by the way of Bible teaching.

In Ria's mind, this is not the right way!

Ria isn't an old fashion girl, but if they do this, she should be the one initiating it not by being forced to do it.

"Micheal please stop.."Ria is now begging her boyfriend to stop.

"No baby, it's gonna be good.." Micheal slurred.

"come taste it.." Micheal put the tip of his manhood in Ria's lips.

Horrified, Ria closes her eyes her lips are tightly closed while begging for someone, to help her.

"Please..somebody help me..."

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