Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -20(Part -2)


Ria felt like her knees wobble, luckily Khrys grab her tight and brought her out of the bathroom.He lay her down in the bed and dried her up.She cannot help but to admit to herself that she’s in awe watching how he meticulously clean her not much men would do that to his sex-mate nor his whore.Ria was tongue tied. Damn it?!She was supposed to leave him but what the hell did just happened to that?!When she saw him coming back in a bathroom with a unique crystal bottle in his hand.Her brows furrowed.“What’s that?! Are you going to poison me and dump my body somewhere?” She suspiciously asked that earn her a hearty laugh.“No, My Queen this is a special medicine worth a million, one drop of it and your sore legs will be healed.”“Hump! Such a bogus, with all the fake medicine all over the world claiming it can heal people I don’t believe such a thing really exist.” Ria Grab the blanket around her body in a way to protect her from the said medicine in the brute hand. It earns her another pit of laughter that Ria cannot deny its sound soothing to her ear.“Don’t tell me that, My Queen is afraid of medicine?” He asked amused of her reaction.Ria’s grip on the blanket got tighter when she saw Khrys sit on the bed.“Come on my Queen, don’t be childish now, besides aren’t you feeling hungry?” Khrys lay the bottle on the beds side table and went up to the bed.“Stay there, your too dangerous.. I don’t understand but whenever you’re near or touching me, I Can’t seem to decipher if what I’m doing is right or wrong.”Ria ushered her body until she reaches the edge of the bed.Afraid that she might fall again she moves a bit letting her guards down.Khrys took the opportunity to grab the hem of the blanket and pull Ria back to his arm. She slams on his body bumping each other’s head.“Ah?! shit.” Ria hissed in pain but to her surprise Khrys didn’t even bulge or show that his in pain too.Dang it!Ria even has a bump on her head but this brute face didn’t even have a red dots to his skin.Curious she lifts her hand to feel his forehead but seems like the brute knows what she’s thinking he gave her an answer before she could even interrogates him.“I have pain tolerance since young i am trained not feel too many emotions. That all change when i met a fire cracker like you.““Now net me have a look on that.” Khrys took Ria’s hand thats touching his forehead and entwines it with his hand.Ria watch him as he caresses the bump on her forehead, his brows almost knitted together while sighing worriedly.Ria turn a bright shade of red ,her hearts beating faster with his show of affection but like she already said before she’s not fit to be with him, she bit her lower lips wiggling her hand from his hold. Inside her head was like a battle field half of her mind wanted to stay simply because what they shared felt special and she wanted to unravel its secret but the other part of her head, the stubborn side who made her reach this far in her life the side of her whose fighting and analyzing everything is now resisting any kind of thing that could hurt her mentally or emotionally.One huge mistake is enough to shatter her optimistic side. What Micheal did to her is beyond her expectation and her almost down fall.Regaining back her true self tried to face this trouble, hoping it can be forgotten after a few days or weeks and even a month?! Ria just want to be out of her and farther away from this guy.“Let go of me, this is nothing, you can have your million worth of medicine to yourself. It’s just a bump and a pain killer will lessen the pain on my sore legs.” Ria fold her arms above her chest acting like a stubborn child in Khrys eyes.“Well, if you don’t listened to me, I won’t let you off” he bitterly said." I was even thinking after we had our meal I’ll ask a chauffeured to bring you back in the city. Or did you change your mind and wants to stay with me?” Ria knows it was a joke but she saw a glimmer of hope in his eyes. Damn it!Ria felt uneasy but her mind seems ecstatic that his allowing her to leave this place. Her head is frantically screaming at her reminding Ria of her main purposed on why she’s back in her birth town and her job is at stake.Besides, she hardly knows this brute so logically thinking why would Ria have to stay with him just because they had sex. They don’t even have this courtship stage like Micheal did to her before.Reminded by her pass that she badly want to forget, she brushes it off her mind.“Fine, tell me what i have to do, you can also give it to me if you want. I know better where it hurts and i think we had enough of skinship yesterday and today.” She purposely said.Looking up to analyze what’s inside his mind Ria saw a grim look over shadowing his Adonis face. Ria felt concern again but her stubborn mind brush it off reminding her of her duty.

“You’re really eager to leave my side, then so be it.” Khrys stood up handling her the crystal potion. It is harmless so letting a mortal touch it won’t cause anything to them.

“Half of my wardrobe is full of woman clothing you can have a look and take whatever you want,“ Khrys pointed the adjoining door on the side of the room.“Pick what you like, You don’t even need to dine with me. Just leave.” Khrys emotionless voice cause confusion in Ria’s mind.What’s up with the mood swing?Is he a bipolar man?Ria was delighted to even bother to thank him. After he left the room Ria rushed to the door and lock it. In her mind she just want to be sure his not going to take advantage of her while she’s inside the bathroom.Ria smile assured of her safety and went to the room he pointed out before.A waft of money and the smell of luxury branded goods greats her.Ria was in awe seeing how huge this wardrobe is.Walking in, she saw a big cabinet with glass sliding door full of branded clothes. One part of it is for a man and without a doubt it for him, but the other part of it made Ria stumble on the ground.There’s so much branded clothing that she can only imagine wearing in her dreams. She gasps seeing these are the latest collections of Gucci bag and clothes .She’s awestruck to see a limited edition of Hermès ready-to-wear clothes.There is also Armani collection ,Ria recollect in her mind what she read in the magazine. Its says that their frequent buyers is mostly Hollywood star.Ria’s mouth went agape when she saw the brand Versace who is known for its trendy yet unique style they introduced so many stylish dress and clothing fitted for stylish or iconic people. There are more heavyweight brands that left Ria mesmerizing.She ran hand of each that she can touch the fine fabric and high quality leather just indicates all of this is genuine.Scared to damage it she averted her gaze to the screaming millions in front of her.Ria open the drawer below the bags and clothing, she was a shock to see ordinary clothes folded neatly on it some simple blouse, t-shirt, skirt and jeans ordinary people often wear, although they are cheap but all of it is in good quality which Ria like. She was never fascinated with branded clothes but also not fascinated with low quality of fabrics. Because she had limited money to spend and in Ria’s mind she would rather spend her money in a healthy food or deposit it in the bank to save it up. Ria made sure she buys a clothes worth her money. Opening a few drawers Ria was surprise to see undergarments made in cotton. There’s also a particular brand of underwear that she’s a frequent buyer.Down to the last big drawer Ria almost shut it back when she sees a pile of lingerie, silk nighties, and some are even transparent that one person who doesn’t wear anything would really look alluring and appetizing.Thoughts of that brute flooded her mind, but she was quick to diminish it.Going back to where she knows it would be comfortable to wear she took one Black Cardigan, a plain white blouse, a cotton jeans, her undergarments and a pair of black socks. She made a mental note to asked her clothes back. Although they aren’t expensive but it is her hard earn money, she used to pay for them. Ria is a type of person who believes that as long as they are still in good condition there’s no point on throwing them just because it’s old and outdated.

Ria was about to close the door to change clothes when from the corner of her eyes she caught sight of something very familiar to her.She reverted back to the room and walk to it. Haft covered with white linen Ria is sure as hell that it resemble her most treasured full body wooden mirror. She uncovered it and was surprise that she was right.The mirror is identical to what she owns, and it seems like it is the missing part it, if she could only bring it with her she’s sure that they will fit together. Even the carving is the same.Thinking back on how attached that damn brute to her, a possibility came up to her mind. Ria’s body went frigid, she weighs in her mind the possibilities if Khrys is really her long lost Prince Charming?

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