Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-21(Who are You?)

Ria’s heart is beating faster, grabbing the clothes she quickly run out of the

huge wardrobe to the bathroom. She changes in a whip and rush out of the room. Confused where she had to go Ria uttered “Khrys?” She repeated his name

twice before a man came out of nowhere and greeted her.

“Afternoon My Lady, are you looking for Master Khrys?”

Ria almost jump out where she’s standing.

She didn’t even feel his presence when he approached her.

“Oh, Hi yes. Wait are those my clothes?” Ria saw the Man is carrying her neatly

fold clothes in a transparent plastic while on his left hand, hangs her white sneaker. They all looked clean and Ria feel happy to see them back, she thought they threw it away. Ria smile to the man in his mid-fifties, She lifts her hand both palm

open offering to take her things.

He gave her clothes back and Ria gladly accepted it.

While putting on her shoes she asks “Sir, may I know your name? I’m Ria.” She

offered her hand after dusting off the cringe in her clothes.

“Ms. Ria, my name is Anton the caretaker of this house.” Anton didn’t offer her

his hand, but he bowed his head in return.

Ria retracted her hand and felt the need to bow her head too as it's their cus-

tom to give respect to the elders not the older bowing to the young ones. But it seems like, it is the rules in this house so Ria didn't want to interfere beside she won’t be coming back here anymore. It’s best to mind her own business.

Remembering why she’s in a rush Ria didn’t hesitate to ask Anton.

“Mr. Anton would you mind me asking if your master is still eating? I would like to speak with him, it’s very urgent please..” Anton motion his hand to the left and Ria with a confused look plaster on her face stared to him for a few seconds before he followed were his hand lead.

Ria was astonished to see that his leading her to a lift. She thought to herself how big and high this place is? Seems like Anton sense her questionable and con- fuse look, he walks while speaking.

“We are on the fifth floor of this villa and Master Khrys is about to leave in five minutes to attend a business appointment” He pushes the button while waiting for Ria to come in first before he followed suit. Ria was panicking deep inside thinking if she can still see Khrys before she leave.

“Mr. Anton, where’s your main door?”

“Straight on Ms. Ria, after the fountain there’s a huge door leading to your chauffeur that is already waiting outside.”

“Thank you Mr. Anton, bye i had to go.”

Ria walk out of the lift when the door open to floor number one. She was about to pass by a fountain looking structure when in a blink the water sprout out of it creating a mist that cause two rainbow hue. Ria gaze up and was surprised to see a glass conservatory roof it occupies half of the open foyer, when she glances around its was only then that she saw how beautiful the main entrance of the house. Ria gasped seeing so many greenery plants and flowers from hydrangeas which normally grows after hibernation and when the spring come backs and canopies of trees are covered in pastel hues. It was only in her dream that she thought of seeing it when she visits the blue island called Faial in Portugal. Her eyes wondered more feeding it with beautiful flowers that can only be seen in Eu- rope like Tulips, Lavander, Cherry blossom, Wild Orchids and Bluebells that typical- ly grows in England.

“Beautiful isn’t it Ms. Ria?” Anton voice came not so far where Ria bend on her knees to touch the petals of the flowers.

“Yes, indeed. How did you— oh gosh I forgot?!” Ria stood up looking to the open door.

“What is it Ms. Ria?”

“Is he gone?” She asked full of anticipation.

“If your referring Master Khrys, he just went on the car.”

“What’s?! Oh no, I’m sorry got to go thanks Mr.Anton.” Ria rush out of the door

down to a few steps but before she can even set her foot on the asphalt ground she saw his car driving away.

“Wait! Stop! Khrys?!” She shouted out while running but only the dust was left behind.

“Ms. Ria, I can ask the driver to bring you to Masters Khrys office if you wish to see him, there’s no need to run after a car if you want you can stay a bit longer and I will let Master Khrys know that your waiting here.” Anton stood at the top floor watching her crouch body, she straighten her back as she heaves and tried to re- gain her normal breathing. It was not an easy pit to chase a running car. When she can back her composure she walk back and noticed another car, she debated if she will follow Mr. Anton’s advice or if she will just let it go.

She asked herself what’s the point on staying if she finally made up her mind never to come back here?

Why does she have to know if he’s really her Prince Charming that she cherish in her heart for a long long time? And what’s the point if her question is answered and he’s really is what she thought he is. It’s not like she can confess that she start- ed to admire him when he saves her until her teenage time. She doesn’t even know if his the real owner of that half shape full body sized mirror. Ria had a feeling that if she stays a bit longer it would be hard to go specialy if that damn brute tried to touch her again. She shiver hugging herself as a reflexed, damn why does she even feel like he just touch her now?

Alarm ring inside her mind,No, this isn’t good.

Ria knows she can’t trust herself with him around her. Sometimes the best escape route is to walk away. Yeah? That’s right.

Leave before you regret things that might hurt you.

Ria finaly made up her mind.

She looked up and gave a genuine smile to Mr. Anton.

“ That won’t be necessarily Mr. Anton, I still have a work to do and i had to go.

Please tell him i said Thank you .”

“ Take care Ms. Ria, Rest assured i will convey your message” Anton watch Ria

ride on a black Maybach until she’s out of his sight.

He sigh not understanding young people nowadays.

“ You cant fight something that’s inevitable specialy if its made by the Goddess

of Faith.”

“Head Master, to whom are you talking to?” Fai pull the hem of head master

Anton white long sleeve shirt.

“ Fai, You know the rules, go back to your human form.” Anton lamented her. “You're such a kill joy head master, our human Queen isn't around anymore”

Fai pout her lips unhappy but still followed Anton, her once sparkling hair with fairy dust over her body and her child like form return back to a woman in her mid twenties.

She’s wearing a black and white maid uniform and has a frail body with short black hair.

“Let's get inside” Anton walk together with Fai and the door automatically shut it self.

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