Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -22 Exposed.

” Ms. Ria, I am Lando. I will be escorting you to your hotel.”

The men in the driver seat hand her a familiar pursed. Ria who’s still drowned

by her thoughts, went back to reality but was startled when in a blink she thought she saw the diver’s eyes turn into silver orbs but that's not even possible because he had dark brown eyes when she stared longer just like most of the Filipinos does. Brushing her thoughts aside, she mumble.

”Thank you, Mr. Lando, I already forgot where I misplaced my purse. I'm glad that Mr. Khrys had it. Please bring me to the hotel just next to Villar Empire Build- ing.

”Right away, Ma’am.”

” Oh, please call me Ria, I am not an honorable guest of Mr. Khrys. So please call me by my name.” Ria chirp in and gave the driver a small smile.

Ria fish out her phone on her purse. She saw it was past one o'clock in the af- ternoon and she had only one bar left.

She cursed deep inside when she saw Ms. Jen five missed calls and one call from her younger sister Ruby.

She lost a day again to make an appointment to meet Mr. Villar. “Damn it, Ria, what is wrong with you?!”

She scolded herself.

Taking a deep breath, she taps the return call, and Ms. Jen picks it up after two rings.

“ Hi Ms. Santiago, we haven't heard from you, how's everything there?”

“Good afternoon, Ms. Jen, I am so sorry I didn't manage to call you back. Tomorrow I will make an appointment with Mr. Villar.

I caught a fever and was not feeling alright when I arrived here. I'm very sorry.”

Ria bit her thumbnail. She hates to lie, but white lies sometimes is better than creat- ing a story that wasn't true.

“No problem, Ms. Santiago, I understand, I will convey your message to Mr.Cuenca. I hope you feel better tomorrow, don't forget that a good presentation and your looks represent our company. If your body and health are not suitable, then do it the next time when your back in good health.”

“ Thank you, Ms. Jen, and I will keep that in mind. Have a nice day.”

“ You too, bye. ”

Ria almost smack her forehead; she can't believe what she just did. She

glances up to the driver, hoping that his minding his own business and focusing on driving.

Looking back to her phone, she click the apps called messenger to type a mes- sage to her sister, but she haven't seen her online.

She made a note in her mind to call her when she reach the hotel. Her phone is about to shut down, and a reminder pop out on her screen.

'You have only ten percent of battery life please charge your phone.’

“ Ms. Ria, we are already here” Ria looked around, putting back her phone in- side her purse.

“ Oh, thank you so much Mr. Lando, I didn't noticed we’re already here. “

Ria bid the driver a goodbye, not waiting for him to open the door for her. She saw him scratch the back of his head like he can't believe she beat him on that, Ria smiled like it's not a big deal, She told him to drive safely back to the villa which made the men laugh.

She watches it drive away before she head inside the hotel while waiting for the elevator. She felt a cold chill brush her arms, but when she looked behind her, there's nobody around. She sweeps her arms, easing the goosebump on it. When the elevator opens, she walk in, pressing the floor where she stay. Within less than five minutes, the elevator made a sound, and the door open. Ria walks out without looking, and her mind is focused on her purse, looking for her electronic key card.

She almost had a heart attack when she saw a white doll shoes and a lace dress that is almost hugging the ground passed in her peripheral vision.

Ria ought to say sorry for almost bumping to somebody when she glance up, and there’s nobody around. Again her hair stood up, but she brushes it off, con- vincing herself its just nothing. “ Damn it! For goodness sake its twenty-first century, there’s no ghost! Wake up, Ria.” she tap her cheeks and head on to her room.

Ria went quickly to the bedside table to charge her phone.

She fish out her key on her purses to unlock her language.

She took her iPad Pro and opened it.

She start to re-read her proposal aloud, facing the mirror attach in a mini hair-

dresser. Ria memorized it already, but rereading it aloud while seeing your reflec- tion in the mirror is much better. She can see if her face has a determined look, and her voice is convincing enough to the listener.

She's halfway through when suddenly a fragment of a lady in white dress passed by her. Startled, she averted her gazed to where she saw the image while her hand grab the box of facial tissue.

She throw it where the lady passed by while shouting.

“Fuck off!? If you want to scare me, then you got the wrong person to mess with! Leave!” She cursed incoherent words putting down her precious gadget.

Ria scanned the surrounding, and she even went to the bathroom to check it out. When she saw nothing, she glance to the mirror and was too shock to see that her eyes is now in deep blue. Her hand went to her face to access it.

Ria's knees became wobbly when she realized her eyes did change in color. Luckily she can grab the sink and manage to balance her body.

Damn it! What's happening to me?! She start to panic.

She closed her eyes for a long time, hoping it would go away. She's convincing herself that she's probably exhausted. That's why she's starting to hallucinate. Besides, she hasn't eaten anything since morning and with her excessive session the night before, and today she's probably too drained.

Ria started to count up to three before opening her eyes again.

“Please be back to normal.”

She utters repeatedly, and when she finally opens her eyes, she sighs in relief

when there's no ghost, and her dark brown eyes wasn't blue anymore.

She took in and out deep breath to calm herself down, but the ringing of her

phone made her jump in fright. Shit!



She brush her hair at the back of her head and walk out of the bathroom. “ I'm

coming..?!” She shouted out of her frustration.

Ria went sitting on the bed and composed herself before glancing on her


Her brows furrowed when she saw it was her mom whose calling her.

“Hi Mama, what's wrong?!” Ria promptly asks because she knows her mom

very well. She will never bother her if it is not too much to deal with, or her mom can still handle the situation.

It was always Ria who will always call them when she’s not busy.

“ Ri, I'm sorry, I don't want to bother you, but could you please persuade your sister? She's out of control, and I know she will always listen to you.” Ria's mom's voice sounds worried, and she can't understand why what's wrong with her sister. She knows Ruby as a dotting daughter and she never felt that she's in trouble.

“ Mama, please elaborate it.” Ria heard her mom took a deep sigh.

“ Sigh, I think Ruby is in love, but I don't understand why she have to always sneak out in the night with her telescope it's so weird Ri, before she would still want me to arrange her things in her room but now she won't even let me clean it.

She also changes the door lock and will always lock her room whenever she goes to university. “

Ria's brows knitted together, hearing what her mother said. She would never have guess her sister will became like this. It's like she became a different person.

“ Ok, Mama, I will handle this, I will call her later when shes out of university” Ria compromise to make her mom at ease.

“Thank you, Ri, take good care of your self. We miss you a lot, “ There's a small smile forming on the corner of Ria's lips. If she can't fix it, maybe it's best if she goes home to visit them after she made an appointment tomorrow morning in Mr. Villar Empire building.

“ I will, Ma, thank you.”

“ Ok, I won't bother you anymore Ri, even though you are the head of the inte- rior designing team, you still can't slack off. Say hello to Micheal then. Bye.”

“ Bye mom, I love you all, and I missed you guys terribly “

“ We too, bye, Ri.”

“Ok, bye, Ma.”

Ria's stomach felt soured, being reminded by her ex. But she can't tell on the

phone that she broke up with him. Ria's parents are expecting her to get married two years after her younger sister graduated in college but now with everything that she finds out. She'd rather bury it together in her grave than to let them know that she's not getting married, and that damn bastard had already kids and wife too! That would be too much to take in. She doesn't want her parents to feel sorry for her.

Ria felt the need to take a nap. She's been feeling strange after being together with Khrys.

Damn! She promised to forget him, but it seems like it would take time to do so.

Ria decided to lay down she took the remote control and opened the televi- sion looking for the channel of music where they play acoustic song which she knew will help her mind to relaxed. When Ria found it she put the sound louder and closed her eyes , exhousted she didn't know that she pass out dreaming of the person she wanted to forget.

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