Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-23 Expose part-2

Khrys was too engrossed with what his Queen doing that he didn't mind the

person who is now standing in front of him.

It's only when Ria fall in the sleep that he realized his Uncle Lando was still standing.

Landon notice his King is somewhat busy so even though he has to stand there

waiting for him he didn't mind.

When he noticed the shift in the atmosphere in the room, the glass wall around

his office becoming frosty he knew his boss is somewhere else.

He keeps quite until everything became normal again.

“Damn pesky evil ghost! Kneel!” Landon was not surprise anymore when he

saw a mist and then a ghost woman without a face appeared wearing white lace dress slump on the marble floor.

“Please forgive me my Lord I didn't know she's your Queen, i am lured because of her energy. “ The evil ghost kneel while bowing its head.

“But if I didn't came there in time i know you will suck on her energy..” Khrys stood up his eyes as cold as the Antarctic sea.

“No, please i beg you! I don't want to leave this world there's still unfinished business i want to do, they have to pay for what they did to me. Please my Lord, spare me. Your Queen has made enough damage to me, i am slowly dying too please let me finish my unfinished business.”

“ What give you the right to bargain,it is your fault that you become half evil you will be consume by it and when they eat the last remain of your soul you will never come back. Why don't you let it go karma will come to them and you will have your revenge. Now go. Before i sealed your soul. “

“ Please don't, have mercy on me my Lord. I'll leave “ The evil ghost was so ter- rified that it cause sulfuric acid. The air became dry as it sucks the moist in the room.

“ Pavel,collect her for me.” Khrys command an in a whipped Pavel the second hand of the God of the Underworld showed up.

“ Greetings to the King of Unknown Creature. What can i help you with?” Pavel stood with a stoic face but his oozing aura made the evil ghost to stumble in the ground. Who would have not when his power is incomparable to any demon. He live once his life as human but he was a merciless person killing a million people without blinking, No doubt that the God of the underworld chooses him as his right hand.

“ Take her away, her due time is over and my Queen has damage half of her body. I don't want this news to reach the upper realm.” Khrys meaningfully said.

“As you wish my Lord,” in one swipe of his red sword Pavel sleet the evil ghost without it knowing that she was sent to the underworld.

It was a swift yet smooth move that no one can out-stand his skills in using a sword.

“ Thank you my friend, your swords still glistening in bright red. I wonder when those gods will pardon you.”

“ Nothing to worry about my Lord, This servant is blessed to served you and Lord Hades with or without the punishment they vested on me.”

“ Thank you for your hard work, but soon we all need to served the rightful King. It's just a matter of time before he would wake up in his deep slumber. When it does , i hope we can outnumber them this time.” Khrys has a distasteful look on his face remembering those mighty God who only knew how to sit and watch the mortal realm gives them the enormous power without breaking a sweat.

“ It shall be done.” Pavel bowed before disappearing.

He can't stay longer in the mortal realm because the Gods of Olympus detest any creature or creation that comes from the underworld realm.

Unless they are reapers who will clean up the evil in the so called mortal world.

Khrys job is to manage the immortal realm not to harm or interfere with the life cycle of humans. It was vested in him because of his father's bloods running through him and Khrys mother bloods with half Gorgon and half human made him very much eligible to the tittle of King of the unknown creature. He still have to served those Gods just not to offend them specially the Goddess of war Athena but everything has its end. The rebellion against those Gods is on the move and soon Khrys won't need to bow to them.

“My Lord, i brought back the Queen in her hotel..” Lando speak when Pavel is gone.

“Thank you Uncle,please stop with this formality my mother is your half sister and I am your nephew. I save you not because you can serve me but because your a family. I can't help my mother when she was killed but i promised to help those whose life was used by this stupid game of love chase and infidelity on those two Gods .“

“Forgive me, but i grew up like this and its hard to take it out of my system , but I'm trying Son, trust me.”

“ You should better learn quick, Uncle. Maybe soon there's going to be little me or a precious princess that will bother you around.” Khrys laugh a bit making the atmosphere a bit lighter.

“ i will be waiting for that, anything else you want me to do Son?”

“ Yes, there is Uncle, My Queen seems to lure a lot of evil i want you to watch over her from now on.”

“ As you wish Son, i will take my leave now. ”

“ Go on, but Uncle Ladon “ Khrys called out.

Lando was about to leave but he stop when his nephew calls for him.

“ Yes, what is it Son? ”

“ Just watch over my Queen , i will still personally be there to protect her.”

Khrys meaningful words caught his attention but didn't bother to say a thing.

“ If thats what you want i will make sure not to interfere “ Lando bowed his head before heading out of the door.

He knows his nephew still has along way to go before he can harvest the fruit of his hard work, His Nephews Queen is not as easy as she looked. Lando can sense her stubbornness that is equal to Khrys. Plus she's a mortal.

Lando really hopes Khrys can protect her from those Gods. Even Zeus son with a mortal, The Demi-God Hercules died because of Goddess Hera cunning tricks.

Lando’s former name is Ladon the dragon protector of the golden three in the western side of the word. The garden of Hesperides which owns by Lord Atlas daughters is where he grow up but he died in the hands of Hercules. It was then Lord Hades came in the picture to clean the mess but Hera and Zeus don't know , Lord Hades has other plan for the poor dragon. He brought him to Khrys and just like the others , Ladon was revived to life and swore loyalty to them.

Funny it might seems but Lord Titans Son and Daughter thought his creation is like their play thing. The only two who remained quite reasonable is Lord Poseidon and Lord Hades. Goddess Hera with her overwhelming jealousies made mortal and immortal suffered. If only Lord Zeus could be loyal to one woman things will not escalate like now.

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