Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-24 Exposed part-3

Khrys didn't expect how hard to please his mate; reading her thoughts made

him mad. Although his plan is working, he intentionally left the mirror so that Ria will see it. But yet again, he felt hurt that she wanted to forget what just happened to them. Ria didn't know he was there the entire time, even though his car left his soul can wonder. It was hard when he knew Anton is testing her. To watch her as she walks to the vehicle, His adelfi psychí chooses to live him instead of waiting for his return only means that their bonds aren't that strong enough. It was just like his Aunt Destiny said, Khrys must write his own story, without the help of the usual strong bonds he needs to work hard to earn her trust and to make her fully accept him.

There's no way he will sit idle this time. He will work hard to gain her love.

When she fought back that evil ghost and her eyes turn blue just like his, he knew more troubles would come her way, so he appointed his trusted uncle to guard her. Looking up in the sky, Khrys felt something is off.

His brothers’ constellation is gone, where Zeus lock him in the vast galaxy. “ Can you hear me, brother? I finally have a mate..” Khrys laid his hand was on the glass wall. A bitter smile was forming on his lips when he remembered how much he missed his brother. Damn that god who used his brother like a flying vessel when in fact, Pegasus always wanted to be free and uncage with their fathers’ blood running through his veins. He can create spring water wherever he’d struck his hoofs.

They didn't even left him off after serving the mortal hero name; Bellephon, Zeus caught him and used his brother as his thunderbolt chariot. They think Lord Titan’s creation is beyond them because of their enormous power and favorable look.

Khrys uneasiness won't go away. The only thing he thought that could ease it away is to be back in his adelfi psychí’s arm.

Khrys stared on a file of work he needed to do both in the mortal realm and to the Gods.

“ Fuck it! ”

He cursed when he realized he couldn’t let it slip. Going back to his desk, he open his computer and check his schedule for today.

He prepare solitude than having his mortal secretary to report to him personal- ly everything that he needs to do.

Although Khrys employee is half-mortal and immortal, he still chooses the hu- man guy to be his confidante simply because he sees how he grow and worked his way up from his company.

For a simple guy, his will and ambition is quite fascinating.

The meeting from the bank after he left the villa is a quick transaction. He usu- ally don't attend this small matter. His secretary does this job but the fact that its re- lated to his mate change the curse of everything.

Ria doesn't know that her father was scam by a wicked mortal who would rather kill to have what they want than to think of their pitiful life after their death.

There’s no redemption for their sin, and soon he will deal with them by himself using his connection as a businessman of this city.

It was almost dawn when he closed his hybrid laptop and tapped his magical log book. Zeus gave it, Khrys have to write down what's happening in the mortal and unknown creature he called immortal realm. Of course, not everything is writ- ten there. His Uncle Hades made sure that there's a clouded part unknown from the Gods of Olympus. If somehow they noticed it, his uncles will say that the sin of the mortal realm created this fog, but everything is under control. Adding to that, humans are more sinful, and the population growth is much more prominent than before. Even those God knows there's mortal born in every second than dying people. But the fact is- it doesn't matter who died, how they died.

What's more favorable to those who sit in the throne of Mount Olympus is the growth of humans. They created a sect in every city around the world where peo- ple can pray for them. They used this sect to cater to their needs once in a while. They choose some mortal. Granting the wishes their hearts yearn or desired the most. High Priestess is selected from the moment they were born. Each has differ- ent capabilities of seeing the future, heal humans, or merely the ruler that the mere human will follow.

Just now, Khrys received a message that instructing him to visit the city of Sin, where atheists people mostly live. It's like this mortals created their world where they have their own rules. A list of people's names appeared in his golden tapestry, where those Mighty gold blooded Gods used to order him around. Athena wants him to eradicate some humans to lessen the sin, but the truth behind it is that. It Irk her as the War Goddess this humans exceeded her expectations, their guts, strate- gist on winning the war inside the sin city is beyond those mortal she chooses way back in Roman and Greek time. Some names included in the list are hand pick and the most high ranking people that his uncle Hades set to rule the place. He needs to report this to forge their death. His Aunt Destiny will appear on this part to put their life story and their destruction in her book of life.

Khrys felt exhausted, just thinking of this job vested in him. He pressed his tem- ple. Today is enough. He needs his cure now to ease his mind.

In a blink he's in Ria's hotel room. She was still sleeping, looking exhausted too. He notice the blanket that he used to wrapped on her body when he snatch the evil ghost she unknowingly invited was almost on the ground. A smile appeared on the corner of his lips he walk near to Ria's bed, grabbing the blanket, He draped it back to her to ward off the cold coming from the air-conditioned room. She's after all, she's still a that can easily catch a cold, it would have been better if she's born a Fae or a Nymph but who is he to choose what kind of mate is granted for him? He's already happy that he didn't-yet end up like his father and mother, who is a matching soulmate or his Uncle Hades and Goddess Luna, both separated by Goddess Hera, Athena, Persephone, and Demeter.

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