Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-25 My Sneaky King

Khrys accidentally touched Ria’s upper arm and was please from the spark that shooting on him. Turning on the other side of the bed, he invited himself in and tucked some of his mates hair that’s covering her face. Khrys heard Ria sigh in content, which ease all the trouble he has to face ahead of him. Seeing her peaceful sleeping form is like a ray of sunshine in his dark days. He stared lovingly on her face like his memorizing it, her dark perfectly aligned brows and her supples reddish lips that don’t need a lipstick, and her naturally smooth skin was so tempting to touch.

A wry smile appeared on his face when he remember her plan. Even with his title as a King of the unknown creatures that has everything typically. One thing is for sure. Love can’t be bought, can’t be forced nor can’t be cage.

It's quite annoying that this fate run’s in his family.

No matter what, Hera can’t force her real mate to stay by her side and be a loyal husband to her, Zeus is like a wild eagle soaring in the sky wondering everywhere, Khrys doesn't understand why they need to be attached if one can’t be trusted? If one can't be loyal? Was it essential to stick to a person who needed you to stay by him but will never be there for you. Was it worth it? To sacrifice your self-love to be with someone who won't give back the equal love you desired?

In Khrys heart, he felt pity for Goddess Hera, although Zeus created a dream-like castle for her in mount Olympus with all the things she needs, but her desire to cage Zeus heart to beat only for her was impossible.

Then there goes his father Poseidon, a primal God living under the sea for a long time and once he ascend to the ground he was lucky enough to find his mate but because Khrys mother is a maiden she refuses to sleep with him that angered the God of sea. Poseidon was clueless about the dominant mate pull and disregarded the place where Khrys mother is staying at that moment, In his mind his a God, and she's a mere Gorgon human who doesn't have the right to reject him, Poseidon forced himself to his mortal mate Medusa which lead to his mate death. Devastated that he can't avenge her because Athena has a stronghold to his brother Zeus, Poseidon chooses to go back in his realm, leaving his two sons in the earthly world.

The story of Goddess Luna was quite different. She doesn't know Hades disguised himself as a human. Being naive and kind-hearted, she fell in love with him, but it was too late when she found out that the human was Hades, the God of the underworld.

Still, with a kind heart and pure love for her one real mate, She decided to defy Zeus.

Persephone was angered by them when she found out that the God whom she love and was promised by her father Zeus to marry her has a mate and carrying a child with her. Persephone pleaded justice for her shattered dream and wants to kill Goddess Luna, but her father didn't agree with her clearly because the Goddess of Moon is so pure and loved by many mortals.

Her role vested by Zeus Father is a crucial thing and killing her will disarray the cycle of the mortal realm. Feeling above any immortal Persephone think lowly of Goddess Luna and when she saw Goddess Destiny, Sol the Sun God, the Goddess of Faith and lastly her love, Poseidon backing the lowly goddess she became furious that she begged her father to lock Goddess Luna in her moon castle for eternity and for her child to be born in the mortal realm as a mere human.

Hades retaliates to the punishment they wanted to deliver. In Khrys mind, he admires his Uncle’s bravery at the list Hades is man enough to protect his mate. He dared Zeus to a duel, if Hades win his marriage with Persephone is nulled and they will let them live in peace. But if Zeus wins, Hades will pledge his loyalty to him and will served him for all eternity.

Everyone knows in the temple of Gods that no one can win against Zeus but they do know too without Hades help, Zeus will never have a chance to kill their own father.

So the duel is set dark clouds associated with thunder and lighting can be heard in the sky of the mortal realm while on mount Olympus the battle started. Goddess Luna was chain on her neck by a magical rope made by Gnomes the master smith living in the crater of the earth which can hold or trap Gods while sucking their power. With child Luna can’t kneeled anymore her head hung low while two golden army is holding her still.

Seeing this Hades attention got distracted and Zeus took a blow of his lightning bolt wounding Hades. Luna saw this and cried. All her people howled in pain they can hear their Goddess pain. Zeus Stop but didn't let Hades go, in his mind showing his true power will tame his brother but he didn't know Hades is willing to die for his mate.He stared at Luna’s face brimming with crystal tears, his heart felt sorry and decided to asked Luna her opinion. Zeus was baffled by her answer. Luna Goddess plead for mercy and accepted her confinement in her moon castle after she gave birth to her child. It was more painful because Luna will never have a chance to even hold it in her arms. Persephone was already happy with it as her marriage to the God of the Underworld is still valid but she was surprised when the three mere Gods, siblings of that Luna came in the picture.

Sol release his power that can destroy the mortal realm and Goddess Faith is ready to cut the trillions of trend in her hands which symbolizes the mate pull. It has all different colors those with golden one is for the gods which only means all the mate bond to Gods will be broken, That shaken Goddess Hera who stood up in her throne.

Meanwhile Goddess of Destiny pull out her book of life ready to wipe out all the records of Human, Gods, Immortal and mortal. Without her book theres no source of power and without Faith there will be no more believers of Gods, without Sun,crops wont grow forest wont prosper and if all the mortals is dead then how will the Gods live? It was the humans who feed them the enormous energy. Without them they will be nothing.

Khrys reverie was entereupted by a kitten who pulled him closer clasping her body to him while she snuggle closer to his neck that tickles him. A small smile creep his lips,his deep blue eyes glisten in the dark. He pulled his mate even closer while damping a featherlight kiss on her forehead. Inside his head he promised nothing from the past will affect him and Ria. He will protect her just like his uncle Hades did.

Ria felt a spark of warm touching her upper arms,she was feeling cold but didn’t bother to grab her blanket. But the warmth felt so good she wanted it to gobbled her whole body. Her hand automatically grab it and snuggle close while sighing in content. This seems so familiar to her but she brush it off wanting to sleep more, she knows far to well that she wont see Khrys ever again.

When Ria was about to doze off she felt odd when she was squeeze in return and a warm, soft thing touches her forehead.

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