Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -26 Sneaky King part -2

Ria peered her eyes open and was surprised when she was greeted by those deep blue orbs resembling the vast ocean. “Good evening my adelfi psychí” He whispers before damping a kiss on her slightly parted lips.Ria was baffled on how on earth is this possible? She couldn't contain her heart erratic beating.

Damn it!

Confused she shut her eyes closed and when she open it he was not there anymore and her warm comforting blanket is gone! She rise up sitting in her bed while rubbing her eyes is disbelief.There's no way that she's dreaming, that—kissed seems so real she can still feel its warmth lingering on her lips. Ria's hand automatically touches her lips with a quivering finger. She ran her hand on it while scanning her surroundings.Was that really a dream?No, that can't be?! Her hand trace the spot where she saw Khrys was laying a second ago. It's still warm and his addicting minty scent still linger on her other pillow.Ria refused to believe that she's just dreaming and went out of the bed, in her mind this room is quite small for him to hide. Once she find him she's going to beat the hell out of that guy! She open her small balcony measuring the distance to the next room.

No, this can't be accessible.

The distance and the curve of the hotel wont allow someone to jump to one balcony to another unless they have a safety harness. There's no indication also that someone is occupying the other room, its dark and the door looked untouched , her foot swivel around going straight to the bathroom, swinging the bathroom curtain she end up again with no trace of him. Ria return back to her room her last option is the cabinet but it's quite small for Khrys body to fit inside unless his a men with a flexible body like in the tv show wherein the guy can contort his body, she cringe remembering it. It's kinda look hurtful but to those whose doing it for half of their life its just a piece of cake.Opening the last remaining place for that guy to hide Ria was again surprised to see it's empty. Few of her clothes inside has no trace that someone touch it.

Her knees become wobbly, she slumped on the fluffy carpeted floor in dazed. Her perplex mind can't understand how it is possible that in one moment he was there and in a blink his gone?!Then a buzzer went ringing on her door,clueless and still puzzled Ria's body move on its own accord walking with her bare foot to the door.Looking on the spy hole her brows furrowed seeing Mr. Anton the care taker of Khrys Villa.

What is he doing here?

Was this hotel not safe?!

They should be calling her if she have a visitor and should not allowed someone she don't give permission to go up, knocking on her door.She turned around and dialed the reception number.Two ring and a friendly female voice greeted her.

“ Good evening, Ms. Santiago how may i help ?” The voice on the other line was so smooth she can be an anchor in the television or a radio announcer.She snap out of her reverie when the lady repeated herself.

“ Ah yes, could you explain to me why someone is at my door right now? Does this hotel have no safety precautions?”

“ I'm so sorry for that Ms. Santiago, but we do ring you for a few times but no one is answering us. Besides we thought you know him because he was showing us your I.D. which you presented to us when you checked in. He came up there for about twenty minutes ago. Do you need some assistance Ma'am? We thought you let him in, Should i send our security guards to assist you?”

“ Wait, do you mean his here for twenty minutes already?”

“Yes, Ms. Santiago” The woman said in affirmative voice. Ria was shocked knowing this. Mr. Anton doesn't looked like a bad person when she met him in the Villa. In fact he treated her well, and even offered help. Ria can't stand the thought that someone is standing there for her for twenty minutes she knows what it feels like and for goodness sake he looked the same age as her father.

Ria's heart felt sorry so she bid goodbye to the receptionist not explaining further.She ran one of her hand to brush her tangled hair whilst the other is dusting the cringe in her clothes.

Damn it.

Ria realize just now that she's still wearing the same clothes and haven't change it since she left Khrys villa so its quite embarrassing to greet Mr. Anton. But Ria tossed her thoughts aside, the man outside is much more important. His probably waiting and ringing her door for quite some times but since she's sleeping Ria didn't hear it.Cursed that damn Khrys for invading her mind.Ever since she met him his like a broken recorder that's keep on popping in her head.Ria tap all the switch lights to brighten up the whole room, she shut the bathroom door and hurriedly cover her bed with the thick blanket. Satisfied that the room looks pleasant in the eyes she open the door wide and a waft of delicious food invaded her nose.To Ria's embarrassment her stomach makes a loud grumble.She bet its loud enough to anyone nearby to hear it.She felt her cheeks warming and all she can do is smile awkwardly to Mr. Anton who looked like he didn't hear a thing. He bowed to her and handed two bags with Tupperware inside.

“ Good evening Ms. Ria i came here to bring your I.D. Lando didn't noticed that it slipped from your pursed and only knows it when he came back to the Villa. Master Khrys instructed me since he haven't had a meal with you. He want to apologize and offer some food in return. Please accept it although this is a home made food i can assure you it will passed the standard of a five star restaurant.” Baffled Ria reach out her hand and accept the food when she realized maybe Khrys accompanied Mr. Anton here. She still can't get over with the idea that what she sees are minutes ago is just a fragment of her imagination

“ Thank you Mr. Anton, Although this is not necessarily but i will not refused this. I am sure if it's smells delicious it will probably taste good too. Ohh by the way are you with Khrys?” Ria observed Mr. Anton facial reaction but she failed to see even just a hint of surprise in his face.

“ Please forgive me Ms. Ria but i was only instructed to bring your food after Master Khrys is done cooking it, I arrived twenty minutes ago and i left Master Khrys in the villa. If you want i will call him.” Before Ria could even react about Khrys cooking for her, Mr. Anton had his phone in his hand and was already speaking to Khrys.

Ria's heart start to beat faster she just hope the old man wont let her speak to Khrys.

But her plea wasn't heard as she saw the damn guy Adonis looking face that hunts her dream on the phone screen.Ria saw Khrys wet hair, he seems like he just finish showering, his wearing a white t-shirt and has an eyeglass on. He looked matured but sexy in this attire. The background seems like the room where she stayed in his villa which affirm that he wasn't in her room. Ria gulp the lump stuck on her throat. She want to slap her forehead for putting herself in this awkward situation.

Damn dream!

She wave her hand and showed in front of the camera the food he made.

“Sorry for bothering you, thanks for the food”

“ I hope you liked it, and sorry for my attitude this morning “ He said in a suave voice that had her thigh clenching.

Fuck! I need to end this conversation right now!

Ria cursed inside her head.

“ No big deal, I'm sorry but i have something else to do, goodnight and bye.” She wave her hand and before Khrys could open his mouth to say a word Ria manage to push the end button.

“I'm so sorry Mr. Anton for keeping you waiting and for bothering your boss but it's evening already. I really want to invite you in but i think it won't be proper to do so” Ria made a hint in her words which the old man in front of her quietly understand.Besides in the province almost eighty percent of the woman's population is very traditional and still believed in the old ways. Not like in the big city that even though its late at night woman's still hang around with men.

“I am well aware, Ms. Ria, I won't bother you anymore please enjoy your food.”

“ Thank you Mr. Anton take care on your way home.” Ria wave goodbye to the old man but then she realized how on earth will she give back this Tupperware, its not made in plastic but glass it seems expensive to throw away.

Looking back she saw Mr. Anton was about to enter the elevator.

Ria shouted his name and without a second thought she rush to him.

“Mr.Anton I'm so sorry but can you give me the address where i can send this Tupperware? They seems expensive and I don't want it to be waisted.” Ria talk it all in one blow.

This made the old man smile,” Actually Ms. Ria you can leave a note to the reception and i can asked Lando to pick it up tomorrow.”

“Oh yes! Indeed stupid me. I didn't think of that option.” Ria bowed her head apologizing to the old man.

“That is not a problem Ms. Ria but i think you lock yourself out.” Mr. Anton pointed out to her door and Ria's eyes turn into saucer.

Damn it, while rushing she forget her electronic key card and if its inside no one can enter her room unless she will go down to inform it in the reception that she accidentally lock herself out which is so embarrassing.Ria felt she's such a damn fool. She really want to smack her forehead a few times maybe that will turn back her muddled mind to normal.Seems like Mr. Anton sense her internal dilemma and offered her his help.

“Don't worry about that i will inform the reception about this Ms. Ria, wait here for your assistance.” Mr. Anton said before bowing his head to her.Ria stared at him with thankfulness in her heart, she really wish to repay him. She knows well that she act unmannered and Ria feel guilty for being ungrateful to him.

“ Thank you, Mr. Anton, i will repay you one day for this. “

“ That would be nice, i will wait for that time goodnight Ms. Ria” Mr.Anton said before the elevator door shut closed.

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