Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-27 Sneaky King Part-3

Puzzled, Ria stared at the elevator for a while before she snap out of it and walk

back to her hotel room. This time she can't blame Khrys but herself alone for being unorganized. She was never like this. Before Ria would do something, she always think things thoroughly, but now she's just speechless of herself.

When the people from the reception came in, she bowed and apologized for bothering them. They just smiled and said it's a part of their job to assist and help their guests. Besides, she's not the only one who had this kind of situation. Some had it even worst; The maintenance crew added that someone also lost their key- card or was way too drunk to open up their room.

Luckily all hotels have a spare key, which they only used in case of emergency. Ria thank them again and heave a sigh of relief when she entered her room. She lay the food in the mini table and sat on the fluffy carpeted floor. It's more

inviting and looks comfortable than sitting on the couch. She crouches down, crossing her both legs while her hands are busy to open the food.

Ria can't help but sigh in delight when the food invaded her sense of smell. There are three dishes in one paper bag. One had a Pork Adobo with pineapple and bell pepper, Chicken Afritada, a stew based with potatoes and carrots, and lastly, Kare Kare, a famous dish in her country made with savory peanut sauce and its base with stewed oxtail.

Ria can't believe that Khrys can manage to cook all of this dish for her, but look- ing at them makes her salivate from hungry.

She hasn't eaten anything else, and seeing the sight of the food makes her stomach grumbles angrily. She thought if her stomach can speak, it would proba- bly be scolding her for not feeding it at the right time.

When she digs out the Tupperware in the other paper bag, she saw one have a two-scoop of brown rice, which made her smile. Ria was a health-conscious and prepared eating brown rice than the tasty white rice. She wondered how Khrys

knows she like it or maybe his also into healthy food? Anyways never mind why does this guy is always popping in her head?!

She grab the next one and open it. The Tupperware contain utensils, those who looked heavy and expensive. She can't even decipher if the tools are high grade stainless or it's a silver when she scanned the spoon thoroughly and turn it around. She was surprised to see an imprint saying ninety percent silver. She almost let it go but was scared to make a dent to the shiny utensil.

Damn! Ria only read it in books and movies about royalties using silver to pre- vent from being poisoned. Never in her entire life she imagine that one day she would experience such luxurious things.

Careful not to ruin it, she place it back and open the last container.

To her utter delight it was one of her favorite dessert name

Leche plan or cream brûlée add with egg yolks and top with melted brown

sugar. Ria can't help but to scream in happiness. She was never a sweet tooth, but if it's about this particular dessert, she can forget that she's a health enthusiast. She deemed to say that she already cheated twice. The day she got drunk and today. But to hell with it, she's hungry and salivating from her favorite foods. She started to eat, and once in a while, she will hum in delight. All of them surpass a high-end restaurant.

They taste so good, and she couldn't believe he made all by himself. To Ria, he looked like a guy whose more into commanding and being dominant than be in a kitchen cooking meals, but hey thanks to him, she feels energized, and her gloomy expression is gone.

Ria made sure that there's half of the meal for tomorrow morning.

This will be her breakfast, and besides, she can't eat them all, it's way too much than her usual heavy meal she call as a cheat day.

After dinner, Ria decided that its time to talk to her sister, she's curious about what Ruby has to say.

Ria walk to the bedside table, unplugging her phone from the charger.

She decided to open small her balcony inhaling the sea breeze deeply.

She sighs in content, feeling a bit relaxed due to the wind. It somehow soothe

her mind.

Ria glances back to her phone and starts dialing her younger siblings' phone


It rings for a while before she pick it up.

Ria hear a tired voice on the other line.

“ Urg! Ri, do you know what time it is? It's past eight, almost nine. You know we

sleep early, right.” She lamented, but it didn't hide that something was odd to her sister.

A few days ago she tried to call her, and that's late, yesterday was the same too.

“ Tell me Ru ru, do you have a problem? I heard your up late at night sneaking out of the house with your telescope. What's up?” Ria heard a rustling sounds on the other line before she listened to her sisters' voice.

“ I won't do it anymore, Ri, so don't worry, I'm just fascinated by the vast star in the sky. I am done with it and won't sneak out anymore in the night.” Ria believes her sister instantly because she's the type who would always do what she said or promised.

” That's good then, don't forget to apologize to mama and papa—”

” Hey stopped shush..” her sister said on the other line, but someone interrupt- ed her.

”No—” Ria felt goosebumps all over her body when she hears a man's domi- neering voice on the separate line.

” Ruru, what the hell is that?! Where are you?! Damn it! Is that a man I heard?! ” Beep.

End of call.

Ria almost tossed her phone when the brat hang up with her. She felt the ur- gent need to visit her family after she successfully made an appointment with Mr. Villar.

Ria prayed while looking up in the sky. ”Please no more trouble” She had enough of all the problems in the course of a few days that she wish everything is going to be okay with her sister once she head home.

Ria knew she couldn't call her parents to check on that brat and tell them what she discovered. It might cause a considerable misunderstanding, and she doesn't want to put her sister in the limelight.The time is ticking to ten o'clock. Ria decided to take a bath and take some calming pills that can lulled her to sleep.After her bath, she dried her hair and chose a loose shirt, not minding anymore to put on a short. She still feels sore on her thigh and inner private part. She didn't use that damn guy medicines acting stubborn in front of him, but now she's regret- ting not trying it. Checking all open door is lock and turning off all the lights aside from the bathroom she walk to it and close it a bit enough that she's not in total darkness.She peered the blanket and used the other pillow as her hugging buddy. Ria is still puzzled why the bolster has a hint of Khrys scent when she snuggle to it. But she doesn't want to crack her muddle brain because the more it is active, the more sleep won't visit her. Ria closes her eyes, and within a few minutes, she was already in her dreamland.On the corner of Ria’s bed, a deep blue orbs is glistening in the dark in one click of his hand Ria was transported to his lair her real home. Ria didn't even feel a shift of place as she dream of the person whom she refuses to let in her heart.

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