Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Ria felt a warm, soothing thing touching her cheeks.She whack it away so she can sleep back, but it seems like it's enjoying tobother her more.Opening her eyes, she was greeted again with those pair of deep ocean eyes,but this time, his eyes are glowing from the light outside. She didn't know that it would be full moon tonight? Then a sudden realization hits her; she was dreaming?! Damn, this feels so real. Ria mused to herself.Her hand itch its way to the most inhuman handsome face she ever seen. She caresses his cheeks that feel so warm and soft underneath her palm.

“ Why am I always dreaming of you? ” She uttered with a mixture of emotion. Ria is scared of how affected she is by this man. In a span of not yet a week, he managed to harbor her mind and imprinted himself on her.

She's just glad that this is only a dream.In the morning, when she wakes up, he will eventually disappear.

“ If I am a dream, then why do I see those wrinkles etch in your beautiful face my adelfi psychí? Here you can be whatever you want. You can let go of those inhi- bitions. No one but us will know.” Khrys gave her a contagious smile that almost made Ria's heart stopped from beating.He is such a beauty and an unusual sight to see.He was right. This place is her dream. Ria can be whatever she wants. An idea pop in her head. She might as well let her true feelings came out because no one but Her will know of it.

“You're a threat that my heart desire. I can't let you in. I don't want to feel im- mense pain of trusting and losing someone again, it's too much, and one more blow will push me to the abyss of death.” She solemnly confess while a stubborn tears slipped down on her cheeks. Ria wondered to herself, why is it so painful to say?She can't understand why uttering those words will also pierce her heart.She watch as those deep ocean orbs quivered.His adonis face ruin with lines. His brows are knit together, and his soft lips turn into a thin line.

“ Why? Why do you have to fight it off when you know deep in your heart that I am what it's yearning? My Queen, do you know how painful it is to see you're hurting when I thought if I let you live your life, you will be happy?I am willing to wait. But seeing you like this, I will not standstill. Please give me a chance to prove myself if I am worthy of you.”

Ria was so shocked by how her imaginary Khrys can speak like he's the real person she wanted to forget.

” You sounds so real, am I really dreaming?” she asked eyes full of curiosity.

” It is indeed a dream, do you know that a dream is your subconscious mind and I am speaking the words that your hearts want to convey to you my adelfi psy- chí” Khrys tactful way of talking manage to avert Ria's thought. He thinks it's the best that she thought of this as a dream.

” This dream is odd, but to be honest, I don't know what to think of you. This is all your fault if you didn't came crashing to me that evening . I wouldn't have erotic dreams and sleepless night! Give me back my freedom, you jerk!” In a split second Ria became wild and showed her true feelings. Her frustration gets the most of her, and since this is a dream, she didn't mind releasing everything that are bottle up inside her heart.She pounds in Khrys chest, and the poor imaginary guy didn't even bulge he was letting her vent her frustration.Ria is panting after a few moments of throwing tantrums.It was then a hand grab her, and Ria is wrapped with those calming minty scents of his. Ria didn't push him away.The warm comfort provided by her imaginary Khrys made her emotion even more disturbed.Even in her dream, his still not hurting her.Even with those hurtful words she said, in spite of hating her, Khrys was still showing love and almost real life affection. Ria then remembered the time she spend with him. Those caring eyes drying her wet body and carrying her while gently laying her down in his huge bed like she's a precious thing to him. She won't ever forget that. He was the complete opposite of her ex-boyfriend.Ria started to cry when realization hits her.

She was falling hard for him.

That's the reason why she was in pain when she said those hurtful words to him.Now she's so torn between gambling again for love, or will she continue avoiding contact with him.

But what if he decided to stop?

What if he already gave up?

Besides, Ria made it clear before she left the villa that she doesn't want to be with him, nor she want to do anything with him. Ria's weeping turn into sob with hiccups in between. Khrys didn't know anymore how to console her. Instinctively he gripped her chin up and kissed her parted lips. Ria momentarily stop but then again. She re- membered that his just a fragment of her imagination, so nothing will change the curse of her action. Khrys couldn't contain his growing dissatisfaction that the kiss- es didn't work well. He thought of other things to do, and he followed what his heart say.He started prepping small kisses on her cheeks, drying her tears, he kiss the side of her face up to Ria's forehead down to the top of her nose and back to her lips.

This time he kissed her torridly her cry muffled in his mouth.

Khrys kissed the cry baby,in a passionate yet full of emotion that he let out too.He played with her tongue, urging her to respond to his kisses. He pressed her body even more that even an oxygen won't passed through their body.He caresses her back up and down in a soothing way while one of his hands is resting at the back of Ria's head, angling her face for a better access to her sweet nectar.Within a minute, Ria is moaning and her arms snake it's way to Khrys neck while her lower legs is clamps together with Khrys own limbs.Ria didn't hesitate anymore she's letting go of her inhibition. Her hands travel to Khrys silky hair brushing it with her fingers. She find those strand is pleasing to touch she won't mind combing it forever.When she felt something hard is poking her abdomen, her hand travels down to his hard chest until it reaches his little junior.As usual, it was double the sizes of when his already significant, even if it not hard. Ria's hand rub it up and down that earns her a grunt and a nip to her lower lip.

“ Ouch, “ Ria jutted her lips, and Khrys lick the small blood on it easing her pain.

“Your so naughty, are you sure you want us to continue?” Khrys had to force his inner side not to devour his little minx for waking him up, hard and begging for re- lease.

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