Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-29 Part-2

Ria felt the pain and a surging wave of heat down her core by this aggressive side of Khrys. It seems like his a bipolar person. In one moment his so gentle, but the next his showing off whose the Kings.

Ria can't deny that this other side of him is quite sexy. Although Khrys is showing this dominant side, but once he sees Ria is in pain because of him, he was there soothing it right away.

“I'm not naughty, This is my dream, and you are not allowed to hurt and question my actions. Now I'm commanding you to kiss me back.” Ria choked almost when those words slip her mouth. She can't believe how blunt and a dictator she is.

Peering her long dark eyelashes while biting her lower lips a habit she does when she’s in trouble. Ria was baffled when she meet those pair of piercing deep ocean eyes. It conveys a dark, ominous aura and a desire reminding her of the day she gave herself to him. Ria couldn't even walk out of bed after those excessive exercise.

Damn it!

Ria regretted the words she said and wished she can't take it back, but then her brain reminded her that this is all how she imagine him to be and his not the real Khrys. The damn brute is probably sleeping while she relinquish again with her damn wet dream.

” That's my Queen. I like this spitfire side of yours.” Khrys gave her a smile that looks dangerously alluring. If a smile is contagious, this one is like a deathly virus that can eat you whole.

No scratch it..

Khrys unearthly good looking face is simply a panty dropper. Now Ria is even thinking how many girls fell in love with his smile?

Hmp! She bet a tons of them for sure.

Ria felt a fang of jealousy creeping in her brain, and she knows this isn't right, and she has to stop it.

An idea pop in Ria's mind. Maybe It is time to wake herself from her dream, but before she can even do anything. A steady hand grip her ass and spank it. She yelp in pain, but it was ease again by those warm-tingling and soothing touch of his palm.

Khrys deep ocean eyes aren't moving, his watching her face intently. Not knowing how to react anymore and Ria felt this dream is out of her control Ria placed her hand and covered his eyes.

Khrys hearty laugh is booming inside the room. Ria’s heart was caught off guard by the immense effect of that laughter.

It send her shuddering in delight.

Damn this brute!

Ria couldn't contain her rapid heart beating. She wondered why such a laugh could cause her mind to go haywire?

Without warning, Ria felt a shift in their position. She was now underneath him, his warm body pressing and caging her like he's trying to mold their bodies in one.

” You, my Queen, would be the death of me.” He said before prepping small kisses on her face down to her ear’s.

He lick her earlobe with his warm tongue, and Ria can help but to pull him even closer. Her toes are curling, and she's craving for more as the wave of ecstasy lured her mind to stop thinking.

She moans in pleasure when he nips and suck the junction of her shoulder and neck. Luckily, this is a dream, or she would have to wear a scarf tomorrow from those love bites.

Ria felt a ticklish yet electrifying finger tracing the skin underneath her clothes.

” I like this shirt of yours, my adelfi psychí, it gives me easy access to your body, and you don't even wear anything underneath this.” Khrys finger found its way to the valley of his Queen proud breast. His hand cupped one white his thumb made a trace of circle on her hardened nipples.

” Ohh gosh, please don't stop” Ria couldn't think much. It's like she's back from the very beginning when they first make love. Her brain is in a muddle, and she's enjoying the pure ecstasy that Khrys was letting her feel.

Ria like how his hand fuddle on her breast, but her eyes shoot open when he suddenly paused.

” W-why did you stop? ” Ria was so into it, but the damn brute had to ruin her mood.

” Promised me you won't wear this kind of clothes without me around. Not

even when your home alone and to a damn hotel. ” Khrys didn't like this carefree side of his mate. His possessive side will only allowed Ria to wear a shirt and lace underwear in his Villa or his Castle and their love nest. She doesn't even need anything on as long as he's there, and no one but him can see it. Besides, what if there's someone who wants to peep on her or worst a stalker who’s waiting for his perfect time to do immortal things to her?! Thinking about it makes his blood boils.

Not a chance that someone with ill intentions can touch his Queen!

Khrys snapped out of his reverie when he heard her voice.

“ Your crazy I only wear this because I don't want to have tons of laundry to wash. I like pajamas, but wait, aren't you supposed to do what I desired in this dream?” Ria felt this dream is odd than her previous erotic fantasy. It is more of an action than talking, but now her imaginary Khrys is talking back at her and making her promise a thing?! But before Ria could even voice out her thoughts, Khrys damp a kiss on her lips that startled her.

“ Good, because this is mine.” Ria felt her cheeks going red when he traces the valley of her breast. She can see in those blue orbs a mixture of emotions like Proud, Happy, and the most evident is his overly possessiveness leaving her hair all over her body to rise.

Khrys continued on, claiming what is rightfully his.

” Your lips are mine. ” and he captured her lips, kissing her aggressively while his thumb is playing with her hardened buds. Ria starts to feel feverish. Her body and mind love this primal side of her Khrys, and she's hungry for more.

” And this—my Queen, is only mine,” Ria moan in pleasure, feeling his feather-light finger creating an addictive friction that sends tingling sensation in her core.

When Khrys reaches her private part, his thumbs draw circles on it.

The grinding of the fabric and his finger made Ria tossed her head on both sides unable to describe the immense pleasure surging in her body. She tried to clench her lower limbs, but Khrys didn't let her.

The brute used his long, lean legs, parting it while deepening his body to her. A loud cry of pleasure came out of Ria's mouth. Her mind became foggy, and all she ever wanted now is for this imaginary pleasure not to disappear.

” Please, I want to feel you inside of me now.” she whispered, desperate to have more body contact with Khrys.

Khrys gave her a killer smile before ravished her lips.

He was nipping sucking and licking her lips until he saw it's reddish and swollen that he push himself to stop. His Queen taste so good it is hard not to devour her. With a satisfied look, he lick her swollen lips for the last time before he haul up Ria’s clothes and release her private part from her underwear. He stared in marble while examining her body; there's still some old love bites everywhere, and he couldn't help the surge of pride seeing his masterpiece.

It didn't go unnoticed to him that Ria did not listen to what he said. Although he wanted to take her, he doesn't want to hurt her too. He heed the deed of pleasuring her but not with sexual intercourse.

He kissed her lips for a bit before trailing down her throat, teasing her while prepping kisses inch by inch, closer to her breast.

“ Stop teasing me, please?!” Ria couldn't take it anymore; she want those warm, soft lips to suck her breast to feel his warm tongue playing with her hardened buds. Ria felt his smiling, loving her complaints.

“ I won't tease you anymore, my Queen. “ Khrys said while damping a sounding kiss around her nipples. It made Ria moan in pleasure. When he finally suck her breast like a wee baby hungry for milk, Ria felt her first orgasm waving at bay.

“ Ah, don't stop, please,” she pleaded, craving for her pleasure to reach its peak. She pulls Khrys head more rooted in her breast when the damn brute is sucking it while his tongue and teeth were grazing her nipples; this creates a ripples of pleasure. Ria sense Khrys other hand slowly traveling down her private part and she purposely parted it so he can have an easy access to her private part, he gently massage her clit that gave another wave of pleasurable feeling. A few more licks and gentle bite on her buds and Ria reach her climax.

She scream Khrys name while her hands are fisting on his luscious hair.

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