Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -3 Who are you?

Khrys felt like a bolt of lightning struck him.

"Please..somebody help me..."

That plea from his blood bound mates wakes him up in his slumber.

She was pleading, asking for help and he can't be mistaken with that.

His mind is screaming at him that his mate is in danger.

He tossed the blanket aside and concentrated his mind to his trend of connection connecting Khrys to his blood bound mate.

He felt his whole body stiffen the moment he sees what she see through her eyes...

In one blink he was there in that room, He found his adelfí psychí, still in a helpless position.

His eyes are filled with fury, In one swift move of his hand, the person on top of his adelfí psychí went flying on the wooden cabinet creating a loud crash.

He was supposed to give him his deathly poison when Khrys heard his adelfí psychí cried silently.

She needs him to calm her down.

Khrys' heart was torn into pieces. He was used to watching her from afar through his mystical wooden mirror with the other half gifted to her when she was young. Although he can connect to her memories, he promised not to interfere with her mortal life but it all changed when he sees her face to face for the first time.

Khrys can't help his carnal cravenness to be next to her, He wanted to familiarise her scent that now engulfing his senses.

Khrys wanted her soft warm body to collide in his embrace but the timing is off.

Khrys force himself to think like a human does before approaching his adelfí psychí.

He doesn't want to scare her more.

When he was sure his mind is calmed and collected, he grabs the blanket and covered her body, he unties her hands and pulled back down her sleep dress.

"Thank you, thank you so much..." Khrys adelfí psychí uttered shakily holding his arm like her life depends on it.

He couldn't stop himself when he sees her miserable state. Without a care in this world, he engulfs her in a hug for the first time.

It was a fantastic feeling! Like she was only meant for him to be embraced.

He started caressing her back soothingly, hoping it will help to calm her down.

"Shush... you're safe now, I will never let anyone harm you again" Khrys promised while kissing her forehead and lay her back in the bed.

Ria followed him like a lost kitty.

Seeing her like this Khrys never let her go and it seems like Ria's body doesn't want also.

Her subconscious tells him that with the slight trauma she encountered by almost being raped by her own boyfriend.

She thought of him as a fragment of her imagination in a form of her knight and shining armor who saves her in this nightmare.

Slowly her cries become shallow until the room went quiet, with only Khrys still awake listening to his mate calm breathing, Now that he has a chance to stare and observe her, Khrys was mesmerized by her look, her frail heart shape face and small pointed redden nose, those long thick black lashes and perfectly align brows compliments each other.

She slightly parted soft luscious pinkish lips, looks so inviting, he can't help but to trace them with his thumbs.

Such a beautiful human being.'

She deserved to be loved and feel protected. If only Khrys came more early in her life, he would be her first and she will be living in a lavished life like a Queen that she should be.

But circumstances made Khrys not to interfere in her mortal life.

Khrys start to reminisce about their past encounters.

He still remembers the first time they met she was still in her younger age.

He saw her lying in the mud unconscious.

Her legs are swollen and he knows she was bitten by a snake while walking in the rice field. Luckily he was around chasing a rouged demon that pestering him. She was nearly dead but once he saw her he didn't hesitate to help her there was something about her that intrigued him but he doesn't know why or what is it.

As Deity with a Gorgon blood flowing in his body. The blood from his right hand has the ability to revive life while his left hand has the ability to end humans, demons and demigods life.

Khrys gave Ria another chance to live but what Khrys didn't know is that he also made a blood bond with her.

Goddess Destiny showed up the day after he save her, she was lecturing him about not interfering with a human life which is apart of her duty as a Goddess of Destiny.

Everything rolled in their books, each has its purpose.

It was a part of their duty to watch and see how humans life goes.

His Aunt Faith, The Goddess of Faith has the duty to make sure mates meet each other while his Aunt Destiny made sure they are entwined or bond for each other.

In short, she knows who is for whom and who will force themselves to take a new leaf In their life and unfollow the rules set by Olympian Gods to mortals.

Khrys Aunts has a very crucial work vested by their creator, Lord Titan.

They are the main key why humans are still alive.

Providing recourses and power to those Olympus God living in their lavish golden castle while enjoying the fruit of Khrys Aunt, hard work.

It's funny that they treat them like a servant while in truth all of them was created by Lord Titan before Zeus killed his own father.

Khrys knows far too well that there are many stories created by mortals. Emphasizing, how great and powerful Zeus for defeating Titan.

He became a heroine that people admired.

But they don't know how selfish and unfilial Zeus to Hera whom his mate.

He wanted to defy them but Khrys Aunt just patted his head, saying it's not yet the time.

She would always avert the topic once its open just like how cozy she speaks when she revealed she knows who is his mate.

Goddess Destiny told him that the girl is his adelfí psychí or (soulmate).

His Aunt explains to him that because his a half Gorgon, half deity and half-human Khrys is destined to either find a mate on that category.

But just like what happened to Khrys mother, a goddess-like human Gorgon from the three Gorgon siblings.

Khrys mother attracted not only the mortal men but the gods itself.

Khrys father is Poseidon, one of the Olympus Gods and ruler of the sea.

Khrys trance was cut off when he heard a man voice groaning in pain.

'Ohh, your back awake?" He taunts with an evil smirk on his lips while staring at the pathetic mortal on the ground."I haven't dealt with you bastard!'He hissed at him.

How dare this mortal to treat his Queen-like trash!

Khrys hand form in a fist trying his best to control his emotion or he will not only cause trouble to himself but to his adelfí psychí. Khrys doesn't want to attract those Gods of Olympus by killing one of their creations.

He thought of a good punishment for this kind of mortal and Khrys found a dose of medicine for unfaithful men.

Before dealing with him Khrys made sure that he fog his adelfí psychí memory-making his face unclear like its a dream, and that she's the one who kick him hard out of the bed.

Khrys cast a special spell while walking to his prey.

The surrounding becomes misty, he twirls his hand and a misty ball start to form on it.

Khrys grab the mortal face and blew the mist. The mist entered the mortal mouth and his body quickly absorbed it.

This spell will make the person impotent for a lifetime and will no more have feelings to do sexual intercourse even if he overdosed himself with stimulant pills. A very perfect punishment for a mortal who thinks of himself highly and treated his precious adelfí psychí like a nobody.

Khrys knows everything about them because of his connection to Ria but he sucks it up for her sake,

She was happy, he consoled himself, when he felt the pain of his mate, giving her first time to somebody else.

It hurts him physically and mentally but it happened already he knows he can't meddle in her life especially she doesn't even know who he is and what role he plays in her life.

He was contented watching her every day, Khrys saw her struggle like it's his and each time she falls she would be devastated but the next day she's back in her enthusiastic self thinking she has to be stronger or she will be crushed like an ant in the world dominated by statuses in life.

Khrys was fascinated by Ria's strong personality proving only that she is fitted to be his Queen.

It doesn't matter if he's not her first, what matter most is, If-he can make her accept her destiny.

It's only a matter of time before Khrys will introduce her to his world. He will make her fall in love with him and if luck is on his side and Ria finally falls in love with him then he would be the most happiest Deity that his mother didn't experience before.

After the spellbinding, he moved his hand and the guy's body elevated in the air while the mortal is still unconscious. He returned him back to the bed and erase the part that he flew away to the cabinet for an unknown reason.

Khrys thoroughly think the pros and cons of what happened at this early morning when he sees everything will be fined and Ria can handle it when she wakes up, a satisfied smile plastered on his face as he walks back to his adelfí psychí side.

Her face was now half-buried in the pillow while she still have those discomfort looked on her face.

Khrys came closer and planted a kiss on her forehead.

He tried to soothe her knitted brows with his right thumb.

Ria sigh in content feeling a warm that ease her bad dream and fall deep in sleep again.

He wishes to erase her full memory of what happened to her but that will not make sense when her trash boyfriend wakes up with the aching body.

That mortal is already lucky that he didn't kill him.

It's a big punishment for a Deity like him to touch the creation of those Olympus gods.

But giving them punishment is acceptable so Khrys gave him the most painful and emotionally destructive retribution.

Khrys thought his no more needed here, he wishes his adelfí psychí good luck in explaining how the wooden cabinet has been deformed.

Now he needs to go back to his kástro(castle) to receive the rant of his Aunt and to prepare for his Queen's arrival.

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