Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-30 THANK YOU

Her heavy breathing slowly calm down, she watch as the man in her dream move out of the bed.

She wondered what his up to but Ria didn't voice out her thoughts.

When he went back after spending a few minutes in the bathroom Ria saw Khrys holding something in his hand.

He climb back in the bed and gab her legs,Ria’s heart starts to race anticipating his next move. Khrys went down and damp a kiss just below her navel. Ria bit her lips when she thought he‘s going to do something but to her surprise Ria felt a wam wet towel.

She used her both arms to move her upper body.

Ria saw Khrys was cleaning her private part ever so gently and to her dismayed, too meticulous like her gem is something worth more than anything. Her corrupted mind wants to asked if that is all they will do in her dream but she scolded herself by just thinking of it.

Goddess?! When did she become so horny like this?!

Khrys wanted to smile on how his mate think. She had a battle inside herself and it makes him feel proud and happy that she wanted him so badly. After cleaning her private part thoroughly he took the concoction in a crystal jar and let a few drops of it in his palm.

“Wait was that the medicine you showed to me this morning?” Ria felt really strange about this dream and It's seems so freakin real?!

“ You think so much my Queen, this is apart of your dream were your subconscious mind regretted that you didn't used this miracle potion.” Ria made an ‘oh sound when she realized her imaginary Khrys is right.

She watch as he gently applied the medicine on her private part. Once its touch her skin the cooling effect made her sigh. It was really relaxing and Ria could even feel its magical effect. Her tense and sore inner thigh muscles becomes relaxed and her over used gem feels no ache at all.

Damn! She really wish this is not only her fragment of imagination.

“All done, now time for you to sleep mate” Khrys lay the wet fabric and the medicine on his bedside table before moving next to Ria’s side. He hugged her tight and pull the blanket above her shoulder. Although the room has no Aircon, his castle normally feels chilly in the night specially for a mortal like his mate.” Thank you “ Khrys stared at his Queen blushing face. A smile crept his lips as he gently cupped her cheeks.

“Everything for you my beloved, you deserved all the best treatment in this world”

He kiss her mates forehead down to the tip of her nose and when he sees her eyes shutting while tears of happiness envelopes her, He kissed both her shut eyes drying the shedded tears.

Ria has an overwhelming feeling of happiness, if this imaginary guy is real she will never think twice to hook him up with her. Such a sweet gentle gesture and her heart was snatched by it. Ria's felt her chest is throbbing in pain for this is just a dream and reality will still welcome her when she wake up. Thinking soon this dream will end she snuggle closer to her warm comforter called Khrys. She sigh when his scents filled her nose. Hearing his steady heart beat next to her ear seems like a lullaby. She let herself fall in a deep slumber knowing in his arm, no harm will come to her.

Khrys smiled watching his kitten falls asleep. Her luscious lips and flushed face look so magnificent he wanted to caress her cheeks but keep his hand around her waist, securing that their body is almost as one. Khrys swear he wont ever be tired of this. He wish sunrise wont come out to savor this moment. A goosebumps and a warm heat flare up in his hand and he almost cursed when he felt his Uncle Sol presence.


Khrys forgot that his uncle Sol can hear everything even if his in the Castle of Fire that mortals call as Sun and its one hundred fifty million kilometers away from the earth. He mumble sorry’ and the burning feeling in his hand is gone. Khrys awaited sunrise before he shifted Ria body back to her hotel room. She's still hugging the pillow that she thought was him.

A buzzing vibration on the bedside table and the sound of her favorite Metallica song “Sad But True” on its chorus resonates in the room repeatedly. It was a perfect ringtone to wake her up because of its electronic guitar and the drumming of the drum often pumps her blood to move her body out of the bed. But now the music seems mocking her while the male lead repeated the words ‘I'm your dream! sad but true” Ria is about to rise up from the bed ready to snatch her phone and throw it to the nearest wall when she halt. Remembering her dream last night and the cringe on the pillow made her feel sad. In her mind she wishes it's all true specially the moment when Khrys showed a very gentle side of him and took care of her. Ria's hand reach the pillow rub the part were her face was laying last night. She remembered how his heartbeats lulls her to sleep and his warm embrace made her feel secure underneath his arm.

A mixture of emotion suddenly invaded her heart as she stood up and turn off her phone's alarm.

“ Ahh! ” Ria scream while muffling it on her towel.

She's getting more and more confused of what she really feel and want.

Damn it! She cursed out. “ Day dreaming is not a good way to start the day, Come on Ria you're better than this!” She repeated this phrase while staring at her own reflection in the bathroom mirror until a pure determination plastered on her face. She took a shower, dress herself in a business attire and reheated her food from last night which reminds her again of Khrys but this time she brush it off her mind. She ate her meal in silence and when she's done Ria meticulously wipe them all with a bunch of tissues. She place it back again to its paper bag and wrote a note on her small sticky pad writing Mr. Lando’s name afterward she place the notes on one of the paper bag.

She didn't want to return back the food container looking so messy like the one she watch in a series of Korean drama that a delivery man will pick up dirty empty containers of food after a few hours passed when the order was delivered .Ria preferred herself incase she's lucky enough to finally see the so called Mr. Villar.

She repeated her proposal in front of the mirror for a few time before glancing on her wrist watch. It's exactly eight thirty “ its time” She utter checking her laptop bag if everything she needs is there. She slipped her gadget inside and gave a one last glance of herself in the mirror. She look radiant up closed and her lips looks plumper while her bust look bigger and proud. “What in the world?” She gasped in shocked but her brain luckily manage to wake her up. Scurrying out of her room after her thorough check not forgetting again her key.

Ria went down of the hotel and asked a favor to the receptionist who is friendly enough to take care of the paper bags.

Happy and confident that her day will start with a good riddance she hum while crossing the distance from her hotel to Mr. Villar Empires Building. She stopped in front of the Building that intimidatingly towering over other building establishments. She marble at how elegant the place. When she head to the entrance she was asked if she had an appointed and she quickly handed it to a small lady in her mid forties while the two guards in black uniform were checking her bag. After she passed the entrance her foot swivel to the direction of the receiving area were a tall good looking receptionist approached her with a smile.

“Good Morning Ma'am Welcome to the Empires Building, may i see your appointment letter?” The lady greets in a very friendly yet professional tone of voice. Ria can't even compare this to the receptionist way back in her work place. If they see that you look unsuitable judging by how you represent yourself to them. You can't even hand a biodata to apply for a available job. Now Ria is much more curious about this Mr. Villar.

“ Ms. Ria Santiago right? ” Her trance brought her out of trance as she nod once her head to the lady.

“ Yes, Ma’am, that's me ”

“ Please head to the elevator and wear this on ” The lady handed her a blue colored I. D. Card.

“ Please press the fifteen floor, there's a lady that will assist you there, Mr. Villar is awaiting you in his meeting room. Good luck.” Ria smiled and says ‘thank you ‘ to the lady before walking to the elevator.

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