Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-31 Part Two

Ria passed by the receiving area, where she saw ten people looking like a high ranking employee. They are staring at her like their boring whole in her head. She didn't mind it, but her heighten hearing catch some envious words thrown at her like “ How can she see the C.E.O when she looked only like an ordinary messenger. “ Ouch! That hurt, but fuck, I don't care.

“ She probably hooked up with one of that managers who manage to let her in” Ok, now that's below the belt. Ria stopped and turned around to face them. She wants to bite back remain silent, letting it slipped knowing someone is already waiting for her. She'd instead let the words in and out of her ear like it's nothing. Fighting with them will not only lower herself in their level of I.Q, but it will also tarnish her reputation.

Going in, the elevator asked for a passcode Ria immediately place the I. D. Hanging in her neck, and the lift slowly closed the door. She almost leap with joy when her hunch is correct, and when she glance at the receptionist, the woman smiled knowingly while waving her hand.

Wait?! Did they just test her?

Damn it! It's lucky, Ria, past it.

She heave a heavy sigh while scanning the lavish elevator. It has a soothing rain forest sound, and it made her nerves relaxed, and her mind seems at peace too. She closed her eyes and opened it when the elevator announce that she reach the fifteen floor. Because of the background sound of the elevator Ria feel refresh and much more confident than before. As expected, when the door opens, a beautiful woman with pale white skin and small eyes greeted her.

“ Greetings Ms. Santiago, please follow me.” Ria felt baffled that everyone never introduced their names to her. But what shock her more is how they treated their guest. Ria felt like she's a VIP when in fact, she's just a nobody that got lucky to be chosen to represent her company.

Her heartfelt a sudden change in the atmosphere of the hallway were in she's following the lady who's is walking faster ahead of her. Ria tried to cope up in walking while she can't understand how on earth a woman can walk like she's in a marathon wearing high heels and poised body.

If she's just a perverted men she will enjoy the view of the woman’s behind, her hips are swaying like she's walking in the runway.

When she noticed it become more chilly, Ria felt the need to hug herself but didn't dare to. She wore a poker face and walked diligently.

Ria saw the woman knock once on the third door they passed, opening it wide for her to get in.

“ Please make yourself comfortable,” The beautiful woman with small eyes courtly said while her both hands folded on top of each other resting just below her stomach and bowed at her before exiting the door.

“ Thank You ” Ria didn't know if the woman heard it with her inhuman speed walking she's gone in a blink of her eyes. After entering the room, it went more chilly than she expected. Ria can't take the cold anymore and hugged herself.

Looking around, Ria didn't expect to see a spacious room with two single couch facing each in a vertical position while two large sofa that can fit three people is aligned horizontally facing each other too.

There's a full thick black glass table in the middle of it with one white rose place in a small crystal flower vase adorning the minimalist room.

There is a large tinted glass wall allowing the sunlight to seep from her right side and in front of her. There was nothing extravagant in this room.

Looking up, there's a two flight of step higher than where Ria is standing.

A huge dark mahogany desk and a hybrid laptop can be seen together with a person’s head sitting probably in a swivel chair.

Ria couldn't see much, nor couldn't precisely predict if it's Mr. Villar or somebody else. She don't know too if his facing his laptop or his facing the view from the tinted glass in front of him. She just predict it's a he’ because the room has no hint of a woman's touch, it is very manly. Looking around, Ria noticed a door on his left side.

It was then she conclude that the room is not a meeting room but a private office.

Suddenly a voice snaps her out of her reverie “ Does my office made you forget the manners of using pleasantries, Ms. Santiago?” Ria sense a familiarity's in the voice, but now that his words sink in her head, she quickly cleared her throat and bowed even if the person whose talking to her wasn't seeing it.” My sincerest apology Sir, My name is Ria Santiago, and it is an honor to meet you.” Ria almost wack her forehead when she realized everything is just a test of her behavior. She's sure this time she failed and probably will be thrown out in any minutes.

“ Oh, well since your introducing yourself, Ms. Santiago, How come you are not in front of me? Is this how unethical your company is?” Ria felt more colder now.

Damn it! Unethical bull crap! How can she introduce herself properly when he's not even standing up to received her.”

“ Sir? I—“

“ Ms. Santiago, why don't you come over here and properly introduce yourself.” The person said, and Ria had to bite her inside cheeks, not to cursed vile words.

Even with the more chill atmosphere in his room Ria tried to walk until she reach the two-step next to his office table.

“ I still can't see you, Ms. Santiago “ There's a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

Ria tried to steady her footing even though she's nervous, and his initiative is scaring the hell out of her. Plus, this freakin cold atmosphere wasn't helping at all. This damn guy probably thinks he's living in Antarctica. Even Ria's breathing is producing fog indicating how cold his room.

“ Right away, Sir,” She heave an internal sigh when she manage to utter those three words without stuttering. When she lifts her legs and manages to land her foot one step away from him, Ria was shocked when he stood up facing her.

Ria feels like her whole world turn upside down, seeing Khrys in front of her.

She took one step backward and loosed her balance when she forget that there's a step behind her. Luckily Khrys was quick to grab her hand and pull her in his arm.

Ria made a small shriek and tried to push him away, but he won't let her go.

Khrys buried his face on the crook of her neck, and one hand is firmly holding her waist steady while the other is gripping the back of her head. “ I miss you my Queen,” He utter while inhaling her scent like it's his source of life.

Ria felt waves of tiny volts flickering all over her body. She can't believe Khrys is Mr. Villar his so young to be. Maybe he's the son, but no shit-talking the lady in reception clearly said whom she's going to meet.

Goddess! Is this day is her doomsday?!

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