Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Ria didn't know how to react, her mind becomes blank, and all what she felt was those annoying volt of electricity flickering in her body whenever Khrys skin touch hers.

When he pull her out of his warm hug, Ria had to forced with all her might not to embrace herself to ease the cold that keeps on pestering her.

The first question that entered her mind is, “W—why? No, how?!” She stared at his deep blue orbs like a vast ocean sucking her soul and drowning her with its unforgiving waves.

A smile grace on Khrys lips, and Ria was awestruck when she felt like a memory of the fast week came flashing back in her mind. The day she met him in the street, in the airport and lastly when he took her from the open bar and brought her to his place.

Then her mind went to the mirror, resembling one she owns ever since she's young.

Mixed emotions envelopes Ria's heart, and she wish a hole will open miraculously where she's standing. Ria can't handle the shock that she turn her back and dash almost out of the room, but a whiplash of a hand grab her before she can even twist the doorknob.

“Why run now? My Queen, aren't you happy to see me again.” Khrys voice went one octave low, and it sends shiver to Ria's hammering heart.

When she looked up, she was even more scared seeing a dark shadow looming on Khrys face. The feeling of being stalk was indeed scary, but the fact that something connects them in the past and what just happened the other day is beyond Ria's brain capacity to fathom.

She can't face it, nor answer his question.

Was she not happy to see him?

She utterly can't explain how she does feel seeing him again.

No. This is futile.

He played a game with her,and she was even stupid enough to sleep with him. Then her lewd dream that hunts her every single night after she met him was not also helping.

“Just escape in this place, damn it!” Her brain screamed internally.

Ria's impulse made her tug her hand out of Khrys grip and kicked him where the sun doesn't shine. That was beyond Khrys expectation because today he didn't want to read her mind to know what's running on it. Khrys wanted for once to see her reaction without even knowing it beforehand. This took him off guard also though she didn't hurt him, and her kick was just a poke on his body, but stills, she mange to slipped away from his grasp.

This angered him, and he used his power to make the door lock that Ria could never open it.

Ria couldn't believe why she can't open the damn door. She shrieked in shock when a hand slam on it, creating a loud bang, and her heart and soul almost jump out of her body.

She felt her body stiffen when a warmth emitting from someone else body is only an inch to her back.

“ Where do you think you're going, my little firecracker?” Khrys voice is dangerously low, almost like a growl while Ria could feel the rumbling of his chest. When she didn't answer him, Khrys anger flare-up. He slam his other hand on the door, caging her. “Answer me, damn it!”

Ria squeak-shit-scared when she saw the thick wooden door made a crack. She didn't know Khrys was this big one more bang in the door, and it will crumble in the ground. Not knowing what to do, Ria cried pleading while her shoulder is quiver from cold and fright.

“Please, stop this, you are scaring me” Hearing her croak voice and her shoulder shaking, his anger is washed away. He cursed himself, he didn't want her to leave that fast, and it frustrates him that instead of facing him with head held high like the Queen, she’s destined to be Ria instead choose to flee from his grasp.

Ria didn't know if the silence meant that his anger mellow down, or it is just the calm before the storm. She grab her chest, closing her eyes while tears are still freely flowing on it.

“Turn around and look at me, My Queen.” Khrys voice was now low, yet there's no hint of anger, its more like he's pleading. His heart is burning with the desire to engulf her in his arm and make her stop crying.

It's a sight he never wanted to see again, yet here he is causing it.

Ria slowly moves her body around to face him.

Khrys didn't expect a heart-wrenching scene in front of him.

He mentally smack himself, seeing how feeble and scared his mate.

He caress her cheeks, which cause her to flinch. It's like a jab in his heart, and her action hurt him more than any punishment he received while growing up. “Please stop. I didn't intend to scare you. I only want to know why you are running away from me? I never wrong you, my Queen, why?” Khrys voice is lace with agony that Ria had to clenched her chest harder. She can't explain why hearing it was so painful she can even feel it like her own. She peered her eyes open and looked up to him, and Ria was instantly immersed from the vast deep blue orbs. It was so lonely and empty she didn't notice anymore that her hand release it's tight hold on her office blouse and feathery touch those eyes who shut closed savoring any skin contact that he can have with her.

Such a beautiful eyes.

Yet it was so lonely and longing for something.

Table turn, and now Ria is the one feeling sad staring at the most handsome unearthly looking men in front of her.

“ Who are you? Why? Why do I act abnormally whenever you are around?”

“ Why, do you have the same replica of my most treasured mirror?” Finally, Ria utter the words she deemed to asked.

Ria felt her cheeks heat up when, in one moment, those eyes went open, staring straight to her own. He grab her hand and place her palm on his cheeks, which caused Ria's heart erratic beating.”Why do you think I had one that looks similar to yours? Did you forget already how I save your life, my Queen?” Ria wanted to retract her hand, hearing his confession.

“You are the one who saves me?” A bitter smile grace Khrys lips.

“ I thought when you're big enough to understand everything. I will formally introduce myself. But when I seek you, You're gone. Happy in the arms of another man. So I didn't bother you anymore. It's only recently that I found out I left you to the wrong person that supposed to be my spot if I was just a bit early showing up in your life.” Ria is shocked, hearing the most painful proclamation of what Khrys feel for her. She had a mixed emotion of pain, happiness, and regrets.

In her mind, she asked herself, if she waited a bit more will her Prince Charming finally show up to her? If she didn't left the province and crossed path with Micheal, will her life be more peaceful and not a shattered one? Ria started to feel regret leaving her home town.

If she stay, she had a chance to see her Prince Charming, whom she always dream every night. Then regrets and anguish filled her heart.

She snatch her hand, staring straight to his deep blue orbs.

“You didn't show up no matter how many times I call for you and prayed to the gods to see you” Her voice crack at the end of her sentence.

“ You made me wait for so long I thought I'm just dreaming of something that will never come true.” Now Ria couldn't help the tears she wanted to conceal from his knowing eyes.

“Because of you not showing up at the right time, I become like this now. A broken piece of glass hard to fixed and will never be the same again,” That's Ria's last straw of hindering herself.

She let all the bottled-up pain she promised to buried in her death. Warm arms engulfed her, while whispering I'm sorry to her. Ria tried to push him away, but he won't bulge. She start pounding his chest while letting out all the pain in her heart. Khrys didn't move and remain hugging her, caressing her back soothingly that made her cry more. Because Ria realize she just found the long lost part of her that she left in this town.

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