Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-33 I OWE YOU PART-2

After crying for God knows how long Ria's rational thinking came back and she noticed how she end up intimately closed with Khrys. His warmth extending to her, which is really nice since the room is unquestionably cold. She can't even understand how this guy can still exclude warm, she really wish to stay but they also came now to a point of realization.

Ria cleared her throat and slowly push his body away from hers.

Khrys didn't protest after going against his original plan on not reading her thoughts. He realized now that it is not a good idea because he can easily misunderstand her feelings for him. He has been deprived of her love for a long time that his Gorgon side can't accept further rejection. Opening back the path in her mind Khrys can think logically again that his mate is a human with a fragile heart and soul.

Moving aside Ria saw the wet on Khrys casual business attire gray turtle neck long sleeve shirt partnered with black light weight summer slacks and black loafer shoes.

She fidget looking down on the ground wishing a miraculous deep hole will suck her in right now. She just showed her weakness in front of someone that she cherish the most on her childhood life. Ria can't even looked at him feeling the warming of her cheeks and ears reddening from embarrassment of confessing her feelings for Khrys that she thought is just a made up lies she created while growing up. “ I'm sorry for the mess, you can send it in my hotel and I will dry clean it for you. I think I can't perform today so please if you don't mind may i asked another day to have a formal meeting with you Mr. Villar?” Ria made sure she address him properly this time and what just happened a minutes ago is a very unprofessional thing.

“I will give you a chance to propose your proposal but in one condition Ms. Santiago.” Khrys voice is as calm as the sea in a low tide season.

“ Sure, May i know what it is sir?” Ria stared back at him and she had to control her hearts erratic beating. She firmly grasped both of her hands to forced herself not to touch him again. She knows something magical and unexplainable things always happens whenever they have skin contact and to avoid further conflicts it's better to set a boundaries between the two of them. Private matter should be discussed privately and shall not be mixed with work related matter.

“ Wear this on for me, and never take it off. I will know if you do and the consequences are simple. Your proposal is no more needed plus i will withdraw my investment in your company. So think before you act my Queen. “ Khrys showed a unique braided necklace with a red stone pendant hanging on it. It glows like there's a molten lava inside the stone ,it was such a rare sight for a mere person like her to see. His last words didn't go unnoticed that his blackmailing her.

In a flash Khrys cross the little distance between them ,not waiting for her answer causing Ria to have a whip of his exotic minty scents. Bewildered Ria only realized Khrys was standing behind her so closed that she had to fight the urge to turn around and imprinted a kiss on him. Ria felt Khrys warm fingers tracing the smooth skin on her neck. Astound Ria remains still rooted on the ground biting her lower lips to suppress her moans.

'What did she just remind herself not to let this damn brute touch her’ her mind almost yelled at her.

“ Such a beautiful sight, but this should belong only for me to see ” Khrys breathed tickling the side of Ria's exposed skin. She was about to remind him of business ethics but then she felt a warm thing touching her just above her chest. Her hand instinctively reach for it and she couldn't help sighing when those warmth envelopes her body like a shield that slowly warming her up similar to a caterpillar creating a cocoon as it wait to turn into a butterfly.

A kiss was dampened on her exposed neck bringing her back to the present. The annoying jolts of electricity was there again causing her brain to run haywire. Khrys snap his finger and Ria's high ponytail that she up do to looked more professional is now drape over her neck and shoulder. Agitated that her personal space was not only invaded and violated by this damn brute. Khrys even have the audacity to be intimate with her again.

Was this guy have a low EQ?

Ria swivel her foot around to face the man in her dream, the Prince Charming her younger self wish to meet and the feral man she gave herself just a day passed before she meet him again today. She wanted to give him a piece of her mind but the moment she stared at his deep blue eyes she was drowned again.

No this is like robbing her sanity if that is even a plausible explanation. When Khrys gave her a satisfying smirk Ria was at lost with words to say. She internally sigh asking the Goddess of Faith what she has done to receive such a punishment like this?

Ria can't even put boundaries nor push Khrys aside, and the more she ignore his existence the more she's lured to him like a moth attracted to fire.

Khrys came closer, bending down to her height while his both hand still resting on his pocket. His lips touches her ears and his hot breath is fanning on Ria side cheeks.

Ria's heart kept on hammering in her chest while jolts of electricity keeps on pestering her.

“ A promise is a promise and you my Queen shall carry it out, don't forget it. ” She open her mouth to asked when did she promised something to him when a flicker of memory of that night she gave herself to Khrys went flashing back to her mind.

The scene in the bathtub kept on repeating in her head.

Goddess! Why now?!

She tried to move away but Khrys pulled her back to his arm, he was not even satisfied yet to Ria's shocked he carried her in a bridal style and walk to the door that she saw when she entered and observed his office. She shout and pound on his chest but Khrys didn't mind it at all he kick the door open and a big spacious room welcomes Ria together with his manly scents that slowly affecting her mind.

Warning sign kept flashing in her head but the damn brute wont even let her go. His strong grip can be compared to a steel cage.

When he sit in the edge of the bed he even have the guts to burry his face of Ria's neck as he nip the her exposed skin while inhaling again her scent. She can't decipher why he would always do that but that alone can cause her mind to frenzy.

“Come on Ria think! Her brain screamed.

Not really knowing what to do she push him with all her might.

Khrys fall on the huge bed while Ria straddle him and punched on his chest!

“You dirty maniac! What have you done to me?! Bring me back to my old self!” She scream at him in frustration.

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