Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-34 I OWE YOU PART-3

Ria has lost count of how many times she hurt him but still Khrys remain passive until she finally stop due to exhaustion . Seeing his not even reacting on her she grab the necklace that keeps on dangling on her sight whenever she punch him. She wanted to yank it off but Khrys grab her hand and their position turn in the opposite. Ria is now underneath him.

“Let it go.” Khrys voice is so calm anyone would have thought his just casually telling her to stop but Ria is seeing the opposite of it.

There's a brewing storm in his ocean eyes. “ What if I don't ? What would you to me then?” Ria still want to fight for her freedom and test the water.

“ The necklace is braided from my mother's hair it's the only possession she left before she died. I never once even felt her touch because she left us after she gave birth to me and my brother who is gone too.”

Khrys defeatedly let himself fall down in Ria's side, not caring anymore what his Queen wanted to do. There's two side of knowing what's inside a mortal mind. One it's advantageous to know how they think before they can open their mouth to say the words that forms in their head. Two the downside of it specially if its with the most important person in your life.

It's hard to deal with them because you knew already that whatever happens you will let them win.

“ Do what you wish to do, i gave it to you so it's technically yours now.” He added more and Ria felt again the pain in her heart. It's like she can feel the loneliness and sorrow that belongs not to herself but to Khrys.

It's so strange yet Ria felt more conflicted again.

Damn stupid heart! She cursed letting go of the only memoir left by Khrys mother. It must be hard for a child not to grow up with his mothers love and a child who lost his only brother too. Was that the reason why his so attached to her? Was he that lonely?

But how about her feelings?

Yes, Ria did admit she had fallen in love with him but how about her freedom? If Ria would sum up everything, things start getting weirder after she wake up the day she find out how cruel her ex. Ria was even contemplating if her dreams are true or not and if Mr. knight also exist.

Now Ria is even doubting if Mr.Knight and Khrys is the same person due to their body similarities.

But the question is HOW?

How is it possible?

How does their fate entwined like it was destined to be like this?

Ria thought it's time for Khrys to tell everything.

She sum up all the courage she had since Khrys remain silent his body is laying half way from the bed.

She turn around staring at his posture” If you need to asked something just speak my Queen, i won't lie to you and will never let you in the dark not knowing anything.” He speak like he can read what's running in Ria's mind. What a sharp men, there's no doubt when it come to his level of IQ it's so high that he can manage to build an empire.

Ria cleared her throat a little bit embarrassed on how she act today.

She thought its would be a good riddance but she guess it just another bad day for her.

Now is her chance to asked everything she wants to know from the very beginning till up to now.

“ Before you asked me, let me remind you that everything i will say is true and don't freak out. Up until now, if I really want to harm you I already did.” To her surprise Khrys open his eyes and sit next to her in yoga sitting position. Determined to know everything Ria tried to calm herself before uttering 'I'm ready’.

“ Now, what do you want to know?” Even though he knows already what's inside Ria's mind Khrys still want to tell her the truth. The time has come that he has to revealed the other side of him. His readying himself to bear the consequences of telling his secrets. Even though this might scare Ria and probably call her an insane person still, she deserved to know everything.

Just like the saying goes you can run , you can hide but in the end you still have to face the reality.

“ What happens in the past? Why didn't you show up after you left me in the hospital?” Biting her lower lips Ria looked down unable to stare longer in Khrys deep blue orbs. “ If you really want to know everything you have to look at me in the eyes my Queen . Face to face so you can determined that what i am going to say is nothing but the truth.” Khrys tilts her chin using hid thumb. Ria was stuck now with her own question and answer portion.


Now you really did put yourself in a mess Ria.

She wanted to pull her hair from frustration as jolts of tiny electricity Is bothering her again with just one touch from him.

“Fine! If that's so may i please can have some personal space, as you can see this is so foreign to me that whenever you are near or you're touching me my mind would go haywire and I always ending up having a trouble in focusing my mind in my task. So will you please move at lease five meters away from me.” There! Ria finally said while puffing some air.

“ off course,whatever you wish my Queen.” Khrys gave her a boyish smile before moving a few meters from Ria.

Argh! Why is he so unearthly handsome?! His so perfect you cant even see a single flaw on him.

“ Now, is this enough space already ? Or should i let my self fall on the bed?” He tease which made the atmosphere in the room a little less awkward.” That’s fine, I don't want to be held accountable for your mis fortune.” Ria retort back which made Khrys smile from ear to ears.

“Why are you smiling ? What's so funny? “ Ria has a feeling to grab one pillow near her and throw it to the damn brute.

Goddess for how many times already, why did you let me cross path with this man? Ria cried internally, her emotion ,whenever this guy is around wiil went spiraling and she has no control over it which agitate her the most.

“ Ok, I surrender, I'll answer now your question just don't throw a pillow on me.” Ria’s eyes turn into soucer. How the heck did he knows that she have an evil thought of doing that to him?

“ You—“

“ Please my Queen before anything else, let me talk first, will you? We will end up bantering all night if you kept on doing like this.”

Khrys has a point and so Ria nod her head agreeing to him.

She add a list in her head of the many questions that this damn unearthly brute has to answer.

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