Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Khrys was very satisfied that for once his Queen agreed to him without an argument.

Reminiscing the past while he start to speak, a vibrating sounds abrupt his words. Ria bite her inside cheeks knowing it was her phone that is making a buzzing sound on her pocket. She smiled at him apologetically “Please go on it's probably something not so very important “ She ushered him to talk but Ria's phone continued to reverberate.” Please answer it, it's probably your parents or your boss. It will not continue on if it's not an important call.” Hearing Khrys unoffending voice she courteously bow her head to him before moving her body out of his bed.

She walk a bit farther near what seems like a bathroom and answered the call. It was from her mom and the moment she pick it up her moms voice is booming like she had made her phone in a loudspeaker even though its not. She covered the mouthpiece and asked her to calm down.” Mama, I won't understand you if you won't speak slowly, what's wrong?”

“Ria! Please come back home, I don't know anymore what i have to do.” Ria's mom cried out sounding so helplessly.

“Ok, i will, but please tell me what's wrong?” Ria felt bad hearing her moms panicking voice.

“Your Papa and Ruby, i am fed up. Your dotting father lease our land and lied to me that he won a lottery. Now the loan shark is threatening us to take our property. They've given us until this weekend to pay your Papa's debt with ten percent interest, i lost count of how many it is.” Ria's mom is sobbing at the end.

Ria felt a strong headache is piercing her head “ How about Ruby, what's wrong with her?” She already had a hunch of what it might be but just to be sure Ria wanted to hear her moms complain.

“ That brat, even though she stop from sneaking outside now i feel like she brought a person inside her room she will always lock herself and would sneakily take the cold food that i made for her. We never have breakfast,lunch, or even dinner with her this passed few days. I am so worried about her health but we cant focused on Ruby because of this problem your papa created.” Ria's mother's lamented while huffing for air like she's having a hard time breathing. Ria became alarm as she knows her mom has a heart problem.

“ Mama, please calm down. I will be there in an hour. I had a business trip here in the city I'll take the most fastest motorbike to get home but please do me a favor, take your medicine and wait for me. You know too if something bad will happen to you that will only add on our problem right?” Ria tried to calm her mother by talking in a soothing voice.

Sensing the problem Khrys send a message to Vergel , he didn't know something will pass through his critic mind in analyzing the problem.

He bought their property and made a deal with the loan shark but he didn't know theres more than what he expected.

Ending the call Ria's shoulder dampen, she really feel sad not knowing everything but she also feel bad if she let her curiosity win over a family problem. There's always another time” She console herself before turning around and was supposed to speak with Khrys but to her utter shock he was standing an inch apart from her.

His minty breath and intoxicating scents penetrating in her sense of smell and her body become rigid that she stay rooted again where she's standing. He bent his body to her height and whispered in her ears.

“Let's go my Queen, the car is waiting outside the building, it is much more safer than riding a motorbike.” Khrys lips accidentally touch Ria's ear when talking and the later felt jolts again flickering form her ears down to her core.

Impulse she push him away but felt bad when she saw the pain in Khrys eyes for a brief second before it was mask again with a smile.

“ Sorry!” They both say at once.

Khrys and Ria stared at each other before they both smile.

“ I cross the line again my Queen, my deepest apology. ” Khrys scratch his head and Ria find it cute. “ I'm sorry too, can we talk later in the car? Since you offered it i will not hesitate anymore and grab the opportunity. My boss once told me that this things knock only once so please could you lead the way.” Khrys reach his hand insinuating for Ria to take it. Ria felt her cheeks warm up when she didn't hesitate to take it and walk with him out of the office down to his black maybach awaiting them in front of Khrys building. Ria didn't mind the gushing sounds of people seeing a handsome man walking with her their both hands entwines together like lovers going out for a date. Only they are wearing an office uniform which is kind of unusual. Riding in Khrys car that screaming with luxury Ria still can't imagine how she end up with him.

“ You my Lady, think so much. Our fate is entwined and nobody can change that.” Khrys ruffle her hair which Ria tried to avoid but the damn brute reach for her hand and brought her to sit on his lap.

She blush knowing they are not the only people inside the car and tried to push Khrys away but the brute wont even bulge no matter what she do. Huffing she decided to let it be, but her sharp ears and gazed is like an arrow piercing Khrys on heart.

Khrys can't believe that there will be a day that he will end up doing cliche things with his mate, although she's eying him so fiercely still his heart is drumming like in any minute it will jump back to its the rightful owner.

“ You, tell me the truth , its been a few times and I'm wondering how you can somehow predict or know what I'm thinking before i can even say it. Am I hallucinating things or am i talking what's in my mind without knowing it?” Khrys wasn't surprise anymore when he is questioned about this. “ What will you do my Queen if i tell you, i can read your mind if i want to? “ He saw Ria's brows knitted while her lips are shut close and thinning.

She doesn't believe it but still ride on what she thought is a joke.” Haha, your joke isn't funny at all and—“

Khrys cut her off by saying what's inside her mind “Stop wasting my time.”

“It's what your about to say my Queen am i right?” Khrys uttered confidently. He saw how Ria's mouth gape as she tried to form a words to say but her mind can't put it all together.

“His kidding, right?! No shit talking, did he just really read what's inside my fucking mind?” Khrys continues to speak what's running in Ria's mind.

“You damn un-earthy handsome brute!”

Ria's mind can't take it anymore when she heard from him what she just thought at the moment, she screamed in embarrassment .” No?! This can't be real your pranking me, stop mimicking what's in my mind!” Ria felt the warm of her blood rushing to her cheeks and ears.

When she looked back to the damn brute he got this undying smirk looming on the corner of his lips mocking her victoriously.

“Excuse me my fair lady, i am not mocking you but instead i am amused on how your mind works, I—“

“ Shut up?! Please stop reading what's inside my mind! You damn freak.” Ria put both her hands on Khrys mouth to stop him but her action backlash on her when the damn brute kissed her palm that shoot a tingling sensation down her core. When he pull her waist further towards his body their chest is pressed together and Ria can feel something huge is poking her underneath his thigh. Her brain mentally breakdown as she hugged him in the neck while uttering please, stop it please’ in defeat.

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