Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -36 SURPRISED

Sensing the turmoil inside his-mate minds, Khrys did stop teasing her.

He hugged her tight, loving how closed their body is.

His mini friend didn't hide its excitement and it was too late for him to conceal it because his mind and body was too engrossed feeling the warmth of his Queen.

When Ria felt he quite down, her mind is still in haywire, things like a bunch of how’ questions is running in her head simultaneously.

She did suspect somethings is very suspicious about this damn guy but never did it passed her mind that his beyond what a human brains can decipher.

Feeling those hard thing poking her, Ria can't help but to bite her inside cheeks not to complain to him. She's not yet ready for a further revelations on how on earth Khrys can read someone else's mind.

Luckily the road isn't bumpy as the province is slowly improving with huge asphalt road that can accommodate two regular vehicles and a huge ten wheeler truck. When Ria remembered she haven't told them where to go, she put back her hand on Khrys chest meeting his hypothetical gaze.

Although she's uncomfortable in their position Ria still gathered all her will to speak and not be swallowed whole by those vast ocean orbs.

“I- a, I haven't said where we going Khrys.” Ria almost hit her own forehead for stammering but the damn brute is just observing her every movement.

To her surprise he even have the audacity to flick her forehead which made her winch in pain.

“Aw, why did you do that for?”

“Aren't you going to smack it for, stuttering with your words?” Ria's eye rolled in disbelief.

“Oh come on?! Give me some break with your beyond the world mind reading capabilities. “ Ria was astounded when the damn unearthly Khrys rub the crease forming in her forehead. His warm soothing hand ease the pain and she's not frowning anymore.

“ My Queen, have you forgotten i am the one who send your the wooden mirror? If i am not mistaken your family owns that place so typical they live their until now.” Khrys explain is quite plausible and hearing about her price possessions that she oath to passed on to her own kids gave her a dàjà vú feeling.

“ Well, if you know it, why didn't bother to drop by and say hello to me ?” Ria was a bit blunt asking this like they shared now a mutual understanding when in fact there was nothing yet confirmable in the status of their relationship.

“ Replying to my Queen, This unmarred person in front of you with a low E.Q. Didn't know how to court a young lady who is not yet even in the right age of courtship. I am also stuck between work as I don't have parents anymore.” Khrys lied about the last word of having no family at all but it is true that for him his father is long gone. The moment Poseidon buried himself under his ocean realm than fought to his brother Zeus for letting Athena cursed Khrys mother and plot with Demi-Gods not only to assassinate Khrys mother but to flaunt her beheaded head to every books and as a part of the Olympus price gem. Khrys has long forgotten Poseidon, he didn't only left his mother but he abandoned his own sons too.

Khrys will never forget the void feeling of having the only sibling you have be taken away from you and was used by a mere mortal and later on being used like a cheap chariot. Pegasus , His untamed side and free spirited mind was deprived of freedom and when that God got bored of his toy, he send him far away from Khrys reach and cursed him for eternity the human or mortals knows as Pegasus constellation. A rare sight to see but even from the farthest distance he could feel and hear his brothers pain and agony. Khrys has to bite his tongue and followed his uncle Hades to his plan because he knew too the only one who can be on par with the almighty Zeus is his Uncle Hades Son.

Hearing those words made Ria's heart hurt,she didn't know his been through a big ordeal in such a young age. She wanted to comfort him but she doesn't know how.

Feeling the sadness in Khrys mate he cup her cheeks and kissed the tip of her nose.

“I am fine my Queen,specially now that i have you.” His voice is full of love and admiration that Ria felt insecure. She doesn't know if she's even worth such affection. It's best not to prolong this topic so she asked him again.

Ria took off his hand cupping her cheeks and stared at him.

“ Why do you often address me as your Queen? I'm just a mere person with nothing to offer back to you, So why are you hinting on me? If this is all a joke or its your way to pass your time Mr. Khrys Villar, I'm telling you its not funny and totally not cool.” Ria felt her cheeks warming up from being embarrassed. She was supposed to not pull the topic back but her mouth and brain can't just keep it shut.

Ria felt a shift in their seat,her body was lift up and shes now back to the comfort of the luxurious leather of Khrys car. She watch as he grab her legs and lay her legs to his. Such bluntness from this guy?! They are not even couples to be so intimate with each other. “ Aren't we a couple already since we just made—“ Khrys was stopped immediately by Ria's hand.

Goddess?! How can this guy have a thick skin when in one glance it looks so soft she had to suppress the feeling to caress his skin.

“ You?! Shut up! We are not alone remember?” Then Ria glance to Vergel who is driving in silence while his eyes are focused entirely in the road.

She looked back to Khrys ready to further reprimand him.

With arms crossed together she speak “ You , Mr. Villar is quite vulgar and cunning to avert my question. Answer me or i won't talk back to you.” She threatened that only earns her an amused look from Khrys. This guys surely knows how to enjoy himself.

“Very well, you are my Queen. For me your my soulmate and we are destined to be with each other no matter what happens. You can attest to that, we meet at a young age and i save you. After how many year we crossed path again and again. If i counted it correctly we saw each other for six times now.” Ria counted in her head how many times she encountered Khrys after the accident and she feel like its not fitting from what he said. Didn't she meet him five times only?

Khrys read her mind and answered her unspoken words.

“ I save you once again when that pesky human tries to force you to do such horrendous thing.“ Khrys knows it's quite unbelievable but the time has come for him to reveal everything. With mouth agape Ria didn't know what emotion she wanted to entertain first. Should it be shocked,embarrassment,or denial? She is totally bewildered knowing her Mr.Knight is Khrys too?!

“ Your not kidding?” Ria wanted to be sure because everything is so unreal yet she cant deny that the fact is there. Now that it's slowly unfolding piece by piece to her Ria can't help the goosebumps that creeping in her body. Did she stumble upon unknown creatures like her mom always say to her in her childhood? Does those folks lore really real? Or does celestial being is truly co-existing with human and she's now unbeknownst mingling with it? It's unbelievable that he knows what Micheal did to her on that horrible night and his body seems to fit the blurry vision of her savior.

“ I don't joke around my Queen,”

“Sir, where here.”

Vergel announcement of their arrival made Ria want to cursed.

Why does he timing is always off?!

A chuckle snap Ria back in reality. “ My Queen, We have plenty of time. I won't go away and like i said i will tell you everything you wanted to know. But for now i think it's your mom walking back and forth at your frontyard .” When Ria followed Khrys hand pointing outside. Ria's heart beat erratically “It's Mama! Let's go” and with that Ria didn't wait anymore that Vergel open the door for her. She unknowingly grab Khrys hand and entwined it with hers when she dash out of the car to meet her mom.

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