Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-37 Part-2

Ria's mom felt footsteps running toward her,with knitted brows she turn around facing the front of her yard.

She wrinkled her eyes with her fingers to make sure she's not dreaming.

When she knows who the woman together with a foreign looking men. Her rising excitement was turn into another headache.

It's was in deed her daughter but why was she being intimate with a foreign guy? Where is Micheal?

When the two stop in front of her and Ria was about to hug her calling her Mama. Ria's mom put her hands in the air abruptly stopping her daughter.

“Ma, its me,what's wrong? “ Ria can't believe the oozing unwelcome aura her mom is sending to her with her hawk eyes eyeing down. She followed it and she quickly wiggle her hands off from Khrys but the damn brute didn't even bulge. He even pulled Ria ever so closed to him that the latter wanted to scream.

“ Who is he? Where's Micheal?”

“ Ma-“ Ria who was supposed to explain things was interrupted by Khrys.

“Ma’am , My name is Khrys Villar , its a pleasure to finally meet my Fiancée mother, theres no wonder where she got her exceptional beauty and it comes from you. You seems like her sister rather than her Mom. Please accept this bouquet of flowers, I believe white Roses means purity and your vibes suit it best.” And with that Khrys handed a huge bouquet of white roses that looks freshly picks and the natural calming scents of it is quite obvious.

Ria's mom who first looked like she's a dragon mother protecting her baby was now looking puzzled wondering where does she heard of the name this guy said but still extended her hand to receive the white roses. It's been so many years since the last time someone or rather to say her husband gave her a flower and its not even this huge! What did happened to her daughter? Ria's mother wanted to voice out but she didn't want to appear uneducated not to invite them in. She has been rude already to her daughter when she tries to hug her and she refused it, She was always dreaming of this day for how many years and she just unintentionally hurt her daughters feeling she bit her inside cheeks as guilt is swarming her heart. Sigh old ages is really getting into her. She cleared her throat and smiled.

“ Please come in together with your friend there if you don't mind being in a humble house that lacks with luxury,Mr. Villar.” Ria's mom lead the way. She maneuvered to snatch her daughter from Khrys grasp. Khrys didn't mind it all as he already knew what's inside Ria's mothers ,mind.

“ You, have many things to explain to me my child. Sorry, i missed you.” Ria's mom uttered before cupping her daughter's face checking if she loose weight from working.

“You seems red, are you having a fever?” Ria wanted to disappear in the thin are. When she glance up she can see that Khrys is suppressing not to laugh at her. How can her mom be so dense? Ria doesn't even know she's holding hands with Khrys and the brute action was really surprising and embarrassing that's why she's flustered.

“Nothing feels more homey than being in a house that feels so warm and cozy. Knowing Ria i knew she grow up in harmonious house filled with love by her parents.” Khrys words delighted Ria's mother.

“Ah, your such a sweet talker, i am blessed to have her as my daughter you have really good eyes in choosing woman. Hurry up I prepared some snack i hope you guys will like it,Ria accommodate your visitors while i and your sister brings out the food in the receiving area.” Ria's mom ushered the two men to sit while she left the three and seek for her youngest child to help her out.

Sensing her mom is gone Ria folded her arms to her chest while observing the two men. One is looking down on the floor while the damn brute is unwavering, staring at her with a smirk on the corner of his lips.

Such a beautiful sight yet so dangerous at the same time.

Shit! Oh no! He can read minds.

Ria covered her mouth even though she haven't speaking, when she looked back to Khrys there's a knowing smile plastered on his face.

“ You, “ she point out with her index finger searching for the right words to say to Khrys whilst thinking how can she cornered him with her mothers sharp sense of hearing.

“ Khrys my Queen, and I would love it more if come nearly to me if you're worried to be heard.” Without thinking Ria really did walk and sit to their polish- full wooden three seater chair, with a cushion and a cotton cover to protect its gleams and not to make a visitor if ever they have, to feel uncomfortable. Her parents house is truly one of the stilt native style of Philippines house. The only difference is that way back two years ago Ria asked her father to replace the Nipa hut or ( bahay kubo ) to a steel alloy roof. The disadvantage of having a indigenous house is that when the rainy season or a strong typhoon comes its a bit fragile and often Ria's father has to climb up the roof to replace a broken one. In her mind it's quiet dangerous since her parents aren't young anymore.

“ What can i offer so you will stop reading everyone mind?” Ria whispered.

“ You already knew the answer to that my Queen come a little bit closer.” Khrys serious face made Ria feel alarm , it made her think of a scenario ‘what if her mom think of her very low because she brought a man she never introduced to them before?

Curious Ria came a little bit closer to hear what Khrys has to say” I can promise not to read your parents mind but to you my Lady, i cant .” With brows furrowed she look at Khrys but before she can even say a word. A light and quick kissed dampen her lips. Ria felt the tingling sensation and warm from their body contact and was about to hit him when a loud commotion near the kitchen distract her. She was about to look but Khrys stop her. She glance at him and was shocked to see his deep blue orbs are glistening matchup with a very serious look in his face, not only Khrys but Vergel who seems like an air is now looking dangerously serious to the pathway going to the kitchen. Ria's heart start to beat faster frightened of what's really happening.

“Stay. It's dangerous, let Vergel take a look on it.” Khrys said which heightened the alarms ringing in her head.

Vergel stood up walking straight to the kitchen when something made a roaring sound together with Vergel shouting “ Your majesty protect the Queen!” On cue Khrys was standing in full height in front of Ria.

“ Khrys? What's goin on?” Ria can't help but to pull the hem of his long sleeve shirt, scared to her family's safety while peering into his arm.

This guy is so tall with a lean masculine body that fits perfectly in ever angle that its hard for Ria to even look with her tippy toe to see what's going on in front of them looking on the side is much more easier.

“No, Harm will come to you and your family as long as I'm here my Queen.” Khrys said like an oath before Ria heard an alarming voice of her mom and ruby is shouting.” Stop! You better listened to me.” Ruby said.

“ Your not safe here my love, go with me. Huh! I can sense one is coming! No one will ever lock me up again I'd rather die!” And with that a tall sturdy men with similar eyes to Khrys dashed to them. His holding Ria's father improvised hand made billhook or (kampit) a long sickle-shape blades used to pruning or looping branches in the forest or in the rice fields. It was very sharp and sure as hell can cut or dismantle an arm or anything that made contact with it. Seeing it like in slow motion the stranger push aside Vergel like he weigh nothing as the poor guy flown on the wooden wall its made a loud crash creating a huge hole.

Ria's eyes turn big in horror when she saw the guy is aiming the billhook to slash Khrys.

“No?!” She scream when the guy is just a meter away from them but Khrys didn't bulge. Using his strong hand he caught the guys arm that holding the hazardous tool while bending the strangers arm forcing him to let go of the tool. Khrys other arms chop the strangers neck that made the latter to fall limp in the ground. Khrys was about to snap his head when Ruby came in the picture crouching on the ground protecting the stranger in her arm.

“ Please don't hurt him, please.” Her pleading voice brought Khrys back to his human self. When he looked down to the guy who cause amok in his Queen parents house. It shocked him to see his own brother. Khrys felt his eye deceiving him so he reach to angel his face to him but reading what's inside Ruby’s mind Khrys knows she was about to slap his hand.

” I won't hurt him again,I promised, just please give me a look of his face for the last time“ Ria who was a bystander felt the quivering of Khrys voice, she put her hand to his shoulder squeezing it although there's nothing to squeeze because his body is full with muscle.

“ Seiya ? Brother? Is that really you? ”

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