Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -38 part 3 (Brother)

The impact of shocked made Khrys to stumble down in the tiled floor.

He was never prepared to see his own brother again.

No, to be exact he never thought of a day as blissful as this.

Vergel who is in shock was the quick one to recover. He stood up like what just happened to him was nothing making Ria's mom muffled her mouth not to shriek from was she is witnessing. Vergel walk to Khrys side pressing his Kings shoulders, surprised Khrys stared up to his friend and assistance. In a silent talk that unknown creature is capable of doing Vergel reminded his King to gather himself and think of a way that their identity isn't reveal to many eyes. Khrys understood everything and in an instance he was standing in front of Ria's mother.

“Ma’am,what you see was all a dream, please go back to your room and have some nap when you wake up all of your problem will be solved.” Khrys voice was like a lullaby as Ria's mother nod her head “Yes, indeed” She uttered walking to the other room where she and her husband sleep.

What happened didn't go unnoticed to the siblings whose eyes is still a saucer. Ria can't decipher how a simple sentence could make her mother look like she's hypnotized. While Ruby wasn't surprise anymore. Seiya showed her so many unique things that scientists will never be able to explain. All that Ruby wants to know if the stranger was Seiya’s real brother. Based on Seiya’s story he was snatch away from his brother as he live a difficult life serving a mere mortal for many years and was passed on later to a very powerful entity. When he tried to rebel against it he was locked away into a far away place. He plea, calling for his brother to help him but no matter what his brother never came. No one came to save him which is why when Ruby who has an obsession in constellation saw Pegasus constellation which is very fascinating she started to watch over him. Seiya noticed Ruby and tried to communicate with the mortal. At first Ruby was puzzled that she can hear cries and plea. She thought right away that she's probably being played by something a human eyes can't see just like how her mother will tell a story of it. It's not surprising anymore since country side people strongly believed in it. She stop sneaking out in the night wondering if she has to tell her sister or her mother about what she experienced but at the same time she was scared of being seen as a crazy person.

She doesn't want a herbalist to give her concoction nor she doesn't want them to know what's wrong with her.

Days has passed by and Ruby couldn't take it anymore as the cries and plea is hunting her dream. She sought for a solution and remembered once,that a herbalist brought live chicken and kill it on the spot where someone offended a unknown creature. Herbalist in the province can surprisingly communicate with them and she tried to do the same. She steal her father one chicken and brought a few fruits and a white candle. In the spot near a big three where she always climbed to spot the constellation Ruby offered the chicken and kill it the quickest she can do as she love animals she can't believe that her hand killed one. She pour the blood on the soil almost throwing up because of its strong stench. Ruby put three candle on the ground together with the fruit she took in their garden as she slumped down praying for whomever she offended to let her off and she promised never to come back anymore. She waited until the candle dim and melt in the field before she stood up, with high hope that she can passed through this ordeal without bothering her parent's or sister. To Ruby’s shocked when she glance up to the clear dark sky a star fell and in a blink of her eyes she thought she saw her life fading as the star or flaming rock in the sky was falling in her direction and she can't move her body nor make her eyes closed. She scream but her voice wouldn't come out. Slowly the fire stone from the galaxy evaporated and a walking naked man is slowly approaching her. Ruby can't understand what's shes seeing.” Did that flaming stone turn into human with a mist of smoke all over his body?!” She uttered to herself. Still unable to move she watch as the steaming guy inches closer to her, he spoke a language that Ruby can't understand this made the stranger looked mad but a moment later when she thought his going to hurt her he lost consciousness and fell on the soil grass. She didn't know anymore how she handled the situation like a hypnotized person she manage to bring him back home. She clean his body without no one from her parents noticing her movements in the kitchen and the turning on and off of the faucet to fill a small tub which she used to clean the stranger. After all the work Ruby was in awe on how godly looking he is with his white hair he looked like a foreigner but his skin is tan. She didn't see any burnt on him as he lay unconscious to her bed. The stranger is an epitome of perfection with his tall body that almost didn't fit in her bed and his lean muscle all in the right places, his smooth skin and pinkish lips. Ruby feel like she's seeing a Korean kpop artist that she almost whispered oppa!

Little did Ruby knows, Goddess Destiny saw this coming so she was there watching from afar making sure one of her cousin son can be taken care off safely before Zeus could even notice Pegasus disappearance . She doesn't want one more family disappeared without them doing something about it. If retaliation is the key to awaken those Gods that highly think of themselves alone and the rest can die then she's willing to take the bigger risk. Lately things are siding on them as Zeus was pre-occupied by his new love interest and Hera is making it difficult for them to be together. A small smile crept up on Goddess of Destiny lips knowing soon Khrys and Seiya will be reunited. Even though she left, so no one would noticed the impeccable redemption they all waiting to see. She still watch them from afar. Goddess of Destiny sigh, “After this, i wish to find my own mate too.” She knows it's impossible but seeing her nephew smiling like an idiot while staring to his mate like a lost puppy. Goddess of Destiny cant help but wonder how does it feels like to have someone stare at her lovingly and feel that someone got her back no matter what.

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