Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-39 Tame the Unruly

Khrys thought the best option now is to hide his brother and the only way to do that is to go to his castle where an underground room particularly made by Gnomes who became a slaves of Zeus because they thought he can give the heaven they dream off , but everyone knows Zeus can never give it. The world is for human and not for a mere crafty small creatures that Zeus father created. Khrys Uncle Hades went secretly to the innards of the earth which is molten hot that even a Demi- God can't surpass and explore the place. With ease Hades used his cloak of invisibility to find the key to free his mate. In order to control Goddess Luna’s power and the ability to return back to earth to see her people, mate and son. Zeus ordered the head master smith of the Gnomes clan to create a special chain in accordance to what his daughter Persephone preferred it to be. She asked her father to make a golden chain that can be attached to Luna's left foot. It contain a powerful spell that hinders Goddess Luna’s power. The chain is long enough for the Goddess to wander around her castle and garden of pure sparkling crystalize crimson roses but she can never reach the gate that has a portal to the earthy world. When Hades can't seek what he need, he confronted the gnomes leader Mekko Gelbin, there Hades found out that not only the chain control his mate power but it's sucks her life slowly until she turn into dust. Hades got furious and almost wipe out all the Gnomes clan in the face of the world. He found out that Persephone trick and ordered them to do this by using a magic potion that can produce a realistic illusion and disguise that simple creature like them can't distinguish. They only knew it wasn't Zeus when the chain was made and they already handed it to her that she exposed who she is. After being trick again by the father and the daughter, head master clan Mekko Gelbin bowed never to be deceived again by those dishonest deity's. To simplify the story Hades offers him the real heaven,he showed the earth and its purest beauty that the Gnomes Leader is in awe. Then he showed a glimpse of mount Olympus which soured the leaders mood. “I, an illiterate and unknowledgeable leader thought heaven is where we belonged. But heaven is nothing compared to the beauty of this world. In my entire life i only see, molten lava ,rocks , a chuck of gold and a crystals with different shape and color. The only thing we are good at is to make something extra ordinary which will be useful for our Lord Kronos.” Mekko Gelbin went down on his knees and asked for Hades forgiveness. He offered loyalty only to one god and that they are all at his disposal. In return Lord Hades offered them a special tunnel that will bring them to the outer crater of the earth. They can build their own house and be with the nature which is the heaven they have been looking for. Gnomes is a humanoid creature, they resemble human but not entirely. They are one of the few creation of Lord Kronos that almost perfected the first attempt to create mortals. But sadly their limbs are short and their ears aren't small. If a human sees them they can be identified as dwarf. They are like kids easily to believe Gods and when Zeus reign the world and successful created the humans. He saw the Gnomes as nothing but a worker that will create wonderful things for him. He let them alone in the crater of the earth where his father like to create many things unpleasant to Zeus eyes. Gnomes tried to survive and had learn to eat rocks and gold as their food and because they never experienced the life outside the crater, the old story that their Lord Kronos told them about heaven is what makes them go on hoping to one day see it one day. When Hades showed them the mountains and the forest where his son was cursed to sleep forever,together with the special human who received the gift that's surpassed the humans capacity to move faster, the strength a hundred times stronger that ordinary humans A godly face almost unreal to mortals eyes that can enchant them. Mekko Gelbin understand now why this special creatures loves dearly the most luminous Goddess he ever laid eyes on, he still remembered that day clearly in his old age mind. Luna with her gentle smile that seems always etch on her face no matter how difficult things have become.

His heart is filled with an emotion that Lord Hades called sadness’.

Because the mountain and forest is their heaven and it was bless by Goddess Luna, Mekko Gelbin instruct his people to created a pentagon pentagram that will shield the place in the eyes of those gods who harm the Goddess and his son. This cause ruckus but Hades reveal the outrageous act of his brothers daughter Persephone. Zeus got mad that he was used to deceive others so he instructed his daughter never to step foot to the earthly world. Because Hades is a wise crafty god, he persuade him to let the Gnomes live their .” Brother, i know you hate unpleasant things and adored only beautiful sight. This creatures thought this place is heaven, which benefits you because we all know they aren't, meant to live in mount Olympus.” Zeus quickly agreed thinking now they are even, in his mind he didn't deceived this impeccable tiny creatures because he is the one who build the earth and created beautiful natures .

After dealing with Zeus, Mekko Gelbin came forward and offered help in building a small box that can be used to camouflage Hades `

brothers hawk eyes.

Khrys brought Seiya, and the two sisters in his castle. In order for the mortal siblings not to argue with him and questions his action. He used his power to make them sleep. He place both sisters in the same guest room. In any case that they wake up at least they wont be in panicked because they are still together. After that he ordered one of his kind to send Anton and fixed the problem in Khrys mates family.

Now looking down to his brother in the bed whom he clothed with new clothes, staring at him. Khrys cannot help a streak of tears slipped his eyes. He has been longing to see his brother for so many billion years and now he cant believe that his just a few inches away from him. He can hugged him again and rode him like they used to do in their childhood days. Although he hates his father Khrys love his brother dearly. Everywhere they go he would asked him to make a water fall. He though on his younger self that if they made all the lands with water they can see their father. Khry strand of thoughts was interrupted when he sense his brother is waking up.

He dash forward to grab his hand but Khrys didn't know a powerful fist will hit his right cheek and will throw him a few distance apart from Seiya.

“Brother its me? Chrysaor.” Khrys uttered looking puzzled to his untamed brother.

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