Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapters-4(Shaken to the core)

The rustled sounds of sheets colliding with each other and the sound of someone in pain made Ria wake up from her sweet dreamland.

She dreamed about a knight saving her from a horrible situation.

Sitting up, still in a hazed state from sleeping, Ria turned her head around and her eyes landed on her boyfriend who was naked on the left side of the bed.

Shocked, Ria tried to rub her eyes to distinguish if what she's seeing is real.

When she stared back at Micheal again, Ria gasped in disbelief.

Floods of memories came rushing back to her brain like a movie replaying in front of her.

This damn bastard! She cursed inside her head and furiously stood out of the bed. She was supposed to beat Micheal with something hard that she grabbed somewhere when she heard him groaning in pain again.

Wait, she paused.

Ria thought there's something wrong about Micheal. She was puzzled as to why Micheal was still naked?

Wasn't he the one who assaulted her last night? Then why is he naked laying like he can't move on the bed?

Ria's eyes started to scan the surrounding of the room. She almost stumbled back in the bed when she saw the broken wooden cabinet. It looked like someone has been smashed to it.

She then remembered kicking Micheal as hard as she could and she saw him lying on the wooden cabinet and getting knocked out.

She can't believe her dream isn't a dream but it really did happen last night.

If that so, does that mean her Mr. Knight is real too?

Ria decided to call him that way because she didn't know his name.

Last night Ria felt she's on the verge of insanity. Micheal's disgraceful action to rape and forced her to do things she couldn't do just hit her rock bottom.

It was then her Mr. Knight came to help her. She was so thankful that words couldn't express her gratitude.

Ria remembered him helping her untie her wrist from the bedpost.

He didn't take advantage of the helpless situation she's at that moment but instead, her Mr. Knight helped her out. He gently pulled down her dress, wrapped her body with a blanket and scooped her in his warm hug. They stayed like that until Ria's cries turned into sobs and she eventually calms down.

It was vivid, yet the way he meticulously held her in his arms like she's a fragile thing he needed to give extra care, made her feel so confused about what's the reality and what was not?

Her dream, where he played the part of a heroine made her think twice if it's really a fragment of her imagination because they felt so real.

For example, last night his warm breath and soothing words calmed her shocked mind and body.

Ria couldn't decipher why it felt so good that she almost felt like she's melting under his protective arms. She couldn't deny that she felt the tingling sensation shooting in every part of her body where he touched her. She also couldn't understand why she's craving to smell her Mr. Knight's addictive scent that still lingered on her sleeping dress. Everything doesn't make sense at all! It's just a dream! But why?!

Ria's heartfelt constricted, half of her mind wanted the part of Mr.Knight to be real. He was the perfect Prince Charming that Ria had imagined when she was a young girl. She knew it was stupid to fantasize about a person that her mind must have created because of shock. She was just wishful and maybe slightly hallucinating because being in those arms made her feel secured like no one would dare to hurt and look down on her anymore.

Ria wanted to snap out of it and look to the facts. Her shared room with her boyfriend couldn't be accessed by the glass sliding door. She was just a bit doubtful because some parts of it made her confuse the reality and the fantasy world.

A heavy headache came rushing in when she started to process everything in her brain.

"Help...ohh God, my back hurts.." Ria's thought was interrupted when she heard Micheal's voice.

Looking at him, Ria felt no remorse especially when she remembered how low he treated her. She couldn't believe that all these years, there was a different side of her boyfriend that she didn't know. An ugly, egoistic and selfish man who thinks only of himself.

She thought of him as her savior. Ria already spent half a year in Manila when she met Micheal.

He was always wearing a business suit and would always order black coffee with milk but no sugar. He had this favorite spot in the coffee shop. He would always sit on the end near the glass door. He was always busy typing on his laptop that sometimes Ria would come over to ask if he wanted a new one or if she should reheat his coffee.

Ria found him a gentleman and very polite, with his 'yes please, thank you Ms.' replies.

Ria took notice that he would always come to the coffee shop mid-day or at dawn. He would stay there until it's nearly the closing time of the coffee shop which is at eight o'clock in the evening.

One night, when she's on her way home she was too surprised to know that they are neighbors. She thought what an odd coincidence it was. Because Ria was still new in Manila, she didn't have much time to mingle with her neighbors.

All that's in her mind was to make a bunch of resumes that she would give to the receptionists and guards around Makati Area before she heads up to her many part-time jobs to make a living.

It was so hard. Rent was too high but because Ria was very resourceful, she managed to still save money and then with luck she was accepted as a receptionist in a hotel in Makati.

She was so happy. In her heart, she didn't really mind what kind of work she gets. Either it's a clerk, a secretary, a receptionist or even a call center agent she would send her resume to all available wanted lists in the newspaper. Thinking whatever job it is, she would accept it as long as she can work and gain experience.

She already gave up on her dream to become an interior designer because she spent most of her early days and months in Manila sending resumes to every big companies in the city wishfully hoping one would call her back but sadly realization hit her, she can't be hired because she had no back-up and she also didn't graduate in a well-known university in Manila so there's no hope of fulfilling her dreams.

One day, she meets Micheal again as a receptionist. He was showing her his appointment with some manager in the hotel where she's working. Because they are still neighbors and are always bumping with each other wherever she works, she started to have a crush on him.

Ria didn't know if she had a fetish for men in a suit or is it because she also wanted to wear one that is for a woman in an interior designer's team.

Micheal, with his innocent smile and gentlemanly gesture, approached Ria, they became friends at first but as days and months went by, that friendship became deeper. She felt that's she's falling in love with him. He proposed to her, not as his girlfriend but his fiancée. Ria was overwhelmed by her feelings. When Micheal offered her his help to be in a company that might be her stepping stone if she worked there and asked her to move with him at the heart of the city, Ria didn't hesitate anymore.

At that time Ria thought she's the happiest and luckiest woman in the world, finally, she found somebody to lean on and his not just a boyfriend but her fiancée?! For goodness sake, what else a country bumpkin like her could ask for?

Although she was disappointed that she couldn't be a part of the interior designer's team, Ria stayed positive. She's already contented to see it from afar while doing all the chores they asked in the company.

Ria remained optimistic. Who knows, maybe one day she will be noticed with all her hard work and might get an offer to be apart of that team.

But everything went crashing down when her big boss offered the proposal and exposed what Micheal said about her to her boss that's why she's working there like an all-around worker. Ria's heart was crushed by it. She never thought Micheal was the kind of person who would look down to others or belittle them. That's not what she sees, in the beginning, she met him and she felt betrayed by his word.

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