Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-40 Tame the Unruly (part-2)

Seiya knows he's in a place filled with magical power, just like the tools Zeus used to tame him. It's still fresh in his mind the piercing pain stabbing his body whenever he doesn't want to move or run to the battlefields, the annoying smell of greed and ambition that oozing in the first mortal who rode him is so disgusting. He can't understand why humans are so greedy, they can't be satisfied by the glory granted to them but dares to surpass the Gods. Seiya was so glad when that mere mortal slip high while riding him to the top of mount Olympus. Seiya thought he could finally be free to be with his brother, but his happiness disappeared when he was seized by ten golden army of God. They are the most potent soldier specially train by Goddess Athena to protect Mount Olympus in case Lord Kronos broke free from his confinement in Tartarus, a land hidden in the deepest part of the underworld.

Zeus seized him and used Seiya as the thunderbolt chariot, looking proud, careless, and ever so fearless. He parade Seiya like his precious toy. On one occasion, Seiya saw his brother and want to plead for help. But Chrysaor’s turn his back, walking away from him. It was heartbreaking that he received a thousand piercing pain all over his body for trying to reach out for him. The tools they made from the saddle to the rein and trace they are all magical thing that looks ordinary, but once Seiya used his power its like a vessel built in needles. No matter how hard he cries or pleads, no one dares to help him. It was the day too that Zeus got so mad at him he cast him in the galaxy and made him a constellation name Pegasus.

Going back to his current situation, Seiya is in high alert, ready to unleash his bottled up anger, frustration, loneliness, and pain.

The moment he saw his brother he give him a welcome gift, a right hook connected to Khrys face.

Seeing the hurt look on his brother's face a mocking smile grace his pinkish lips. He stood out of the bed in unbelievably speed and managed to give Chrysaor a left hook. The latter didn't fight back like he can read what's inside Seiya's mind, Khrys let his brother punch him anywhere he like. Seiya only stop when they are both laying in the ground, panting and tired. Khrys don't know anymore what time it is or how long he endure the powerful punches from his ranging brother. A glimpse of smile that instantly fades away grace his lips amazed of how powerful his brother has become. His confinement didn't hinder his power it was just suppressed and bottled up.

Khrys spit the blood inside his mouth while some of it is oozing in his broken lips.He smiled, remembering their childhood memories. Pegasus is a wild, proud deity, a trait he got from their father while Khrys is the tame and humanly like, with a beastly side that he wanted to conceal. Although his a deity with the power to heal himself and could make it, that he can't feel any pain. Still, Khrys choose to use his human part. In his mind, he feels like he somehow deserved the punishment for not helping his brother back then. It is not that he's a coward, but he's just a boy, and to be able to avenge their mothers death, he has to be reliable. If he help Seiya, Zeus might lock him up, and he won't gain any trust from him. His Uncle Hades showed him a slight glimpse of the future, which is why he has to grit his teeth until he's strong enough to revolt to them.

Khrys winch in pain. He could feel the cracking of his ribs probably fractured, his breathing is massive, and his eyes are a bit blurry. He can't see due to some blood from the cut on the right side of his eyebrow. A loud knock and a mad Queen voice can be heard on the other side of the door. He tried to stand, but Khrys end up staggering in the process. He gave his brother a one last look. “Let me know if you are ready to speak with me, brother, please heed my wish not to leave this place for now this is the only safe heaven for you. Your mate will tend to you. I'm off.” He waves his hand as he turns to the door. As usual, his unruly brother didn't show any hint of emotion in his face, but at least Khry’s knows half of his brothers pain was released, and he might have a chance to speak to him tomorrow again if his Aunt Faith grants it.

Opening the door, Khrys saw a worried look on his mate face. It was so heartwarming to see. After receiving countless punches, he needs his mate touch, probably a pet talk or consoling words that everything will be ok is enough to lift his dampened mood. The moment Khrys saw that tears fall in his mate eyes, he grab Ria in his arms, savoring her warm body and refreshing scents. It's a calming therapy to his troubled mind. On the other hand Ria wanted to ask Khrys why he looks so beaten up, but she choose to remain silently crying before pulling gently out of his comforting hug.

“Ruby, please take care of Seiya, I need to go.” Both sisters gave a knowing look to each other before walking across both opposite sides.

“Let's go to your room,” She uttered and in a blink they are gone in the underground place in the castle and was now on a room that looked too familiar to her, Ria felt like she saw the place in her dream. She gasped when realization hits her hard in the face.

Ohh goodness gracious?!

This is the last place in her dream that she make love to Khrys until she almost can't get up from the bed. When she mange to lay Khrys in the bed, she stared at him, contemplating all the things that had happened to her. But Ria's heart is aching, seeing how messy Khrys looks right now, and even though his covering his other arms to hide his face, she knows there's a cut and wound on it. Ria sigh giving in to her hearts desire to cater to his wounds.

“Where's that magical potion you gave to me before? Don't you dare move and wait for me here.” She heard a painful laugh from the battered unearthly human or supernatural being in front of her. Ria can't help but to pursed her lower lips, convincing her mind that now is not the time to nag at him. She pushes her body to move, Ria walks around opening a few doors in his enormous room until she found the huge bathrooms ten times bigger than her sparse condo that she used only once much before she was dispatched here. Much to her luck after arriving in her birthplace, everything gets more and more complicated everyday.

“Damn, his bathroom is so big and freaking organized!” She cursed while deep inside she adored the simple yet clean and tidy place.

When Ria saw a large cabinets full of different folded towels, she grabs the smallest she could get and went to the washbasin. She opens the tap water testing the heat and soak the face towel for a few seconds and wring the excess water. Walking back to the room, she saw Khrys has moved in a sitting position. When she walked in front of him, Ria was shock when he grabbed her by the stomach and buried his face on it. She could feel the tension in his body, and she can somehow feel a fang of pain emitting from Khrys to her. It's strange, but now all she wanted to do is to console a lost puppy hugging her tight like his life depends on her.

“Why did you move?” Ria push him gently so she can have a better look in his face. The damn brute looked downward like the floor is the most interesting sight to see.

“You wanted to clean my face, isn't it much better if I sit? That will lessen the burden for you, my Queen.” Hearing what he said, Ria flick his forehead that made Khrys flinch.

“You're so stupid! Why do you even let yourself be beaten up in the first place when you care about me having a problem in cleaning your messy face!” Ria can't help the surge of anger seeing Khrys cared more to her than his own fractured body.

“Look up to me. I can't clean your face if you are staring down.” She mellow down her voice while gently lifting his face using her thumb. Ria almost cry again when she saw the broken lips swollen eyes with dark discoloration around it. She bit her lips, suppressing her tears while she starts wiping the dried blood gently on his side lips.

“Thank you,” Khrys uttered, and Ria feel like smacking him again. His voice sound so sad and lonely that tears finally escaped her eyes, sliding down to both of her cheeks.

“Speak more, and I will leave you here.” She threatens, although in her heart Ria knows she can never do that to him.

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