Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-41 (Part-3)

“ Sit here, why are you even crying? I'm the one who's in pain not you my Queen. “ there's finally a hint of happiness in Khrys voice but Ria's tears wont stop no matter how many times she wipe it with the back of her hands and staring on the high ceiling to control her tears.

“Come here.” Khrys pull her both hands and lead her to sit in his lap.

“If you don't want to see me crying then don't show your face like this in front of me again. You damn rascal! I feel like I'm the one who's hurting. What have you done to me?! Why am i even feeling all this pain like we both shared one soul.” Ria uttered encircling her hand around Khrys neck and buried her face to his shoulder.

“ Next time, if ever I'm beaten up , i wont show up to you until all traces of bruise is gone.” Khrys soothing voice and gentle hand brushing her hair help Ria to calm down.

“ Are you dum nuts?! Promised me you wont let anyone beats you up and don't be hurt again! I swear if i saw you like this again i wont speak to you forever.” Ria mumble in Khrys shirt.

“ I'm sorry my Queen but i can't promise that to you.” Hearing what Khrys said made Ria to pull herself away but she was cage and unable to move.

“Let me go! If you wont listen to me then we have nothing else to talk!” Anger and worries start to creep in her heart. She knew his inhuman but to what extent she doesn't know yet but still there's a dark unwanted feeling that gives Ria uneasiness. Everything is still a puzzle to her and what she hated the most is the fact that she's just an ordinary human that can't help Khrys.

“ No. I wont. i need you by my side.” Ria feel helpless.

" Why are you doing this to me?" she shouted in frustration.

She wanted to escape his grasped but she's cage in the damn brute warm, comforting arm. Ria tried her best to resist him but Khrys is too stubborn to let her go.

" You can’t leave my side,Do you really think after completing our bonds you can still escape my grasp my Queen?" There's a smirk looming on the corner of this damn godly-inhuman lips. Khrys buried his face on Ria's hair that fills with her addictive scent of rose that can drive him out of control.

"Stop calling me by that name! I command you to--" Ria can't continue what's she was about to say when she felt the damn brute bite her ears.

Wait, this guy was just beaten up how come he regain so much strength in just a few minutes ?! Ria tried to fight back those tiny jolts of electricity but the swarm of butterflies around her stomach doesn't help at all!

When Khrys start to lick her earlobe Ria can't help but moan and provide him more access to her body.

Satisfied from her reaction Khrys nipped Ria's neck, living his mark on it, and cupped her face to capture her moist lips.

That was Ria's last resolved.

She kissed him back passionately, and they both end up naked, savoring the warm feeling igniting from their body.

After few rounds Ria manage to make him stop.

Goodness ?! how can this even be possible.

Khrys pull her naked body closer to him while he buried his face of her neck damping a kissed on it. Their body is full of sweat and Ria just wish that nobody could hear all her screaming and pleading. It was so embarrassing how she can gave in so easily to Khrys desire. Even now she could feel his harden thing poking her belly and the damn brute wasn't even hiding it. Ria cant understand where does he take all of his stamina to grid her over and over again like he wasn't injured at all.

Since the brute isn't tired yet Ria sought the apportunity to question him.

“ You,i need some explanation, i know your reading my mind answer me now.” Ria said without uttering a word.

“ Aren't you tired yet my Queen? I guess i need to work more harder” sensing the mischief in Khrys voice Ria grab Khrys face.

“ Stop playing with me, I'm dead serious. Tell now please?” Khrys remain silent for quite sometimes before Ria heard him sigh.

“Fine, I never really want to hide this thing from you, closed your eyes my Queen.” Khrys said caressing Ria's cheeks.


“Just trust me.” Ria stared on Khrys face before she nod her head and followed what he said.

“Follow my voice my Queen”

“Ok,” Ria felt nervous but she trust Khrys and no matter what she knows he wont let anything bad happened to her.

“Inside your head picture a room and go inside if your heart is determined enough you can come in and i will be there waiting for you.”

Ria didn't respond anymore but she did follow what Khrys instructed her to do. At first her mind is blank but eventually a room form inside her head. A door with a golden doorknob catches her attention she walk to it and heave a deep breath. Ria gathered all her willpower and start twisting the knob. One twist and the door open, Ria got momentarily blinded by the lights but eventually her eyes get used to it. A warm hand and hand chest envelopes her from behind. Those minty scents envelopes her sense of smell and Ria knew it was Khrys. Only in his arm and to those scent her body will succumb and relaxed like theres nothing that could harm her.

“ My Queen, did you know you passed?”

“ What do you mean? “

“ It only proves you truly are my Queen, the only one who can enter that door is my mate. Now let me show you who I really am.”

Even Ria can't decipher everything that Khrys is saying she followed him to another door and was in awe to see a huge forest.

There's fountain with crystal clear water it looks so real an inviting.

“Can i dip my hands in the water?” Just like a child she asked Khrys permission. He gave her a nod and Ria had a big smile on her face when she came near the waterfalls.

“ Don't stray far,even though its my memories It's too vast and has so many tragedies that i cant guarantee you wont be lost, my Queen.”

“ No, worries i know you won't let anything happens to me.?” Ria was surprised when a big fog covered the place where she left Khrys standing.

“Khrys? Where are you? Khrys..?!” Ria went walking back but the more she move the more fog surrounded her she can't determine anymore where is the right place to walk to.

Without any choice Ria tried still to walk aimlessly but she accidentally tripped and what surprise her more is that its not only that she fall.

Ria is actually falling down to what seems like a cliff.

“Ahh! Khrys save me!” She screamed with all her might but no Khrys appeared to save her. She closed her eyes and brace herself for the pain or anything that will be fall upon her.

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