Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -42 Lost and Abducted

When things seems to stop like the time freeze. Ria slowly peered her eyes open.The first thing she saw is a vast forest, a gashing sound of running water and young boys playful snickering to each other. Curious she trace the sound and found them bare foot in the crystal clear water.

“Brother, what will happen if i made all this forest with water sprouting underneath the ground? Will father gonna show up and scolded us or will Uncle Zeus punish us for ruining his vast forestry?

The other boy who look somewhat familiar to Ria gave the latter a flick in his forehead.

“Stop talking nonsense Sei, i don't want you to cause them trouble. Neither their attention. Remember why our mother die. They are not as good as you think.”

“Hmm.. Still, I wonder if one day father will show up to us.” There's a hint of longing in the young lad voice.

“Quit it! His not coming even if you cry with bloods in your eyes !”

“Chrysaor you're too strict like Uncle Hades, and we can't cry bloods but gold.”

“Well, i can change to my human part whenever i want.” A prideful smile grace the boy that Ria focus her attention. Knowing this is Khrys dream this probably him and the other one is Ruru’s mate.

“Don't boast on me for having our mother's ability. Though i can't be that powerful our fathers blood is oozing in my blood too and i can turn myself in my human form. Just wait and see brother, i will make them—“

The ground rumbles and before Ria could react things happened so fast. A man came dashing out of nowhere and throw a golden rope to the young boys. Surprisingly he caught Khrys brother and the latter had disappeared in the darkness.

"Well, what do i have here? Just like the saying goes if we can catch antelope we ought to be able to rope a wild horse hehehe.”

“You! Ungrateful human let me off or i will make you pay with your life!”

“Ohh, can you? Let us see? Show me what you got! You nasty creature!”

Hearing the mere humans remark made Seiya's blood boils.

He unleashed his true form a beautiful snow white hoarse with sturdy body built. Seiya tried to hammer the mere human with his foot but to his utter surprise he was restrained by the golden rope. The more he move the more it becomes tighter to his body. He looked around to find his brother but Chrysaor is gone. Worried he stared back to his adductor with hatred in his eyes.

“You! Where's my brother?”

“Don't know what your saying but the Gods has spoken to me to rally and give them victory in the battlefield and your going to be my companion for As long as i live and for the day i will meet those Gods! Come on move!”

“No! Brother! Save me! Where are you?” Seiya made a whine but the mere human didn't mind as he strode down the mountain forcefully halting the rope whenever the poor one stop to peek behind his back until the forestry is out of his sight.

It was only Ria who can understand what he said and she feel her heart is clenching in pain. Was this the reason why Khrys choose to be on his human side when Seiya beat him up? They end up parting ways in the middle of what supposed to be a bonding of two brothers.

A muffled cry resounded on somewhere near where Pegasus is abducted.

She wonder whom it is and she's awe struck seeing a unexplainable thing unfolding in front of her.

“Let me go! Uncle we need to save my brother,his the only one i got!”

“Don't mess up what is decided already.” The man looked so Godly handsome and beyond the earths description, he kneels down pat Khrys cheeks.” Listened child, we can't interfere what is written in the book of your Aunt Destiny. It will cause imbalance in the world but that doesn't mean that we will not take back what they stole from you. We just have to wait our time to unleash our strength and gather enough power to surpass them for now, You and i will remain deaf and i will learn you the ways that my brother will trust you to take care. Your part in this battle is very crucial. Here, take a look.” Ria can't see what the godly man showed to the young Khrys but she can see pure determination in his eyes.

The rumbling of the ground made her unstable in footing but before she lose her balance a strong sturdy arms held her from the back.

Her hand grab a hold of its arm and she was astound to feel a metal armor than a fleshed.

She tried to wriggle herself out but it kept a steely hold on her.

“Who are you? let me go.” A deep laugher reverberate in the forest and it's rumbling on Ria's back.

“My mate doesn't recognize me at all. What can i do to imprint myself to you?” Shocked she felt the need to looked behind but she can't, his tight grip render her to do so.

“You're not my Khrys let me go!” She tugged her body to be free but his sudden attack made her stopped.

Those jolts of electricity and a familiar primal act reminds her of Khrys when his like devouring her whole.

How can this ?

Finally when he let her go she saw Khrys but a completely apposite from what she's used to see him.

His tall body and broad shoulders is towering over her.

His armored suit clad on his muscled body and his eyes is completely different from the deep blue eyes she's fascinated with.

His irises color is a blend of blue green with dark rim surrounding it and his pupils is not of a human being more on a cat or creatures that scientist will never have a scientific explanation.

“ Is this the real you?” Ria manage to asked while she's watching his every move.

“Half of him, we shared the same body but different mind set we only have one heart beating but in case of danger we can switch our bodies.” He reach his hand and cupped Ria’s face.

“What are you doing?”

“I wonder how my Queen feels now that she sees a different side of his mate.” Ria's mouth quivered wanting to say a word but the sudden appearance of Khrys made her mind blanked.

“Tsk! No answer? You're making me mad my Queen. What? Are you afraid now?” His voice change and his hand that he used to cupped her face move to the back of her head and hair gripping it tighter.

“A mere human who wants to rejects us, I told him not to save you but he still did. With my Gorgons blood running in your body you are revive to life yet you're still ungrateful.” He hissed drawing their body and face inches closer. Ria felt unsure of her feelings if she's scared or not but it's definitely the opposite of what this Gorgon side of Khrys says.

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