Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-43 Tame Mr. Gorgon

Amidst the chaos she's facing right now with the Gorgon side of Khrys a voice of a woman whispered on her ear “ Tame him my dear,You're his Queen no matter what it's only you who can make him quite.”

It's like a magic that boost Ria's body to move.She raised her hand and caress his cheeks. In her mind she think of him as only one not the wild side of Khrys but just his stubborn side that needed to be subdued.

“I'm not frightened of you Chrysaor, I'm your mate and we are equal, are you going to hurt me or are you going to kissed me? Because right now i needed that the most.”

Ria's words seems like a spellbinding that made the Gorgon side of Khrys smile mischievously.

“You know how to talk sweet but i ain't no stupid,how can you be sure you can tame me, human?” She laugh and without a second thought she kissed him with fervor conveying her feelings to him to Khrys or Chrysaor. The latter is rendered speechless and was soon grunting and pulling Ria's body closer.She didn't let the chance to slip out of her grasp and deepen her kissed. She was gasping for air when he let her go, and to Ria's surprise he turned her around and hugged her waist from the back.

He buried his face on her hair inhaling her scent before damping a kiss on her shoulder that shoots jolts of electricity all over her body.

“If you really want my complete submission, You must not say anything to my other part,when you too made love utter my name and only then i will let you rule over us.”

It's was a deal that is sealed with another kiss. It's one that is mixed with passion and roughness but not enough to hurt Ria. Instead this Gorgon side of Khrys makes her feel jittery and excited at the same. She don't know anymore is thats even a good sign.

Before she knew it everything is gone. A panic shiver on her shoulder made her open her eyes. First thing she saw is Khrys worried face his on top of her with naked body glimmering from the light coming from the moon.

Urg! How can he be so beautiful?! So damn perfect any woman will fight just to be with him. It's no wonder that Mr.Charles cousins had a fight with him just to be the one proposing the proposal to Khrys.

Ria's dazed look made the damn brute worried he tossed the blanket that separating their bodies and he lay down next to her while pulling her ever so tight to his body.

If it's possible to make then as one Khrys might probably do without a second thought.

“Ouch, can't breathe, stop squeezing me like a flush toy Khrys..” She tried to give their body some space but the unearthly god in front of Ria wouldn't even bulge.

“No! I almost lost you, I don't know how on earth its goes beyond my control but something tried to messed up my memory and manage to infiltrate it. You scared me to death. No! I won't let you go, i need assurance that you wont leave me forever.” Khrys wavering voice brought her back to the memories of him when he helplessly cried unable to save his brother. Ria's heart felt the familiar warmth and pain. A smile creeped her face knowing how important she is to him. Even though everything is still unclear to her at least she saw some part of his past that made him even closer to her heart.

Dang it! She was supposed to not let herself be involved to him but here she is again opening her heart wide open for this unknown creature. Looking up she frown seeing those two lines etch on his forehead. She lift her hand and tried to soothe the lines.

“I'm back nothing special or dangerous that happens to me my King. Now I command you to kissed me.Make me feel that how much you need me.” Ria didn't know how she uttered those words like a spoiled royalty demanding to be pleased. Khrys stared at her for a while before he draw closer to her and a smile grace his lips. “As you wish my Queen.”Four words and the are both ravishing each other's lips not wanting to be dominated.They both equally shared the same level of needs.Panting from their intense kissed she remembered what the other side of Khrys told her, without even thinking she utter his name.

“Chrysaor” and with that Khrys eyes shifted in majestic blue green orbs.

“Hmn..My Queen you finally acknowledge us.In return i shall grant you the feeling of mating with a Gorgon God.

Ria didn't expect what will happen all she knows is that is moaning like theres no tomorrow. Her toe is curling yet she doesn't want the damn creature to stop playing with her breast while stroking her wet folds. He slipped his index finger inside of her womb and exerted it out, spreading her juice to make her private part slippery.When she thought he wont leave her two valley that has so mark bite marks on it and has become swollen. Chrysaor traveled down to her stomach licking her skin.” Bare my child my Queen.” He utter in between her skin his rumbling voice send tingling feelings done to her core. When she didn't respond back he bit her skin and suck it before licking it, creating a whirlpool of ecstasy.” Answer me.” He commanded her and Ria can't help but to scream yes’! When the damn brute brutally devouring her wet folds sucking its whole while his tongue works its wonder by flicking her fold ever so gently until it finds her clits and rub his warm tongue in a teasing way that Ria can't explain. So good so heavenly feel but before she can even come he stop mid way and she was flip around facing the bed.She grunt in protest wanting to get her released but the damn brute has something else in his mind. He cupped her face positioning himself from her behind leaving no space in between their naked fleshed. “My Naughty Queen I didn't know you meet my other half.”Surprise Ria was about to turn her body but a slap in her ass halted her.



“Damn it,I'm sorry ok?”


Ria made a hissed sound but at the same time she's feeling hot specially when Khrys start to run his thumbs in a soothing circles around the spot that still stinging.

“Now no more playing tricks on me my Queen, is its still hurting?” Khrys voice went down one octave which sounds so seductive to her ears.Her heart start to rise and fall when she felt his hand moving down below her ass to her core inserting it inside.

“Ohh..”She cant help but to utter a moan when his glorious hand went in and out for a few time before he pull it out and reach for her clit. He start to gently massage it, aiming more to her swollen clit.

“Please don't stopped”She beg her abrupt release is stimulated again and she swear if he stoped it will cause more than a beating from his brother.

“Ohh,really now my Queen? You forgot that i can read your mind and i knew my other half took over me a while ago. The punishment for not telling me everything will be severe.”

His seductive voice didn't sound threatening but instead it causes Ria to feel wet and hungry for what ever punishment he wanted to bestow on her.

“ I don't care just love me Khrys”She beg again even though the latter didn't stop pleasing her.

“Your wrong my Queen, we're both here as one.” And with that she was flip back to her original position and she's surprised to see those pool of green and blue orbs didn't disappear. “Time to mate with both of us and bond our body and soul as one permanently.” Khrys/Chrysaor uttered before a huge thing entered her cave.

“Huh!”She catch her breath as she felt his full and hard thing inside of her. When he start to pump her Ria's eyes rolled to the back of her head as she reach her tenth climax. The damn brute moan in delight when her muscle clenched his hard shaft and suck it even more inside of her.

“Fuck!” He cursed as he continued to pump her in and out starting from slow motion until its rapid speed made Ria dig her nails on his back scratching it from the intense love making. His hand held her hips steady when he feel its his turn to fill her with his seed. He deepened his thrust and heard Ria's moaned become louder a sign that she's about to come again. A few more deep in and out pump and they both reach a massive climax.Ria lost her consciousness from the heavenly impact.

Khrys stood out of their bed bringing his Queen to the huge bathtub than can fit almost four people. He test the water and pour some rose essential oil before he gently lay her down to the water. He kissed her forehead smiling like an idiot as his Gorgon side finally accepted their Queen.

“Sweet dream my love,”

Ria didn't know that as she fell unconscious Khrys life before her will start to run in her dream like a movie.

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