Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-44 SORROW

What it is?


Why do i feel like my cheeks is wet?

Ria whose feeling is spiraling to love, loneliness, sorrow and a deep pain in her chest, wipe her face with the back of her hand. She don't know weather to laugh or cry her hearts out.

“ Where all of this fucking feeling came from?! Damn it, its so depressing.” She hiccups while uttering words to herself. She didn't even know where she is but bits by bits a part of a flash back is playing in front of her. It could have been better if she's watching a telenovela in the television with matching lazy boy couch that could massage her body. Later on she realized that it's Khrys memories clashing in her head.

“ My dear, let me show you something that no one ever tells you.” Ria was dumfounded when a beautiful maiden shows up in front her. The lady although she's grace with frailty and a spellbinding beauty that can turn a straight woman to have a crush on her is acting so casual and beyond her godly appearance. If Ria had a first quite good impression, now she's baffled.

“ I'm sorry ma'am do i know you?” Ria didn't have the audacity to lift the dainty woman whose hand and arm lengthen around her shoulder. To her shock she even handed her a tissue.

Wtf?! Where did she get that? I really needed it to blow my stuffy nosed.

“ Don't cursed, A Queen should uphold her tittle with dignity and should honor her King.”Ria tried to snap out of her hold and she's surprised to find out that she cant even lift it even though she used all her force.

“ Don't. It's futile, you can never lift it up unless you become a Queen that has a blessing from us. Do you know who I am?”

“No,but I'm so puzzled as to why i am being called a Queen? Do you have an answer for that Ms?” She scan the beauty next to her with brows knitted together.

“ Well, who will know such a book nerd Goddess like me, You really hurt my feelings but since your my nephew's future wife i will let this past. Let me introduce my self to you, come with me.” Ria didn't have a chance any more to speak because the woman who claim herself as a Goddess fling her hand so gracefully in the air and everything changes. From black and white came a room filled with golden scrolls. Everything looks so organized that Ria remain standing while the Goddess walk to a long golden wooden table. It looks so beautiful if only theres not a bunch of scrolls all over it.

“ Damn, Faye,she forget to clean up my table again . Ops! Sorry for cursing but lets cut the crap out and just be ourselves. Don't worry no one is going to know we met or talk. This place is my safe heaven.Sit. Come over here next to my table.” The beauty goddess pointed on a golden wooden chair. Ria didn't hesitate anymore as she felt the woman in front of her look harmless,the more you stare at her the more you can see the smallest details of body language that indicates if someone has an ill intentions or not.

“ Please, if you could give me all the answers that I need. I would be forever grateful. I can feel that my life seems at the edge of a cliff and one wrong move i would fall on my death. I don't know if I'm just paranoid but everything seems un-logical the moment i met this guy who is calling me his mate or Queen then later on i find out that he have a super power beyond scientific explanation. I also meet his other side or in human world i might say it's probably his alter ego but its so weird that their eyes is different ,one look human and the other one looked like from unknown creature. Theres a difference also in the way they clothed themselves, and i freakin meet his other half in a dream?!”

“ Hey, hey, calm down your hyperventilating, slowly breathe in and out i will explain from the bottom to the top of this story.” Ria only realized that the woman in front of her is right. She's heaving like at any moment she's about to lose her consciousness. She closed her eyes and tried to calm down herself she knows too that she can't faint at this crucial moment. Take it easy, You need answer, and if this is the only way that you can attained it brace yourself and be strong.You can do this Ria. She stared at the beauty in front of her which is now glowing, she follow what the goddess said and Ria start to feel better. Her hands aren't as cold as before and her cheeks start to regain its normal color.

“ Ok Ms, or Goddess, please enlighten me.”

“ Hmn, Call me Goddess of Destiny. Before I proceed with the revelation thing let me hand you a book read it until the last page. If you can even read it.” Ria was dumbfounded when the Goddess of Destiny as she proclaim herself click her hand and a thick book appeared in front of her and before it fall she manage to catch it with both palm open.

“ Urg!” She grunt not expecting for the book to be this heavy.

“ Why does it so heavy?”

“ A simple reminder that you're just a human, the pages of that book is made in gold paper, now if you really want to know everything and how your life would be try to focus your internal energy to see what's written on it.” Ria almost rolled her eyes, how the hell was she supposed to do that? Seems like the Goddess heard her, She felt alarm when she hover over her flicking Ria's forehead.

“ Ouch?!”

“Focus your mind, feel with your hands the front of the blank book. There's a spot on it that will make your hand stop. If that happened dive your mind to that spot it will get warmer and once it sucks enough internal energy it will flipped open and writings will appear. Your mind and soul will be suck by the book until you reach the last page which is blank. Now do as i say.” Ria felt her heart beating faster she don't know if it's because this sounds like a voodoo things or witch craft or because this Goddess is ordering her around so casually like they are closed friends. Neither less she decided to follow her instructions and she was mystified when she actually felt her palm stop in the middle of the front of the book and when she focused her mind from the heat coming from it the book flip open and she felt her soul is suck by it.

“ Ah?!” She screamed but there's no sound coming out of her mouth. The scenery changes to a house where a woman is screaming and panting heavily. She walk to it and to her surprise she saw her mom in her youthful age, she's giving birth and base from what she's seeing it was her.There's tears slipping in her mother's eyes which made Ria feel warm inside her heart. Her father came in smiling from ears to ears. Missing her father she walk passed the wall of their house without even thinking. She was astonished that she can passed through it and at the same time she felt sad when she tried to touch her parents and her hand pass through it like she's a ghost.She watch as the page flip going back and forth to her life and Khrys life unfolding, how his deeply hurt by loosing his brother. The most heart breaking which made Ria shed tears is when she saw how much he cried when he choose to turn his back from his brother's plea to save him and the fact that Seiya was cast away by Zeus the god whom the mortal realm has been worshipping for how many thousand of years. She also saw how the God of the underworld help Khrys to become stronger and gaining more immortals on their side. The book flip again but this time its in her past life. Ria's heart skip a beat when she saw the younger Khrys worried look ,without hesitation he draw his own blood from his right arm and let it drop to her mouth. She gasped in shock when she can see her younger self-soul moving out of her body, She can feel her life is fading but the moment his blood entered her body she saw herself walking away from the white light that seems like a portal. It was unbelievable yet it really does happened. She then remembered what Chrysaor said to her for being ungrateful. Indeed she is. He is her savior yet she wanted to move away from him. There's a familiar tugged in her heart the one she felt like it could ruin not only her mind and soul but completely her life. The book showed more and more until it slows down to the part when Khrys would watch her from the mirror, he was always there accompanying her in her bad times and good times. In every year that she celebrates her birthday she would always receive a rose from him but she can see through his eyes the longing to touch her. The book flip again but it slows down in a part when Khrys is screaming in pain, his suffering is unbearable for her to see but she forced herself not to shut her eyes closed. Instead she tried to cover her ears to lessen the pain emitting from Khrys. It was the day she fall in love with Micheal and the day she give herself to him. He was so ruined but Goddess of Destiny is there to guide him like his mother. What saddening is the fact that Ria felt she's not worthy of his love. She watch as the days goes by and khrys would look at her in the mirror with a sad face and an empty soul.

The book flip again but this time it came fast forward until she finally accepted Khrys and Chrysaor in her life.

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