Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-45 Prove My Worth

A little words might seems meaningless to others but for me, it’s enough motivation to keep me going thank you my lovely readers.

“ Why you look so sad?”

“ Oh, I thought its only me who could be inside this book?” Ria tried to feign ignorance to Goddess of Destiny’s word but whom can do such a thing to an entity who knows everything.

“ I can see thing before it could even happened. A human life can be compared to four season. Spring when life is born, Summer when life bloom, Autumn when human matured and lastly winter when life becomes cold, cruel, death is enevitable. “ She sense sadness in the voice of the beautiful Goddess. if Ria would put herself in the Goddess shoe, seeing things before it could even happen and awaits the formidable death of someone you know, or love and unable to changes it's fate is a tough task. She could never imagine herself doing it.

“ Don't worry about me but worry about yourself, I am born with this capabilities and there are some things that is nice too. Not all is bad. Human life is something i envied. Although mortals is fragile. They have too many emotion that we don't have. Sometimes some are even righteous than us. It must be funny to hear but even Gods aren't that perfect. Now lets go out.” After saying that Goddess of Destiny took her hand Ria was brought back to her office. She felt her stomach churn and held it tight.

“ You must be feeling nauseated after that ride,here have a drink.” The Goddess offered her a goblet with golden calligraphy intricate design on it. Even though she's hesitant but knowing she can't afford to offend her Ria decided to gulp it all till its last drop. Besides seeing how she cared about Khrys just proved she doesn't have any bad intentions. Though she's still puzzled on how on earth did she came and even meet her, In Ria's mind there's nothing such a coincidence. She believes that everything serves it's purpose in ones human life.Warm filled her stomach that surge in every fiber of her body she can feel unexplainable energy, her face is reddened and her body start to tremble. Suddenly it was hard to even breathe but she tried her best to gasp some air.

Her vision start to be blurry and white and block dots appeared in her already misty eyes.

Am i dying for the second time?

Was this my end?

But before everything turn into darkness her body move like in a sci-fi movie. She stood up like nothing happened and when she stared to Goddess Destiny there's a prideful smile flustered in her face.” Welcome back to life, Now you are reborn Not as the ordinary Ria but The Queen of unknown creatures.”

“What did you mean? what did you put in this goblet?” Ria made a gasped when she pick up the thing and its brakes into small pieces. She knows she didn't used too much forced to pick it up and come on?! its a thick goblet, don't mind the heaviness when she first hold it but breaking like that by just picking it up is somewhat unbelievable.

Worried she looked up to check the Goddess face but didn't see any displeasure on it.

“ It's fine, i can reform it. But please try not to grab something when you can't control yet your power.” Goddess said it like she's talking about the weather and Ria can't understand it at all?! What just happened to her? How on earth she was reborn?! How did she suddenly have a power?! What's did this goddess give to her?. She scream inside her head but it seems like Goddess of Destiny knows it already.

“ Don't panic its our gift to you for being a Queen. We all agreed to share a tiny bits of our power starting to me, my sister Goddess of Faith, my brother Sol the God of Sun and lastly Lord Hades the God of the Underworld. Now you only need to prove yourself to your people the unknown creatures and to us that your worthy to stand along side of Khrys your King.”

“ Wait Goddess Destiny, I don't know if I'm even worthy of Khrys love but having such a huge gift, I cant accept it.”

“ Dear child, come here” Ria don't know weather to move or not but seems like her hesitantion can be read on her face that Goddess of Destiny walk to her and hug her tight.

“ Things in Khrys life has been change since you meet each other again. I can only foresee his future because of you.” She pulled me out of her tight hug and continued speaking. “ What i will show you now is your future. Can you bare seeing it?” The goddess has a solemn face that Ria just nod her head. She’s curious yet afraid of what will her future will be. When the Goddess step aside she used her index finger to touch her forehead, in a blink things unfold to her like a peeled orange.

She saw Khrys protecting her with his life because she’s a weak mortal that didn't get even the blessing of Khrys people, The person who loves her unconditionally died in the hands of Goddess Athena. Her parent and Ruru is banish in the world without a trace and in the end she too died in a miserable death. Because Khrys defy the God of Olympus he can never be reincarnated nor he can set foot anywhere but in hellish fire. While she will be reborn but will suffer a miserable life that will cycled ten times as a punishment for being one of those who chose to uproot the mortal cycle. After seeing what awaited her in the future,she felt like all her energy is drained from her body. She staggered back in the chair covering her face with her hands while sighing deeply.

Hi everyone I'll cut it here, next is how will Ria can proved her worth to Khrys people.Can she really stand side by side with him? Or does Goddess Destiny made a wrong choice of showing Ria's future?Besides she's just a human after all.Thanks for reading,

Much love and appreciation.


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