Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-46 Part-2

Having realized thing's beforehand is unnerving, and at the same time, a hopeless feeling can't apprehend her mixed emotion. But one thing stuck in Ria's mind, No matter what awaits her in the future, she will face it with head held high. If force must be used she will not relent to unleash what she have. She realized that running away won't change anything. Being frightened by unknown force seems inevitable but she will not back down. For the sake of her love ones and for the sake of this powerful entity who vested her something that she could used to fight back without regrets. Either she die with Khrys she's happy that she could be of any help. It's only now now that it downs to her that her fate is sealed already the moment Khrys help her. She now understands that their union, although it's altered still at the end she was destined to be with him. Either she's pure or not it doesn't matter anymore. What lies ahead of them is like a boulder of rock or to be precise is a mountain set to its highest peek. They might not shaken it to its core but least she and Khrys will face it together.

Fate or destiny.

What a funny thing.

All of it was made even before a mortal is born in this earth.Gods? Where is he when people are in chaos? When life of an innocent child is ended viciously? When a woman plea for help while a wreck un human mind tear her apart? Nothing has change for how many decades. Life cycled like a windmill rolling up and down. Ria finally understand her role and she will rule together with her mate to form a force that is unbreakable. Finally she looked up to meet the watchful eyes of Khrys Aunt. Watching the mortal woman who owned Khrys heart sighing in front of her Goddess of Destiny knew that she will never disappoint her. When Ria looked up with pure determination flustered in her face and the surging power emitting in her body was enough for her to feel at ease. Khrys is in good hand and she can now leave to see her other nephew who is still in a deep slumber. A bitter smile creep her soft pinkish lips.” I see you finally made up your mind.”

“ Thank you for trusting me with this power and for the acceptance even though I'm just a mere human.” Goddess of Destiny wave her hand dismissively.

“ I will never acknowledge you if I didn't see your life struggle and how you've been dealing with it until now with high hopes and positivity. I wish more mortal like you is born in this world but sadly not all is blessed with the ability to be sensible to other people's feelings and not many has wide logical thinking. The world could have been better if it's filled with harmony than greediness, everything has its root and for human.” She pause while swirling her hand. In front of both of them is the shattered goblet. Floating in the air little by little Goddess of Destiny reform it like it was new again, no trace of imperfection.

“ Its greed, weather for power, selfishness and love there's always greed,but! You guy's are not alone. Because some of us have it too, probably you’ mortals inherited it from us. A reformation must be build in order to regain the balance in the earth. For mortal and immortal to be able to glide with each other without bloodshed is your duty as the Queen of Unknown creature. Khrys is the scale who balance it all but with you on his side it will be less tiresome. Now prove your worth to your people. After Goddess of Destiny finish her word she snap her finger and the goblet land in Ria's hand again but this time it wasn't heavy anymore. Perhaps there's a deeper meaning to it. Does it weigh lighter because somehow she was enlightened with everything or is it because she gain power?Before she can form her question Goddess of Destiny gave her a bear hug and in a blink she woke up to a panicked voice of her sister.

“ What have you done to my sister?! Why isn't she waking up? Its been one week for goodness sake?! Seiya please do something.” Ruru beg.

“ If i knew what to do i already done it my love. But i am also clueless as to why sister isn't waking up.”

“ Can the two of you please go out, Crying won't solve anything, Brother bring your mate outside please.” Khrys aggrieved voice send chill to Ruru’s body which Seiya could feel but before he could lash out to his brother Ruru was quick to avert his attention.

“ Big brother is right I'll revisited my sister later come with me Seiya we must talk things out too.” Before the room become frosty the couple is already gone. Khrys held his Queens indelicate hand, he could even imagine how many work she must have taken in order to support her family and take care of herself. Sensing the warmth surging throughout her body Ria flutter her eyes open and was immediately greeted by a worried pair of deep blue orbs. She smiled at him gently making his mate to blink a few times before he was convinced that she's really awake.

“ Did my sister pester you a lot that the room became this chilly, its cold.” Her parched throat made her winch and wish there's a water that she could drink. Before Ria could asked for it she was engulfed with a warm hug and a kiss in her temple.

“ You, What happen to you? Do you know how worried I am? I'm already ready to cause havoc if you still didn't wake up.” Ria wanted to joke him but sensing her mates uneasy feelings with his trembling body she can't make herself to do so. She hugged him back and she even move so Khrys could join her in the bed.Without saying a word he tuck himself inside the blanket and hugged her body even closer to him. Warm tingling sensation erupts in her body when Ria felt a shower of small kisses all over her face. She start to giggle but when she remembered her dream she cupped his face to stop him and say.” I'm ready to be your Queen” Her word made Khrys stared at her in astonishment.

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