Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -47 The Test

After Ria was done explaining everything that occurred in the past few days that she was unconscious, there's a pure determination in her face when she look at Khrys, who attentively listens to her.

He would make a few facial expressions, but never did he interrupt her from talking. Aside from his hand that is gently combing her hair, he was really charming and too doting for a mate.

When she told him her concern about her parents’ safety and Ruru Khrys immediately act.

He brought back her parent in his palace, and Ria was so surprised to see her Papa and Mama taking in all the things that is so unrealistic to a mortal mind to concede with such a calm face.

“ Sigh, I knew already something is off, but I'm not very certain. Now that this comes at this point. It would be useless to decipher it, and we will just follow and believe everything you said.” Ria's mom was very straight forward while her father just made a sigh.

She smiled at them. She knows too, and it is hard to accept, yet nothing can be changed anymore. All that she can do is try to change her future.

“Ma, Pa, I decided to move you out somewhere that even though I am not there, I can rest assured that you are all well, and I can concentrate on how to appease Khrys kind. “

“ How will you do that? Wasn't it dangerous? Even the spiritual doctor's in our town and around our country have a hard time making amends with them. Some are very vicious and cunning to the extent that a spiritual doctor is harmed physically. They can even possess a person and took their souls.” Ria's father voice out his concern.

“ Your father has a point Ri, We grow up hearing mysterious disappearance of some girl and boys when they were found they are dead, but nothing can be seen in their body that can say they suffered, all of them are looking more like they are sleeping but not breathing. I heard one story about a father who was abandoned by his wife and was living alone with his daughter. He loves her dearly, but one day she went missing. The girl wasn't even fifteen years old and was always alone in the house because her father has to do farming all day so they can make a living. The only thing the girl does is go at the back of their house, talking to the Acacia tree, which she always sprinkled with water. When she went missing, his father was so devastated he doesn't want to bury her, but because the people around them were afraid that the girl's body would rot and deteriorate, he had no choice but to do so. The girl finally has a proper burial, but when they start to toss soil on her coffin, the father couldn't take it and jumped six feet underneath his child and open the wooden casket. All who have witness it was so surprised to see that the girl wasn't even there and just a body of a banana tree. Everyone became suspicious and started to dig also all the coffins of the other victims, and they all end up with the same. It cost so much uproar to the deceased family. They called off the most prominent spiritual doctor and asked if something unnatural happened to their children, and their surprise, he indeed affirmed that an entity not visible to human eyes took their children. He asked to offer different kinds of animals, but the entity doesn't want to give the kids back. This spiritual doctor is not an easy one. He ordered the families to cut down all big trees in their garden and splattered salt around their house. It was said that when they cut a tree blood ooze on it and in the end, their children were found in their bed, still sleeping like nothing bad happens to them.” When Ria’s mom finishes her story, RuRu was the first to comment on it.

“ Ma, you know how to creep people with your story. If I haven't experienced something similar to that, I would think you are just scaring us like when we are small.”

“ Your Mother story is correct, big trees like Acacia is a house for unknown creatures one entity or a family can live on it. The bigger the tree, the more lives on it. Some entities feel pity for humans because they can feel their sorrow. Some are lonely and would like to have somebody to accompany them. If there's blood in the tree that just only means you harm them, they can retreat, but if you happened to face a vicious one, they could return exactly what you did to them.” RuRu smack her mates arms, which didn't even inflict any harm. Instead, she was sweep over and found herself in Seiya's unbreakable warm embrace, caging her while burying his head in her hair.

“Ahem?! You youngsters don't have decency anymore. We are still here.” Ria’s mom looked bashful averting her gazed somewhere else.

“ Seiya, restrain yourself,” Khrys ordered his brother, but he just glares at him so Ria has to step in, not wanting the siblings to fight in front of her parents.

“ That's enough, Sei, in mortal realm we don't do like that, my parents aren't used to this kind of display of affection, Now listen Khrys and I decided to bring Ruby and my parents to Ajax mountain where your cousin is resting. After they settled down, I will finish my mortal business and visit the Mystical realm. I hope that you and your brother make amends too. We are all one big family now, Your brother needs you, Ruby needs your help but if you don't fight along us—“

“I will go with you that's settled, I'm just cherishing the last moment that I can be with my mate. My apologies Ma'am, Sir,.” Ria and Ruby was so surprised seeing Seiya’s change of attitude. He even bow his head as a form of respect to their parents. She smiled in content,One added immortal to their side is a blessing although she doesn't exactly know how to change what lies ahead of them Ria still think positively.

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