Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-48 Part -2

“ Khrys, please take good care of my daughter “ Ria’s mother grasp her mates hand, gently pressing it.

“ I will not promise anything, Ma’am, because I believe action speaks louder than words protecting her is my main priority. Please rest assured that nothing I'll will befall upon her.” Khrys gave Ria’s mother a gentle yet reassuring smile.

“ Very well, I know you will. I'm giving my blessing to the three of you. May you all succeed and come back home safely. We will wait for you guys.”

Ria’s mom pat Khrys face with a gentle smile a mother will give before letting go of her precious child into a battle, she did the same to the hostile Seiya and everyone who don't know the deity temperament will think his a doting son in law. It was quite surprising to see him act very politely. Watching this, Goddess of Destiny and Faith glance at each other in astonishment. The latter was the first to recover from the shock and claps her hand.

“ Very well, I am pleased to see that my dear Seiya is now a grown man, don't worry about your family Queen Ria, they will be protected in this mountain. This place is sacred to my sister Goddess Luna. Anyone who lives here can't be harm. My sister Goddess of Faith will appoint them as vice principal to the Academy we built in this place. They won't be bored while I will be teaching Ruby of my knowledge. Would you like to be my apprentice ?” Ruby’s eyes turn into a ball of buns when she heard it and was too frantic, hugging her mate.

“ Did you hear that, Sei? I could also help though it might not be too much, but I am thrilled.” Seiya gave her a gentle smile while patting her head.

“ You deserved it, Now let's give our gratitude to my Aunts,” Ruby bob her head and turn to the two Goddess that is staring at them with a smile in their face.

Two weeks have gone fast, and Ria went back to Manila, handing over the approved proposal together with the contract that was signed by Khrys. Mr.Charles is browsing over it until the last page, making sure he didn't miss anything. When he looked up to Ria, he had a prideful smile, but it contorted when he saw a white envelope on his desk. He knows what it is, baffled, he asked.

“ I thought you badly needed the work, and you've dreamed about being apart of my interior design team? So why hand me a resignation letter?”

“ It is indeed my dream Mr.Cuenca, but things change. I need to go back to my family to fixed some problem, and how should I say it.” She paused, contemplating how to explain that she will work in Khrys company.

“Hmn, it seems like someone poach my employee under my nose. How much did Mr. Villar offered you to work in his company?” Mr. Charles eyes her with scrutinizing gaze, but she didn't feel inferior about him. She stood up straight and smiled at him.” I found out when I met him that Mr. Villar is my first love before I went here in Manila and we reconciled he asked me to assist him in his company since we are going to be married next year he wanted me to know the ins and outs of the company. I think it won't be a big problem if I resign right, Sir? Besides I am not a regular employee of this company so will you please let me go?” Ria bowed her head. She heard her boss took a heavy sigh.” So this means i became a bridge unknowingly that reunite the two of you in the end?” She scratches the back of her head “ Well, yes, kind off I didn't expect it, and I didn't know his real identity, and I was even reluctant to accept him—“

“ Wait?! What!? Are you even thinking twice? Come on, girl, you just landed with a big thigh. If that happens to me, I won't even think twice and accept him, hahaha,” Mr. Charles stood up and walked closer to her.

“May I hug you, Ms. Santiago? “Even though Ria is surprised by the sudden request, she didn't think further and nodded her head.

“Sure,” her boss pat her back a few times before he let her go.

“ Seems like I won't be seeing you anymore or probably in the future when you guys invite me on your wedding day.”

“ I won't forget it, Thank you for everything Sir,”

“Nothing to thank me, I even used you to attain this proposal, I owe you big time plus Mr. Villar is my biggest investor, he owns twenty percent of the companies share and his the reason why I am still standing here as the C.E.O, without his support I am like a garbage that can be easily disregarded by my family and relatives. Please go to the financial department to take your salary and of course your bonus for this. Do you have someone preferable to take over your work?”

“ Ms. Cindy is the most talented in the interior design team aside from her, and you can send a back up since you know she think a bit high about herself. I won't feign ignorance that she harbors feelings for my fiancé, so don't be surprised, Sir, if she's sent back by Khrys.” Mr. Charles waves his hand.

“ Don’t bother about that little witch. I will hire the best from outside the country to do the interior design. I don't trust her. If it is not you, I'd rather choose someone beyond her. This way, she can't complain to my family, and I can rest assured that everything will go as I plan it to be.” She snicker hearing what her boss said. It is indeed much better than having a vixen around who knows what she will do when she saw Khrys. Ria deliberately mentions the woman's name to know if her boss will send her to do the design and since the two has big gap even though they are blood-related Ria can now feel at ease that there will be no more trouble after this. She can finally go to the mythical realm to persuade Khrys kind to acknowledge her as their Queen. She bid her boss goodbye and went to Ms. Jen. Her brows furrowed when she noticed the apparent dark rim in the workaholic lady in front of her. She was in a daze, looking far away while sighing. “ Can I even see him again?” Ms. Jen uttered to herself. She was only recognized when she finally waves her hand and speaks to her,” Hi, Ms. Jen, are you ok?”

“Huh? Oh, Ms. Santiago, I'm very sorry, is there anything I can do for you?” Even though Ria can see the enthusiasm in Ms. Jen voice, she can feel something is off about her, and there's this dark aura surrounding the poor lady. It tries to hide, but with her new power, she can easily sense the mysterious entity. Worried, she quickly made an excused that she will go to the restroom and will come back to talk with Ms.Jen again.

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