Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-49 part-3

Rushing to the restroom, Ria hurriedly check every cubicle to ensure that she is the only in inside. She is clueless on how to deals with the dark entity that looming around Ms.Jen. She's quite disturbed seeing the ones professional, yet charismatic secretary looks gloomy and far from her usual self. Her heart can’t rest assured to leave the building without knowing how to help the only person who treated her fairly in this battlefield called work. Ria stared at herself in the mirror the only person she knew who can help her is her mate though she doesn't know if this will work there's no harm on trying, determine she called out for him “ Khrys can you hear me? I—“ Before she could even finish her words, the once's quite place become colder, and the light in the ceiling starts flickering. She felt like a gush of chilling wind past through her body, and then her hair on her back stood up. Her heart start to pump as she felt someone is behind her. If she's still the normal Ria, the possibility of running out of this place out of fright is possible, but just like what Goddess of Destiny said, she had to prove her worth to be able to stand alongside of her mate. She's their Queen, and she obtains a power that can protect her. She probably can use it to subdue them. Being afraid is normal, but the circumstances now are different. Calming her heart and mind, she turns around facing whoever it is. She was taken aback when she saw a pale ghostly men standing in front of her but what surprised her more is the pack that the dark entity bowed its head putting his hand on his chest” Greeting’s your majesty my name is Sullivan I am an incubus, please forgive me if I startled you.” He speak solemnly and Ria can't believe someone will know her new identity.

“ Are you the one lurking on the lady back then? What do you want from her? And how can you be sure i am who you think i am?” She eye him like a hawk eagle.

“ Your necklace belongs to the king of the unknown creatures, and your eyes resemble his majesty like his part in front of me. I don't have ill intent to the woman you've speak with. In fact, she's my mate.” Hearing his word she glance at the mirror and saw the necklace that Khrys gifted her is glistening and her eyes is indeed has a mixture of blue. This changes happened to her when she was in the hotel dealing with a ghost, but it went away, and she has forgotten about it. She didn't know that it will occur again, but now that she thinks about it, this reoccurrence only happens when she's angered or feel threatened. Then the last word the entity said to her finally sick in her head. She stared back at his with mouth agape.

“ D-did you just said that Ms. Jen is your mate?!” Her voice range went high a bit, and the entity went down on his knees.

“ Yes, please spare me, I didn't intend to feed on her life force, but we happened to consummate, I'm a demon God of sex and my kind feed on humans lives through sexual interaction. At first, she's just a prey, but when we made love, my body and soul has entwined with her. Now that I knew it, I can't risk her life, but because I abandon her and I am not feeding to any human anymore, my demon side is slowly eating me away. Please, I don't care if I die, but I want my mate to live.” What the creature revealed shook her body, she can't believe that Ms. Jen will die if this entity starved itself. She feel her knees wobble, but a hand comfortably grip her waist, making her posture steady. Those minty scents carry a soothing feeling that slowly emitting to her body. She quickly turn around and embrace Khrys. She sighs when he hugged her back and brush her hair.

“ I sense your feelings, and the necklace calls me, I thought you are going to be back in the condo after handing your resignation letter, but I guess someone hinders you from coming to me as soon as possible. Let me handle this.” Khrys hid her behind him and was about to bestow his cruel punishment, but Ria stop him in time.

“ No, You can't?!” She stood in front of her mate, worriedly.

“ What's the meaning of this?” His questioning look is quite intimidating as his eyes bore on her, but she can't be swayed by him now.

“ My Friend will die if you kill him, I won't let it happen. Looked into my mind, Khrys.” She pleaded even though she can sense the jealousy in her mate eyes for protecting another male she can't back down now.

Khrys took a heavy sigh after resigning to her mate wish. Before they traveled back to manila, they form an agreement that he will not evade her mind without her permission. Ria said that she also wants to have her privacy, and it is not meaning that she's shutting him out. He just needs to put a barrier on it. Having her permission, he open the path that linked their mind and the event before he came to unfold to him. He now fully understands her troubled mate feelings. An incubus is a part of the demon realm, but he didn't think he would one day see their proud leader in a disadvantaged position. He looked like he hasn't fed for over three weeks, and his appearance is already ghostly. His surprise that its demon side hasn't eaten it completely.

“ Speak what you want, and don't bother my mate anymore.” His sharp voice is like a blade slicing in the air.

“ Your majesty, this humble servant of yours is asking for help. Please save my mate.” He pinches the bridge of his nose. Helping him will mean that he needs his Uncle permission. Although this entity is apart of his jurisdiction, a human life is involved, and his not supposed to interfere in this matter, but because he can't let down those hopeful eyes of her mate, he summoned someone.

“ Pavel, heed my request,” He uttered in the air. A mist has form in the air, and a man that Ria hasn't met appeared, His eye is dark as a charcoal, and his appearance resembles a mighty samurai.

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