Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -5(Broken peices of glass)


Not only that Micheal looked down on Ria's capabilities as an amateur interior designer but he also looked down on her in bed.

She never thought that she would one day wake up with a realization that the person she thinks who would stand beside her proud and happy of who she is was actually the one looking down on her.

All her plans for the future together with Micheal were scattered just like that.

It hurts to know that Micheal was just using her to release the tension in his body.

There was no love that she thought there was before when she was still blinded by Micheal's sugar-coated mouth and all of his undying promises.

She's the only one who thought they love each other.

She just realized it now.

Ria didn't realize that her eyes are brimming with tears.

Tears that breaking her heart into pieces but she doesn't want to show that she's deeply hurt.

She wiped it away, forcing herself not to shed more tears while swallowing the lump in her throat so she can finally breathe.

Ria wanted to burst her anger and frustration to him, She wanted to ask him why?

Why her?

She was too naive to believe that this man lying in the bed is a good man but in the end, Michael just proved to her that he's just a walking junk.

For a few seconds, Ria stared at him like it will be her last.

The hurt, betrayal, disgusting feeling enveloped her mind.

Snapping out of it, she reminds herself that she still needs to go back to the office and tell her boss that she's accepting his offer.

She needed it now, especially with what happened last night.

Ria will never ever sleep again in the same bed with him!

Her heart was aching but at the same time, she was furious too.

Ria decided to take a shower to wash away the dirty feeling she felt when memories of last night flashback in her mind.

The way Micheal disgustingly talk about her and how boring she is in bed keep echoing in her mind.

When the flashback came to that part when he forced her to do 'that thing' all the hair in her body start to rise up.

She silently cried, wishing there's someone who could hear her out and ease the heavy feeling in her heart.

She scrub more her body, brush her teeth repeatedly.

She wash and re-rinse a few times before she felt satisfied that she's now thoroughly clean.

Heading outside she quickly took her office uniform hanging just behind the door of their room, she wears it on in a rush and snatched her bag.

Ria proceed to the door making sure she didn't forget anything before heading out of the condo unit.

Outside, Ria was surprised to see a woman standing next to their door.

By the way, she looked on her, Ria felt something is odd about the women.

"Hi, can I help you?" Ria asked very much intrigued.

The woman looked afraid of her but at the same time, there's this hint of determination that brimming in the woman's eyes.

"I.ahh.I'm sorry to bother you but may I know if there's a certain name Micheal Cruz living in this unit?" The woman asked.

Ria's heart starts to beat faster as adrenaline rush to every fiber of her body.

There are these things, screaming behind her head not to answer the lady in front of her but staring on those deep brown eyes she saw a reflection of a broken woman.

"Yes, he lives here, may I know who I am speaking with? My name is Ria, and you are?" Although Ria felt awkward she still decided to be polite.

"I'm Daisy, are you Micheal's girlfriend?" The woman asked testing the water.

"Was, but now no more Ms.Daisy,

would you mind telling me who you are?" Ria asked while biting her inside cheeks. Ria was feeling uneasy from this situation but she thought its better to know what's happening than leave and think about what if, what might be her reason for being here looking for her now ex-boyfriend.

Yes, after what Michael did to her last night she decided to break up with him.

Ria believed that 'A man who loves his woman will never make her feel ashamed of herself, will never do things to hurt them nor belittle them because a man that truly loves his woman will always find a way to make their woman feel happy and feel secure.

In Ria's mind, there's a pure determination to end things between her and Michael. She knows deep inside she will never forgive him from what he did to her.

Ria heaves a heavy sigh, now she needs to win this proposal and find another place to stay.

What a terrible day to start with.

Ria's thought was cut off when she heard the woman name Daisy finally speak.

"I." Daisy started, Ria saw that there was still a slight hesitation in her eyes which irk her modesty.

" Please, speak I'm running out of time and I still need to work. If you don't have anything to say," She paused and fish her bag for something. "here, it's the key, take it and bring him with you if you want to." Ria throw out a spare key.

The woman, named Daisy was too shocked but still managed to catch the key on time before it hit the ground.

After throwing the key, Ria turns to the elevator and pushes the button for going down.

Ria is living on the fifth floor and the security from the condominium is very strict to visitors, She had a hint that this woman managed to sneaked out from the exit door and climbed the stairs to here.

She must be very tired, base on how she looked, she seems harmless but her eyes are really sad.

Ria started to curse Micheal.

She wonders what he did to this woman that she's like a broken piece of glass.

"Wait!" The woman called out.

Ria turns back to face her again.

"Thank you... I don't know what happened but I came here only to talk to him. I won't ruin your relationship, I just need a few minutes of his time to talk." She explained.

Ria felt her blood boiled from what the woman said.

"I already told you Michael and I is done. See this, he did it to me." She showed her wrist that has a blue fingermark on it.

The woman, who said her name is Daisy looked horrified like she's seeing something that reflected her past.

Now she looked unstable with her short breathing and Ria was alarmed that the woman might be hyperventilating.

Ria rush to her side and grab the key in her hand.

It's like the woman went on a dazed as she followed Ria like a lifeless doll.


Ria uttered inside her head.

She looked at the time in her wristwatch, she got only an hour left before she will get fired by her impatient boss but she just can't leave an unstable woman behind.

Ria with a good-natured heart decided to stay.

She brought Daisy to their small kitchen and let her sit on the chair.

She grab some cold bottled water in the fridge and handed it to her.

The woman whose name is Daisy takes it and drunk almost half of it like her life depends on the bottled water.

"I don't know what's your relation with Micheal but please don't make things hard for me. If you came here to take him away that's fine with me.

Like I told you, we're through.

I still have work and I think he needed some help since I kicked his gut for hurting me last night.

Now, if you feel better, please take care of yourself.

Just live the keys on the lobby I will let them know that your a friend so you won't have any problem when you leave the premises." Ria said when she sees the color on the woman's face was not as pale as before.

She started to walked to the door when the woman speaks "His my husband." This made Ria stopped on her track shaken to the core.

'His my husband'

'His my husband'

Keeps on replaying inside her head.

It's like her body became a statue.

She wasn't expecting this from Micheal.

She can't believe that she made a relationship with a married man!

When the woman felt she wasn't moving she started to speak again.

"He left us, he said he's going to look for a job here in Manila.

It was only last year when I accidentally open his phone when he visits us that I saw your photos and other woman's photos that I start to question him.

Before I have doubts, but because I don't have evidence I don't have the nerve to asked and be the cause of our problem. It happened to fast and he started to beat me whenever I fought back but because we have three kids I had to endure it.

But now he's not going home anymore,

His support to the kids was cut off too.

I don't know how to find a job when I still have a two-year-old child with me.

And two kids that are four and seven whose going to school in kindergarten and primary one.

With a heavy burden, I decided to try my luck if I can locate him.

I know where he work but the address where he lives isn't correct.

Feeling hopeless with little money left in my purse I decided to wait for him when he comes to work until he goes home. This where my foot bring me...

I'm sorry.." she uttered the last word like she did a very big mistake.

Ria felt she just woken up from a very bad dream.

She thought her experience last night was the worst thing that ever happened to her.

But hearing what Daisy said just now,

made her knees wobble and she can't help the trembling of her body.

Inside her head, she wanted to sympathize with Daisy but she can't form a word to say.

She was too shocked to what Daisy revealed that she wishes to disappear from where she's standing now.

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