Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-50 Life and Death

The person her mate called Pavel, bowed his head to her and Khrys.

“ My Lord,what can i do for you?”

“ Please give me some wisdom on how to deal with this” Khrys pointed out to the entity called incubus and has introduced himself as Sullivan.

“He claimed that his mate is a mortal and since I can't completely help due to the rules that i can't interfere with human life cycles and his part of the demon realm. How should i deal with this ?” Pavel glance to the incubus before staring back to Khrys.

“ My Lord I believe we should let the course of life do it's bidding.” He simply said without a hint of emotion in his face. Ria has to intervene knowing Ms. Jen can die she's not gonna sit idle and just simply bestow once faith just like that.

“Excuse me, I'm sorry but his mate is my friend,is there any other way at least if we can't save a life give me some options that suites them.” She plead, Pavel stared at her before a thick book appeared in his hand. The pages flip automatically and Ria held her breath unknowingly while patiently awaits for any resolution. The page stop and Pavel speak.” In our history of life and death no incubus choose to be sacred or loyal to their partners due to their habits of feeding in woman's life forces by having sex with them. This will be the first time that a demon like him would rather choose to die just because of a mate bond. Although we can't do much to change the course of his life but because his asking for his mate to be save. Lord Hades can give him some liberty a transmigration but in order for this to happen he has to die now and if your friend still love him in ten years time after paying his sin they can meet again. This is the last option that I could offer you.” Ria looked conflicted by the thoughts of it but if they are really meant for each other ten years can passed by in a blur. She suddenly had an idea to resolve the problem. Since Ms.Jen has no clue about his real identity and he has to die now then its best for them to see each other before parting ways.

“ Mr. Pavel I have an idea will it be possible for them to meet one last time? Before you send him in the afterlife can they bid goodbye?” Sullivan who was only listening ,suddenly look up to the Queen of unknown creatures, his eyes is filled with gratitude. Even him didn't thought of saying goodbye. He was too busy to find a solution to save his mate for the past weeks and was only contented to watch over her without showing his face. Meeting her again in his human form is the best gift he will ever received.

“ It shall be done, I will watch until they bid goodbye. Now it is up to you my lady if this will work.” Pavel left in a mist and Ria smiled staring back to the incubus.

“Mr. Sullivan, can you still show up as the man my friend knows?”

“ Yes, your majesty i can, please tell me what i need to do” Sullivan is beyond clouds knowing before he will die he can still touch those soft smooth skin and leave the woman he loves without regrets.

“ Well then, please go to the roof top of the building, it's half past twelve in the afternoon people who often take rest or have their lunch probably went back to their work place Ms. Jen still has half an hour to meet you.”

“ Yes, Your majesty i will go now.”

When Sullivan left Ria stared to her mate who silently watching her every move. Walking back to him she smiled and gently cupped is cheeks.

“ Are you mad my King?” Khrys didn't know if his going to laugh or be mad at her careless attitude. But seeing how she can handle things he could feel a soaring pride deep in his heart.

“ We can talk about it later when we're back in the condo for now catch the time my Queen.” Khrys gave her a hot kiss in the forehead. She nod her head and left the restroom when her mate finally disappeared. Now its time to pickup Ms. Jen, walking to her, she saw her friend was busy typing in her computer without second thought Ria approach her.

“ Ms. Jen, do you have a minute to spare?” She saw her friend look up in her wrist watch and was surprised to see the time.

“ Oh my, i didn't notice its lunch time already. I heard you resign today I don't know if i can see you again so lets go I'll grab this chance.” Even with her energetic voice and smile, Ria can see that her friends eyes look sad and empty. She's probably feeling depressed and betrayed for being left behind.

“ Would you mind, if we just go on the rooftop? I already fixed everything.” She gave her a smile and her friend just nod her head.

“ Well then, lets go.” She grab the arms of Ms. Jen and lead her to the elevator. Watching her carefully she start to pry and hope that her friend won't be offended.

“ Is something bothering you Ms. Jen? I'm so sorry if I'm being noisy but you know sometimes, some feelings has to be let out in order to ease those suffocating feeling.” Ms.Jen looked to her in surprise but then her eyes become sorrowful, letting go of her strong facade she used as a shield to protect herself.

“ Do you know why i can last long in this field when wolfs and perverted people are everywhere? I used my strong domineering look to avert their attention and to give them not to cross the line. But sadly one day i met someone, be became acquaintance and i fall in love with him. I let my guards down and here i am in a miserable state. He left the company and I don't know where to find him. I looked stupid right?” Ria felt her heart constrict with what her friend confess.” You don't, its just how all people react when they fall in love. Would you like to see him again?”

“ Yes, and no.haha, weird right? I yearn to see his gentle face but at the same time I don't want to because i might loose more than i could imagine. I'm a coward to face the truth.” Ms.Jen tried to smile but a streak of tears slipped her eyes down her cheeks. She quickly wipe it away but are rough still slip. “ Damn this eyes, I can't control it.” Sadness filled Ria’s heart. She pull her friend in her arm and the latter didn't refuse like she badly needed someone who would listen up to her but the sad reality of life is that only a few is blessed to have a friend that won't betray you or used your vulnerability to take advantage of it. She let Ms. Jen cry her heart out until they reach the rooftop. She tap her friends back and told her” We're here.”

“ Oh, I'm sorry i stain your blouse, I really don't know why i just lose my composure back then,but thank you.” Ria handed her a face wipe from her shoulder bag and smiled in understanding.

“ I'm glad you can let it out, now that you feel a bit better would you like to see someone? I think its best to know why things end up like this than let the time slip and wonder for the answer that can't be answered.” She turn her friend to side of the roof top were a bench under the shade of vine plants protection the people from the scorching heat of the sun. Ms. Jen gasped covering her mouth when she saw a familiar body built sitting alone in the bench.

“ How did?”

“ Shushed.” Ria silence her with her hand on her lips while urging her friend to walk. Even Ms. Jen didn't know how on earth did Ria find out everything but now that the person her heart longing to see is just a few step away from her . Her resolve breaks down,she bit her lower lips and started to walk crossing the distance between them.

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