Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-51 I love you, Goodbye

Ms. Jen story(please play I love you, Goodbye by juris in YT it’s fits so much to this chapter and even i felt teary while listening and re-reading this chapter.

Each step she take was like eternity before she can even think further the person she long to see turn his body and looked at her. Her heart seems to stop as tears stream down her cheeks. How long did she yearn to see this person? How many night she dream of him to touch her and feel his warm body entwined with her? Sullivan didn't wait anymore, the moment he saw her walking with tears in her eyes he couldn't help but meet her in between. He hugged her tight and kissed her temple.

“ I'm sorry, please don't cry anymore. It's breaking my heart, i was wrong please forgive me.”

“ Why did you leave? Why didn't you say anything? I was so worried about you that i almost asked a private investigator to search your whereabouts. Why are you doing this to me?” She pound his chest a few time before she push him away to take a closer looked on him. She gasped seeing how pale he looked and how thin he has become. With trembling hands she cupped his face and asked.

“ What's wrong with your face? Are you sick? Let's go see a doctor your look not ok.” All her questions is washed away just like that when she saw how sickly he is. In her eyes she thought if the wind blew harder maybe his going to be blown away far from her reach. There's this sickening feeling in her gut that's telling her his not gonna stay and she's scared deep inside that her instinct is correct. She grab his hand and was about to pulled him back to the elevator when he speak.

“ I'm leaving Ji,this time i might probably not come back. I don't want to hurt you but this might be the last time i would be seeing you. I don't want you to wait for me I'm not the one for you Ji, I'm sorry.” Those words struck her like a bolt of lightning. She didn't know what it's like to feel the world falling apart but now she knows. Its like everything turn black and white and the world seems so sad and lonely. She looked back at him trying to assess his words in her mind and at the same time she wanted to see how true it is. This only breaks her heart when she saw he mean it. She wish that she didn't meet him today maybe there's still a chance that he will come back to her. That one day he will knock on her door with angels breath flowers in his hand like he always does. She felt betrayed by him. Why does he have to show up if his going to leave her again it's much more better if he never show up anymore. She can't accept it and it's so painful that even breathing the same air with him is suffocating. She let go of his hand and start to build the strong facade she once let down for him. She turn her back ready to walk away, out of this hellish place. The need to be back home and curl up in her bed while crying till there's no tears anymore to brim in her eyes and exhaustion will lull her to sleep is much better than facing him. She took a few step when he speak.

“ I'm dying Ji, my family wants me to go abroad but i know my time is up. I really don't want to leave you but i have no choice. I want to be selfish but i know deep inside my heart i wish you can be happy without me. I— i love you so much that I'm willing to watch you from a far but I just realized it's better to say goodbye than let you wait for me. I'm sorry i cant be by your side even if I want to, Our time and faith is not in sync. But i will carry the little sweet memories we had in the afterlife—.” Sullivan was surprise when his mate run back to him and hugged him tight. He wanted to say more but her hearts breaking cry just made him to tear up too. He really wish to stay but he knew this the only way she could survive and maybe if they are really fated for each other he will once again see her beautiful smile that could brightened up his dull life. Being a demon who play with mortals heart and feed on them he never ones thought that there will be a day like this.

When he first saw her he only thought its good to play with a mortal that has a strong will. Though its hard to break but once it’s crack victory is much more pleasing than those woman who easily fall as his prey. He did his best to catch her attention, since she look very professional and strict he took step by step breaking those barrier she build to protect her heart. But once he felt that she's not only his prey but in fact his soulmate he couldn't make himself to hurt her. It's like in one moment he turn a different incubus god. His sister Sisica even brought him a few woman to feed on but he can't push himself to do so. He knows once he feed on other mortal his mate will feel an immense pain and he doesn't want to hurt nor betray her. So choosing to die for her sake is much more better than seeing her cry.

“ I don't believe you will die, but i will let you go. I will wait for you no matter what. So please don't forget to come back to me.” Sullivan pull out of their hug wiping her tears away.

“ I will try my best but if somehow you find someone, you don't have to wait for me. I would love more if you can be with somebody that can make you smile and feel love.”

“ It's easy for you to say, but have you ever thought about my feelings? You decided by your own to leave me when in fact if you only speak I will follow you till the end of the world. That's how much you sink in my heart and what should i do ? I can't fulfill your wish. You have to come back or else ill hunt you in the after life.” Sullivan couldn't take it anymore he cupped her face and gave her a passionate kiss that convey how much he love her and how much he would missed her touch and smile. The two remain hugging each other until Sullivan’s mate become somber. He knows it's time to let go. Looking to the Queen of unknown creature he smiled and nod his head. Later on the greatest grim reaper of the underworld show up together with his sister Sisica who will take over his throne. His time is up, sadly but he think about it in the brighter side that maybe one day him and Ji path will cross again.

“ I have to go now, promised me you will take good care of yourself. You look thinner than the last time i saw you. If you don't do what i say i will never show up again to you.” He threaten while smiling gently to her. His mate pull the hem of his shirt like she doesn't want him to go but he pull her hand gently and lay it on her lap.

“ Like you said, maybe i won't die so i will gamble and try my luck.” He caress her cheeks and Jen nod her head staring down on her clamps hand. He knows she's trying her best not to stop him and he need not to hesitate anymore or both of them will die. For her sake he need to go.

“ Take care Ji.” He can't utter i love you goodbye because his throat start to contrict and he could feel the urge to hug her again. He gather his will and started to walk it was then the Queen of the Unknown creature walk past him and hugged his mate who started to cry again. He gripped his hand tighter and walk faster until he reach the elevator. Mr. Pavel show up and his sister.

“Brother are you realy sure about this? You can still back out”

“ I already made up my mind, you will know why I'm doing this ones you find your mate too. Take good care of our kind and convey my worlds to the Queen. Tell her my deepest gratitude and that our kind acknowledge her. She have my blessing and may she succeed to her quest to be accepted by the Faye realm.” His sister nod her head and gave him a tight hug before Mr. Pavel speak.

“ Times up”

“ I'm ready.” When he closed his eyes the greatest grim reaper unlock his sword and in one swift his gone.

After bringing back Ms. Jen to her condo making sure she’s past asleep and was tuck good in her bed. Ria walk back to her own unit where her mate is waiting and a woman who look like a carbon copy of Sullivan. The woman bow her head.

“ Greetings your majesty, My name is Sisica i came here to convey my brother's message. We in the demon realm knows your kindness to one of our kind and we acknowledge you as the rightful Queen of the unknown creature.” Ria nod her head and says thank you. Although it's supposed to be a great achievement having the blessing she need to gain in order to stand by her mate side and twist her faith. Still her heart feels heavy. When Sisica left she felt Khrys warm hug behind her.

“ You did good, I'm proud of you. There's no other way,only time and their faith for each other can tell if they are realy meant to be together in the end.” His warm breath tickle her ears and cheeks. Turning around she meet his blue orbs and without a word they hug each other. To Ria there's nothing much more comforting than a warm hug when someone feels down.

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