Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-52 The Realm

Because of what happened to Ms. Jen, Ria and Khrys decided to stay for a month longer until Ms.Jen became emotionally stable. For a week her friend spent most of her time in her condo reminiscing about her past and Ria is occasionally there to check her friend's well being. A few weeks more and Ms. Jen gradually changed, Ria also didn't forget to call Daisy asking if everything was alright on her side. Daisy, who only met Ria for a day was delighted to receive her call and was so enthusiastic to tell all what happened to her in the past few weeks that they haven’t seen each other. Ria is happy to know that everything went well with her other friend, aside from Daisy not going back together with Micheal she was also surprised by her friend's ability to choose her own path. Given that she knows Micheal and Daisy is destined to be together like her and Khrys. Based on what her mate said, anyone who has a strong will to change their life can reserve their own faith and Daisy is one of them. Ria felt peace deep in her heart knowing her friend is brave enough to take care of herself and her family . Her frail demure and naivety is gone. She will never forget how her friend thanked her for being such an inspiration. She said without her protection and perseverance to fight for what is right Daisy will not realize her true worth and so she deliberately made up her mind and sever any ties connecting her and her husband.

Now that everything seems quite fine, Ria decided to leave Manila and start her quest to attain support from the rest of the mythical realm.Khrys said that there’s still two, the Faye realm which consists of fairy they are the one protecting nature’s and the animal habitat. Because nature is wide spread around the world their population is vast and they also have royal blue blood family while the majority of the Unknown creatures are immortal humans like wolves,vampires and those who are made by Lord Kronos. That includes Khrys and the Gods of Olympus. Knowing the last part is the most crucial one Khrys said to her that it's best to go with the Faye Realm. Ria spent her days studying when they got back to Khrys villa. She was once again be introduced to main servant of his place but this time in their true form Ria was not surprised anymore when’s he find out that Mr. Anton is a semi humanoid creature who lives in big trees and loves fireflies(Lampyridae). The old man said that those nocturnal beetles are sacred lights illuminating in the dark and were blessed by the moon goddess. His kind is called Tikbalang which Ria heard only as a part of her country’s folklore. The lady she met before whose name is Fai is actually a part of the Faye realm but because she grew up near the habitat of humans she is more comfortable to mingle with mortals than her own kind. Ria was surprised when she saw a real fairy who said that they have wings and as tiny as a baby's palm is not true. Fairy actually looks like a child not more than five years old with pointy ears and has sparkling dust flowing like rain just above their heads. Fai said that usually they grow older and taller as years pass by but because she’s living more in the human world her growth has stopped although she can still transform herself as a woman in her twenties and can do magical things such as cleaning the whole villa in a snap or grant people’s wishes. Because of this new knowledge Ria becomes more closer to them than when they first met. Fai and Mr. Anton is a lovely creature that only reminds her that her kind is the worst creation of the Gods. Humans are greedy for power and wealth. The constant competition by individuals, the jealousy and betrayal is normal. The only beautiful side is love,forgiveness,loyalty,appreciation and happiness. In short mortals are the imperfect kind ever made. Although Ria felt disappointment she pushed it aside and asked her mate further about the fairies and the unknown creatures. The latter was already complaining that she doesn’t have much time for him and she realized that she was overly consumed on how to change her fate that she already neglected her mates' needs. Knowing Khrys as a possessive impulsive King, Ria smiled thankful that her mate didn’t push her to do anything in those times when she lent a hand to her friends and even now that they went back to the place where she first gave herself to him. A wild idea came in her mind as she went to the bathroom to take a shower. Tonight she will satisfy his needs and she can’t stop the burning of her cheeks and the excitement when her mind becomes corrupted by lewd thoughts. When she comes out of the bathroom she wears only a thick fluffy bathrobe underneath the soft fabric she's stark-naked. Ria walked to her mate who was busy reading some documents on the lazy boy couch.

Sensing her presence and those freshly rose scent invading his sense of smell Khrys immediately averted his eyes from the documents and fixed his gaze on her little seductress walking seductively towards him. His eyes are shifting and his Gorgon side suddenly feels excited, he laid down the papers in his hand near the coffee table while he painstakingly awaits her mate's move. Finally Ria reaches the couch and climbs on it. She spread her legs on both sides as she sat on his mates lap. She purposely didn’t tie the knots on her bathrobe so a little movement naturally freed it and her nakedness is exposed to her mates eyes.

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