Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-53 Naughty Queen (18+)

Seeing this bold side of her mate,made the corner of Khrys lips lift up.

“ My Queen are you seducing me?” He teased while his hand slipped inside Ria’s robe grabbing her waist on both sides pressing her lower body to his awakened junior. She gasped feeling his hardness though Khrys still wore a white cotton shirt and pajama she can feel the heat radiating in his body and his minty scents that evade her sense of smell gives her the urge to be more bolder.

“ I missed you, why can’t I do the initiative?” She bent down and whispered to his ears before biting it. She felt his grip tightened on her waist and his breathing slowly became ranged.

“ I like it. Now less talking and let's do the work.” Khrys suddenly assaulted her mate with a hungry kiss. Her shriek in surprise is muffled under her mates mouth when she felt her body was lifted up she snake her hand around his neck and clung her legs in Khrys hips. They kissed until both landed on the king sized bed, he only let her go to remove all his clothes while Ria starred ,marveling in his tone physics. His sun kissed body looks luminous under the moonlight and Ria can't help but bite her lower lips when she sees that proud protruding thing. When she stared back on his face she could see his irises shift to his normal deep blue orbs to his Gorgon side. This indicates only that they are both present and there's a different kind of excitement arousing in the pit of her stomach. When Khrys hovered on her she gladly welcomed his hot kiss and their tongue gilded with each other and once in a while his mate would sucked her mouth like a thirsty king in a deserted place. Having enough of her sweet nectar he moves his warm lips prepping small kisses on her face ,jaw and down to her neck leaving small imprints of mark until it reaches her proud mounds and latch on one of it. She moaned in delight while brushing his hair. Her head is moving on both sides not knowing what to do her toe will curl when his tongue brushes on her hardened nippples,then she would deepen his head when he is sucking her breast like a hungry beast. His hand brushes her exposed skin until it glides down her wet folds. She wanted to clamp her leg but he positioned his lower body in the middle . He left her breast with a satisfied look on his face to his new masterpiece. He stared at her wet cave, his hand brushing her private part and her body arch in pleasure without further ado he went down, licking her navel that stimulates her already burning body with much more desire. He took his time kissing his way to her inner leg until finally it landed on her wet fold. Her moans became louder as wave after wave of indescribable pleasure filled her body. Khrys glorifies her licking and sucking her cunt while his hand cupped both her breast, molding and pinching her hardened nippples. The pleasure intensifies when slowly Ria reaches her first climax her body convulses until it relaxes.she wanted to push Khrys away from her now sensitive part when the godly king didn’t stop and another wave of pleasure brought her to heaven and back to earth.She was supposed to be the one giving him pleasure but it seems like it's the opposite. She hadn't gathered enough oxygen when Khrys thrust his huge manhood inside of her, she hitched her breath when in one swift move he filled her womb completely. She tried to relax her muscles but when he started to glide in and out of her Ria can't help but scratch his back. His hand lifted her butt urging her to move her body. Before she even realized it her body was already meeting his thrust halfway both moaning in pleasure. His phase increased and Ria couldn’t help but to tighten her inner muscle living her mate in pleasure. Every time he deepened himself to her, her womb will squeeze his manhood making it more excited and protrude even more.

“ Ohh” Ria made a sound, feeling her cave expanding, whenever his thing hit her spot she can’t help but call his name. He quickened his move until both reach the epitome of pleasure. Khrys didn’t pull out his little junior inside of her and Ria knows this night will be filled with rounds and rounds of pleasure until Ria’s couldn’t keep up with him and almost lose her consciousness. Tired she felt Khrys carry her to the bathroom and gently lay her in the bathtub they both sink in it and she let out a sigh feeling her sore muscles relaxed. After cleaning her Khrys brought her back to a clean bed with new beddings and a blanket. Ria couldn’t take it anymore so after she was tucked in bed and Khrys pulled her naked body to him she lay her head on his chest. His beating heart seems like a lullaby that lull her in dreamland. The next morning she wakes up and the room is still covered with thick curtains preventing any sunlight to come inside the room. Since she didn’t have a chance to pleasure him Ria’s greenmind has an idea. She went under the blanket and started licking his thing. It hardened under her palm together with a horse moan from her mate which brought her a delightful feeling. She put his thick shaft inside her mouth and Khrys flipped the blanket. He watches Ria suck his thing in and out, loving the position of her naked body between his legs. Her proud breast brushing on his thigh creates skin friction to run in every fiber of his body. The way she’s watching him with intense passion burning in her eyes awakens his beastly side. He grunt again when she managed to swallow him whole. Her small mouth and tongue gliding on his shaft feel so good that slowly he reaches his peak. She sucked him empty but Ria was surprised when she thought it’s over and was about to leave the bed. Khrys grabbed her arm and pulled her back to the bed she shrieked in shock but then it turned into pleasure once he started pouncing on her rigorously. They made love until she collapsed in exhaustion. The next thing when she woke up it was almost dawn. She wasn’t surprised anymore when she noticed she’s not naked anymore when she tried to stand up her knees almost gave in and her legs were trembling. In her frustration she curses Khrys. This godly king doesn't know how to stop when his beastly side is awakened and Ria would always end up almost bed ridden for a day. A few minutes passed and the door in their room opened, her mate looking normal as usual like he wasn’t even worn out from their wild session. He carried a tray in his hand and was even smiling like his teasing her. Seeing this Ria grab a pillow and aim it at him. He quickly averted her attacks and laughed. He put the tray on the table and walked to her.

“ I hate you! You're so unfair!” She said with pouty lips.

“ I’m sorry, I brought you food.” He kissed her temple and hugged her from behind burying his head in her hair inhaling her rosy scent. Ria made a sigh knowing she can’t escape from his overly possessive side and his obsession with her. A mortal woman would run away from him but she’s different. In fact she loved every bit of him.

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