Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-54 Faye Realm

Ria and Khrys traveled to the Faye Realm, on the way is very mystical when you see places changing in a split second. Rain falls, Huge trees and vast forests. Then when they stop there's actually a town though it's not like in humans world the Faye kind looked like humans it's just that they are beyond humans beauty. A girl selling silk clothes made from a rare kind of silkworm can pass as a beauty Queen with her slender body and almost porcelain doll-like skin. The only difference is that they have pointed ears. The ladies carry a vibe of independence and men carry out a dignified look even though they are normal sellers of concoction,medicinal herbs and rare food. Khrys explains it's a special food for mythical creatures. Many would travel to this town here just to buy nourishment for their body. Passing by they seem not to pay attention to them even after they reach the end of the market. A burly man with a serene look on his face dresses in a unique uniform which reminds Ria of those people serving the royalty family back in the human world bow his head and direct us to a fairytale like chariot. Khrys gave the Faye men a nod and didn't say anything, so Ria obediently followed him inside the luxurious century old theme of transportation. The travel seems not that bumpy but instead she felt they floated in the air. Bewildered, she pushed the small curtain and confirmed her thought. They are indeed ascending high and steady looking down; she saw vast green forestry that seems to never end until her sight caught a sight of a pure white luminous marbled castle. It's enchanting and when they land the greetings are grand with all women and men serving the place bowing to them in unison.

“ Hail to the King of Unknown Creature all glory to the mythical realm” Ria felt goosebumps all over in her body while staring in awe at her mate. This similar things happened also whenever Khrys will enter the Villar Empire building. She can't help but feel pride surging to her body. It seems like her mate felt her intense gaze as he looked at her with gentleness in his eyes . He lowered his face until Ria could feel the tickle of his warm breath fanning on her ears and the side of her cheek.

“Don't you know staring at me like that is very alluring? It makes me feel hungry for you, my Queen.” Instantly her face blushed, afraid that the crowd in front of them might hear her mate's blunt statement . She didn't answer back but focused her face to the end where an elegant elderly woman was slowly walking toward them. The lady with her soft yet dignified voice instructs the servants to go back to their position and everyone walk away in a mannered way almost like even their footsteps can't be heard.

“ Lord Chrysaor, I didn't expect your untimely visit,may I know who is the lady besides you.” Although the elegant woman in front of them gave Ria a glance there's this uncovered hostility in her voice. She felt uncomfortable with her scrutinizing gaze but Ria didn't back down. It just reminds her that she's no longer the ordinary mortal in the human world and she's mated to the King of the Unknown Creatures. Khrys People has to acknowledge her as their rightful Queen. She managed her posture and bowed her head, “ Greetings My lady, my name is Ria mated to the Unknown King.” The elderly woman didn't quite expect her tactful response.She can see the latter eyes waver for a fleeting moment but it returned back to her classic demure mask with her true emotion.

“ Please come inside, we prepared a meal for the two of you, My son is unwell so I will be your host.” The woman walked, not waiting for them. Ria stared at Khrys to ask his opinion but the damn godly mate of her just gave her a mischievous smile while grabbing her hand entwining it with him. His face returns back to its stoic look, a vibe that can ward off anyone who wants to approach him. Entering the palace is so enchanting everything is glimmering in gold and silver. But at every corner there's beautiful scented flowers in place. The Faye Royal Servant led them to a luxurious dining hall where the Elderly woman stood waiting for us.

“ Please have a seat” The elderly woman said. We took the right side and the woman seated in the center of a wide dining table. Such luxury and extravagant food seems to make Ria's stomach upset. Not because she's nervous but the sight of a meal almost bursting out of a table is such a waste. Khrys can't eat too much and neither can she. She feels pity for it and wishes this meal can be shared by others who badly needed it the most.

“ Seems like Lady Ria dislikes the food would you like a change of course we can prepare it to a mortal liking.”

“ Queen Necia my mate is my Queen i think you should address her as Queen Ria though she is still a mortal but my Uncle Hades and Uncle Sol,My two Aunt the Goddess of Faith and Destiny has blessed her and before the demised of the Demon King in demon realm she wis acknowledge as an equal ruler. I will appreciate it if you can give your blessing too and we can still keep the balance of the mythical realm.”

“ Hmp! You do know Lord Chrysaor that we respect your ruling as our King but, aren't you a bit too much? Have you forgotten that my son is beyond repair because of a mortal Queen married to one of the highest Royal blooded unknown creatures? Bringing a mortal will only trigger my son's painful unbinding.” Ria saw for the first time the unmasked feeling of the ruler of Faye Realm. As a mother it must be hard for her to see her own child in a miserable state. She doesn't know how badly hurt the prince but she knows far too well how sacred the bonds are for the mythical creatures. She felt the changes in the atmosphere and the chilling feeling Khrys letting out of his body is just a sign that he's mad. Alarm Ria grabs her mates arm pressing it gently. This seems to lighten the dark aura looming in the dining hall. Before Ria could speak her mind a gentle voice seeming like an angel echoed in the room.

“ Mother! Chrysaor my friend! It's been a long time I haven't seen you—wait who is this Goddess next to you?” The man looked around more than thirty's, his eyes seeming like a calm nature and his face has an exquisite look with long black hair tied up like in ancient civilization in the Asian region.He has an outstanding body built that can make an unmated female of this kingdom fight to be his mate.

“ Son! i told you Mother will handle this.” The Queen of Faye realm stood up in astonishment. She deliberately misled her son to visit the south region upon knowing the King of Unknown creature is visiting with his mortal mate.

“ Mother let me handle this, i know you worry about me but I'm fine. Besides such a prestigious guess like my friend Chrysaor and her mate needs someone of their age don't you think so? Please Lady Tae accompany my mother back to her chamber.”

“ Yes Prince Klouse.” The lady in waiting walked to the Queen and led her back to her room. Ria has a new discovery, although the Queen has authority in this place the prince seems to have more power than his mother. The Queen didn't utter a word of defiance but she seems hurt.

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