Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -55 Prince Klouse

Prince Klouse took the chair that her mother left and smiled at us. He put his elbow on the table with both hands clamped together while he rested his chin on it. If you looked at him for a long time he seems like a picturesque beauty.

“ Sorry for my mother’s behavior, now this is a rare chance to finally see my friend here. Lord Chrysaor very well behaved and finally found his mate so let's toast to that!” He cheered and lifted his goblet.

Khrys lifted his own glass and so Ria did the same. Prince Klouse is a very charismatic and well entertaining host that all end up smiling while talking and eating which Ria appreciated. This manner reminds her of her origin and the fact that the Prince doesn't act like a royal seems to lighten her heart. She thought the Faye realm would be in good hands if ever he accepted the throne as a king and a father of his realm. Time tickled and it was already past eight o’clock in the evening. Ria excused herself and left the two men to talk; they seemed to have many things to catch up with and she decided to walk in the garden to help digest the food they ate. Although she felt uneasy with three lady servants walking behind her she continued to walk until she saw a bench and took a seat on it. She glanced around the beautiful garden and smiled. She didn’t know how long she sat there when she heard a few footsteps toward her direction. She looked on to see who was approaching her and was surprised by the two men laughing while both arms placed on each other's shoulders. Ria can’t help but be infected by these two whose statutes are high in society but doesn’t care at all. Their brotherhood is a lot deeper than what Ria thought.

“ Ah,There is your mate, let's go. I will show you guys your room.” Ria uttered a thank you word while walking to her mate's side.

“ My Queen, did you wait long?”

“ No, I’m enjoying the nice scenery of this palace, what did you drink? You looked so waisted?” Ria wanted to scold him but seeing Khrys looking relaxed and happy she can’t make herself angry. At least his having fun though things seem darker for their future. She'd rather set it aside just to see him happy. Ria didn’t know this is how it feels like to truly love someone. Her heart will thump and her stomach will churn in delight whenever she sees him happy or smiling at her. His little tricks and antics when he wants to cuddle her in his arms always melt her heart. Under the moonlight her genuine happiness radiated that Khrys cupped her face.

“ You know my Queen, I love you so much.” He kissed her temple and lost his balance. Luckily Ria is not a normal human anymore otherwise she will be crushed by her mate's sluggish body.

“ Ahem! Excuse me but you guys still know I’m here right?” Prince Klouse has a mischief smile while staring at the couple.

“ Prince Klouse, did you guys drink some magical potion, I never saw my mate so drunk like this.” Ria tried to have a normal conversation with the Prince since she doesn’t know yet how to attain his recognition that she’s now the Queen of the unknown creature.

“ It's a special drink that is only reserved for your mate.”

“ Oh, I see. Thank you.” They walked back inside the palace and went to the designated room for her and Khrys . The Prince helps her bring Khrys to the bed after fixing her mate. She walked to the chamber door and bowed her head to the Prince.

“ Thank you for your hospitality Prince Klouse.”

“ Please address me like a friend does , Even without asking I will definitely acknowledge you as the rightful Queen so you don’t have to worry about it.” Ria was shocked upon hearing it. She wonders what these two talk about that its so easy to attain the Prince acknowledgement. She was still pondering if everything was that so easy when she heard the latter speak again.

“ Queen of Unknown Creatures, may i ask you one question and please do honestly answer it.” Glancing up Ria saw the sadness in the prince's eyes. He might try to hide it for the sake of other people that he loves and doesn’t want to worry about him but deep inside he was hurting emotionally. The pain is embedded deep down his soul. It was almost the same when Ria’s life crumbled in the ground after knowing the person she trusted wholeheartedly used her only and dumped her like trash after. Looking back to her mate seeing him deep in sleep she closed the door and asked the prince.

“ Will Lord Klouse accept my invitation to have tea while talking?” Price Klouse chuckled and waved his hand in a motion for her to lead the way. Ria walked down the wide staircase and went to a parlor room.

“ Served us the best age peppermint tea.”

“ Yes, your majesty.”

She and the Prince sit in the wide balcony staring at the vast clear sky. When the servant left after serving their drink Ria took her cup of tea and smelled it. She took a sip of it. The tea reminds her of her mate and surprisingly it does really taste good.

“ Please forgive me Prince Klouse i am not accustomed to this royalty vibe but this tea is indeed something.” She complemented.

“ Glad you like it. I will ask the servants to pack some of it as my gift to you.”

“ That’s not really necessary,but thank you. Please go on ask me that question you wanted to ask I will give you an honest answer.”

“ Hmn, you are starting to act just like a Queen,” Prince Klouse gave her a remark while sipping his own tea.

“ Well I can't help it, I must be strong to be able to help my mate.” Ria felt nostalgic when she remembered her future. Prince Klouse stared at her for a moment before stretching his arm and straightening his bent leg.

“ Well what would you do if the great God of Olympus asked you to choose when things went wrong and Chrysaor life is in danger?”

“ Your majesty i don’t know how to answer that, can you please elaborate your question.”

“ It's like this, what if they asked you to choose to forget Chrysaor to save his life or choose to die to save his life. What will you choose?” Ria pounded for the right answer but thinking about it gives her a heartache. Facing the royalty in front of her she said. “ I won’t choose and let them play with my life. Neither of the two option is good. I can’t live without Khrys and I know my mate feels the same. I will face them and if things don’t go well I am happy to die with my mate.” Hearing her answer Prince Klouse laugh boom in the palace like something that was burdening him inside was lifted up from his body.

“ Lady Ria ,You surprise me. I know you heard about me, I was a cunning prince in my youth and I fell in love with a mortal Queen who truly loves her mate. I deceived her and when she finally realized it she wanted to take her life saying the same words you just uttered. I don’t want to lose her so I let her go but I received the news that she and her mate died and I was the cause of her insanity. I keep it in my heart and still think if i just took one step further she will be mine and she won't suffer death without knowing the person he hated the most was her one true mate that she used to threaten me with her life.” A streak of tears slipped on those perfectly sculpted faces. Ria can feel his pain and sorrow of losing someone he loves the most to the point that he actually gave up his love just to see her happy. He must have carried it all along blaming himself that this is the reason why that person died. Ria patted Prince Klouse,back when a surge of heat was emitted in her body. Flash back to the Prince's past life resurfaced in her mind. It was then she truly understood his pain.

“ I am not an expert in love but I must say, you're brave enough to let go of her and I think it's time to move on. Khrys must have told you that Goddess of Destiny and Faith has blessed me with their power, I just saw the past and the coming future. You don’t have to worry about them because they will meet again and this time they will end up together no matter what problem they encounter.” Ria lay down the empty cup of tea and smiled as she stood up.

“ As for you, I’ve seen you happy with your real mate that you didn’t force in your life. So let it go Klouse this is an advice from a friend. Goodnight.” She knows it will take time for him to absorb all the information she said so it’s time to leave . She waves her hand to the dazed Prince and walks out of the parlor room. She went back where her mate was sleeping. She bathed herself and after drying her hair she slipped in Khrys arm who instinctively snuggled his head on her chest.

“ What took you so long, I missed you” Ria smiled and brushed her mate's silky smooth hair. “ Sleep more my love I’m here, I miss you too.” She kissed his head and continued to knead Khrys scalp until she heard his calm breathing.

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