Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter 56- Part 2.

Ria wakes up moaning and when she opens her eyes there’s this huge thing underneath the thick blanket.

“Oh gosh, Khrys?! We are not in the villa you need to—oh!” Her toe curled up as her upper body rose up and an electrifying tingling sensation started to build in her core. There’s no more complaints coming in her mouth just moaning that she tries to suppress by grabbing a pillow to muffle the sound. The damn brute kept teasing her, by licking her wet cave in a fast rough motion and then slowly he would stop and suck her lower crown. She came faster than she thought. Ria gasped when there’s no warning and Khrys went on top of her. He thrust his huge thing moaning in pleasure feeling his shaft filled with her warm tight hole. The blanket slowly slid down showing off her mate's muscular body, his broad shoulders and his arms muscle when it flexed whenever he dug deeper in her look so sexy and Ria seemed to burn in heat she wanted more and more of him inside her. He never stopped pounding on her in all different positions and she can’t count anymore how many times they both cum. Khrys would give her some time off but then again his magical hand never stopped groping, puddling her already sensitive body. When he hears her moan he would thrust again to her and Ria can’t say no to him because deep inside she loves how his hand and mouth glorify her body. They did it a few more times before Ria fell asleep from a huge orgasm. The next thing she felt is the relaxing warm water with rose petals and scented oil on it. It soothed her body and she saw Khrys diligently cleaning her. She smiled feeling her heart swell with warmth and love. She never would have thought that accepting him would not only change her life but completely her perspective in life. Before she’s just sailing in the ocean depending on where the wind blew. Then slowly she starts to use the paddle and chooses where she wants to go. She’s now more confident in herself. She even can help other people that wasn’t possible if she let the waves determine her path. Ria felt overwhelmed that she didn't know her hand lifted up caressing her mate's face.Warm tears stream down her cheeks as she smiled at him lovingly.

“ What’s wrong my Queen? Are you hurting somewhere? I’m sorry when you're with me. I can't stop myself from devouring you completely.” She chuckles as the man who makes her feel like a real woman and treats her with love and respect, wipe her tears and embrace her.

“ You dummy, if you really want to know, open the door in my mind.” She said as she snuggled in his arm feeling like she’s about to melt underneath him. When she felt something click in her head and Khrys pulled her out of his hug. There’s a childish smile in his face as he cupped her cheeks and kissed her so slow like his savoring every minute that their lips are attached to each other. He only let her go when Ria was out of breath. Ria can feel something poking her belly and she stares at her mate who has a mischievous smile etched on his face.

“ Can we do it next time please? Times out now, Remember we're not in the villa or in your palace.” Ria tried to reason out with him and Khrys nodded his head in agreement. She smiled at him and gave her mate a sounding kiss on his lips.

“ Now let's go—oh!” Ria was glad he grabbed her on time or she would fall badly on the marbled floor. She glanced behind, pinching his arm. This damn beast almost made her crippled again. “Sorry I brought the healing potion with me, here i'll help you apply it in the bed.” He said before carrying her in a bridal style. True to his words he really applied the potion once he wore a robe and wrapped her in towels making sure she's all dry up and wont catch a cold. She smiled watching how he took good care of her. Her mind drifted in thoughts of how good he would be as a father. Suddenly she felt giddily just thinking that her godly king was holding their baby in his arms. What a nice view, a surge of sadness thug in her heart when she remembered her faith. No. She won't let the tides drift her apart from her future family and loved ones. She will break her faith no matter what.

After they had a meal at lunch with Queen Necia and Prince Klouse they bid them goodbye since time is precious and in the mythical realm the hour’s is too slow than in the earthy world. One day here is like a week in the mortal realm so two days means two weeks. She wanted to fix everything. Both mother and son send them off, the Queen even hugs her saying her gratitude for making her son smile for real and laugh wholeheartedly. Prince Klouse came back to his usual self, Ria felt happy that again she can help others.

“ Ah, mother you’re making me feel awkward here. Stopped spilling my dirty laundry or I won't have a face anymore to see the King and Queen of Unknown Creatures.”

“ Shut up! You don’t know how many years you’ve made this old lady worry about you and your future.” The Queen banter with her son made Khrys and Ria smile at each other.

“ So, You guys are having fun with it huh? I bet my friend here made his Queen stay in bed for far too long. You guys can only join us for lunch.” Prince Klouse teases, making Ria smile blushing awkwardly while pinching the side of her mate.

“ I didn’t have much time with her last night because someone took her time away from me, Mind your own business and i think Queen Necia will make you busy after we leave.” Khrys meaningful answer. Ria was even clueless until they rode the carriage and traveled back to the mortal realm. When she asked about it, even her can’t help but laugh imagining the prince running away to a bunch of hungry ladies ready to pounce on him just to be his wife. Poor prince. They were laying in the bed after showering together, her head is on his chest while her mate is playing in some strand of her. She really loves this kind of peace that she wishes time could freeze. She snuggled more to his body wrapping her legs to him. Khrys gave her a kiss on the head. The atmosphere changes when her mate speaks.

“ My Queen, tomorrow we will meet the unknown creature. I prepped a dress for you and this time it will be held in my castle. You will meet many people like vampires, the great Wizard, Lady Petula the descendant of Merlin,my family on my mother’s Gorgons side.” He calmly said. Ria sat on the bed bewildered when she heard the news. She didn’t know that the fantasy romance book she’s reading about vampires, witches or wizards is real. Then she suddenly thought about something. “ Khrys how about the werewolf? Are they not real?” Khrys has a crestfallen face when she mentions the word. The room became silent and It took him a few minutes before he finally answered her questions.

“ They live where your family lives now, have you noticed in the night that the moon always glows in that place like sunshine?” Her mate walked out of the bed and opened their balcony allowing a cold breeze to drape in their skin. She followed him and hugged her mate from behind.

“ What’s wrong my King, tell me I’ll listen to everything you say” She urged him.

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