Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-57 Surprise

Ria heard his mate sigh like his in deep thoughts. She waited until Khrys started to talk and grab her hand to position her in front of him overviewing the luminous clear sky. Stars are like sparkling diamonds and the moon always has this nostalgic vibe on it.

“ My aunt, the goddess of moon, is the most pure and kind-hearted goddess ever created. From her moon castle Ajax mountain captured her attention. The tribe of people who live there will always offer something to her when they catch more than enough that they can consume. Touched by their love she blessed these people with the abilities a normal human doesn’t have. They are called the Gray Wolf, a shifter in the night. They are still human just like vampires but the hybrid one.” Ria leaned into her mate's broad chest and hum.

“ She sounds like an angel to my ears.”

“ Yes, She does, even my Uncle Hades with a stone heart fell in love with her beauty and kindness. My Uncle even hires Lady Petula, the last descendant of Merlin, the greatest wizard to create an invisible cape and a potion that can hide his true identity. Whenever it’s full moon my aunt will descend from her castle to mingle with the tribe just like a normal mortal but everyone knows she’s different and that she’s their benefactor. So they treated her with extra care. When my uncle disguised himself and managed to blend in with the gray wolf tribe. He met my aunt and found out that they are soulmates. Because my aunt doesn’t know who my uncle is, she decided to protect him and their love went deeper when Goddess Luna gave her purity to him. Things escalated and went to the higher ups.”

“ You mean the Gods and Goddesses of Olympus?”

“ Yes.” Ria kept quite eager to hear more about the story. Khrys felt a bit jealous that his Queen is a big fan of his Uncle. She even said that she read a lot of fantasy romance books about his Uncle. But seeing how enthusiastic his mate is he still continued on.

“ Persephone is madly in love with my uncle and she can’t accept that my Aunt bears the fruit of my Uncle’s love. His name can’t be mentioned but he is condemned to sleep for eternity until his mate can wake him up in his deep slumber. The battle started when my Uncle tried to protect his love, but Zeus is much more powerful than him at that time. In order to save my uncle Goddess Luna accepted her faith of being imprisoned in her moon castle after she gave birth and will not be allowed to see both her son and mate.” There was a solemn moment after Khrys said it.

Ria felt sad for Luna Goddess and realized something, even the gods are not perfect. Even the Gods have to sacrifice something to save their loved ones.

“ When do you think we will go into battle my love,” Ria asked.

“ The moon shines not so bright like it used to, Persephone tampered with her father’s order and the chain in my aunts ankle which is made my the gnomes is sucking her life forced that is why my Uncle is gathering all the creatures that Lord Kronos (Cronus) created on his side but the most important part is the awakening of my cousin. Born in the mortal realm, Son of the most powerful God of the Underworld world and a child who has the blood of the moon goddess which is made by the love left in Lord Kronos heart before he tries to devour his own flesh and blood my cousin much more powerful than three siblings, in short only him can fight with Zeus and we will fight the other gods which is far less powerful.” Hearing this made Ria feel goosebumps all over her body she turned around and stared at her mate with a determined look.

“ Khrys, No matter what happened just know that I don’t like to be left behind nor will I let you die on my behalf. We are mates bound with soul and blood. I’d rather die with you so don’t leave my side and let's fight together, promise me this.” Ria raised her hand and showed her pinky finger . Khrys wanted to laugh but the seriousness of his mate diminished it. With equal desire both mates sealed a deal to die together or to live. No one will leave each other. That’s how much love they have and it was evident when both sealed their promise with a hot passionate kiss it was so long like it would be the last time they could savour each other before the storm came.

Ria woke up early in the morning when she heard the sounds of utensils and things used in the kitchen. She wasn’t surprised anymore that the room she slept in was changed. Khrys probably brought her to his palace when she fell asleep. When she glanced around she didn’t see her mate but a beautiful baby blue gown or should she say it’s a wedding dress? It was so beautiful in off blue color with lace shoulders and sleeves. It was embroidered with gold from the top and at the end of it creating a royalty vibe yet still fashionable to wear. When she walks out of the bed and stops in front of it, her hand traces the fabric elated when she imagined herself actually wearing the dress. Her eyes then caught something sparkling and saw a glass jewelry box inside of it is a set of blue green and yellow topaz drop earrings and a snake style sinuous spiral white gold necklace that fit perfectly with the gown. Ria shrieked in shock when in one moment a hand wrapped around her waist and a soft warm lips kissed her neck and shoulder.

“ You sneaky King!” She slapped the hand laying on her midsection but the brute didn’t even bulge and continued to prep her with butterfly kisses. She started to giggle when he didn’t stop and the growing stubble tickled her skin.

“Khrys stopped..” She weakly begged because if he doesn't , those ticklish feelings will turn her on and she doesn’t want to engage in excessive exercise with the damn king. She knows there’s a lot to do today and many guests will appear. Not to mention that this is not an ordinary party all attendants are royalties and unknown creatures which is why Ria felt uneasy.

“ I see you’re nervous, have some faith in my love, you’re my Queen no one will dare to defy me in my own palace besides I haven’t heard anything from you.” Khrys made pouty lips turning his mate around. Ria placed her hand loosely on his neck as she smiled brightly. She knows how needy this person is in front of her and really does like to hear her compliments when he does something for her.

“ The dress looked gorgeous. I feel like I don’t fit this kind of elegance.”

“ Nonsense, you’re beautiful even with this messy bed hair.’’ He smoothly traced his mate's nose “ Don’t you know that in my eyes you're something I couldn’t afford to buy even with all the wealth I have. When you accepted me from who I am, I felt like I’m still dreaming that I would often wake up just to check if you're still in my arms.” He kissed her lips and turned her around.

“ See that? You owned it. Tonight’s party is on you so you better make me proud and let the other’s envy your beauty, my Queen. Now I know you want to help but I need you to stay here in our room until someone picks you up.” Ria’s brows furrowed not understanding what her mates meant. She hasn't won the heart of the Unknown creature,in fact she doesn't have a clue on how to approach them. So how can he let her just stay and do nothing?!

“ Khrys, I can't just stay here at least let me do something? You’ve known me already, No. I’ll go take a shower and help with the preparation.” Ria was about to go to the bathroom when Khrys stopped her.

“ Please can you once listen to me? Don’t you have any trust in me?” Khrys looked very disappointed that Ria felt her heart was hurting.

“ That’s not what I mean you know that,” She crossed the distance between them and hugged him. She could feel his heart erratic beating and she didn't understand why he was acting like this. “ You know I trust you and fine, for today I will listen to you.” She gave in which made the damn brute smile from ears to ears.

“ Great! Now Fay will accompany you and I will not leave you with nothing to do, here come look.” Ria was surprised when Khrys opened one of the doors connected to their room. She saw a bunch of piled papers in the office desk Khrys push her down to sit in the chair . She gave him a confused look but he just smiled. “ Now this is some papers from the company and I just need you to read them and approve those you think will benefit our company and put aside those that are not good.”

“ Seriously? I mean i have to do this when I don’t even know how to approach your kind?”

“ My Queen listened to me, we have been gone for a long time and I still have a business where many people rely on for their daily living. If my company goes down, what do you think will happen to my employees?” Ria bit her lower lips feeling a bit guilty because ever since she found out about her faith and how everything will end up to her in the future. Her focus was only to fulfill what Goddess of Destiny said and that's to prove her worth. She dragged Khrys everywhere and has been letting his right hand and trusted assistance to take care of the company. She realized how selfish she has become.

“ I’m sorry, ok i will help you with this, tell Fay to bring my meal here, how about you? Have you eaten breakfast?” She asked, still feeling guilty but Khrys just pat her head and kissed her temple.

“ You don’t have to, I love watching how you solve things. It makes me think I should do my best too. I’ll be joining you for breakfast my Queen so I can start my day also”

“ That sounds good to me, and thank you.” She said blushing from her mate compliment. Sigh, a person in love can feel she or he is in cloud nine whenever their loved ones acknowledge them.

Hi everyone, expect a surprise chapter after this. Sorry for being absent. I am in the hospital for the fast few days and even more this week too. Don’t worry it wasn’t me who is sick but the love of my life. So please have some patience in me.



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