Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-58 The Unexpected

Although Ria feels unsure about being left behind to do only small things to help her mate like the file of papers in front of her she still diligently looks over it making sure there’s no loopholes in the contract. Fay assisted her in filing those who will benefit the company for a longer term and those stocks they should acquire and invest money in. Time tickled and it was almost sunset. In her mate's office there is a big sliding glass door and you can view the scenery outside. She noticed the trees with a shade of orange on its leaves from the sunlight. She stretches her arms up and her job is done and she needs to shower the party will start at eight o’clock in the evening. She still had time to prepare herself and asked Fay to help with the hairstyle she wanted.

“ Wow, my lady, I didn’t know you're a workaholic once you start to do something. Even me was indulge with work and surprisingly I enjoyed it more than cleaning the palace or the villa.” Fay chirps while they arrange the chair and both walk out of Khrys study room.

“ If you like you can go with me to the office after all of the things that needed to be done are finished. I hope everything will go well as planned.” She hopefully thought while watching Fay mixing the water with something and together with her power she created a very nice fragrant, it smells can ease your mind and she can’t wait to dip her body into it.” Fay gave a thumbs up when she’s done and left the bathroom.

“ Enjoy your bath my lady i will wait for you to assist with your makeup and hair” she wink and Ria can’t help but remember her sister Ruby. She patted the fairies head like she's patting a kid.

“ Thanks Fay, your the best”

After being alone she took off her robe and nightdress, this morning she didn’t even have the time to shower before having breakfast with Khrys. Her mate wanted things to be done quickly and she understood him very well. This gathering is not what people will think of it. Many immortals and royalties will attend it and even the most powerful one will be present. She needs to prove to them that she’s worthy of being the Queen of unknown creatures. She doesn't know how but she trusts her gut feeling. She pushes her thoughts aside and finally dips her body in the water, she sighs heavenly wondering what kind of magic Fay did to make this bathtub like a luxurious spa. After soaking on it for quite a while she decided that it's time to face the battle field. When she came out she saw Fay patiently waiting for her in her large dressing room. There’s various branded makeup on top of her vanity and the dress whe saw this morning is there too.

“ Fay, i only wanted my hair blow dry and be braided with some loose hair in the front to match the dress and for the make up just make it simple because I really don’t like heavy cosmetics on my face.”

“ Yes my lady, it shall be done the way you wanted it. Please have a seat.” She followed what Fay said and watched in awe as she did her work meticulously like a pro makeup artist. Indeed she looked like she didn’t wear makeup, it's almost skin like and she can’t help but me mesmerized by how she looked. It’s no wonder that many women like this thing. It could turn a simple person to look like someone else. Even she felt a boost after the makeup was done. Her lips are tainted with a mixture of nude and pink rough color, her eyes are curled up, her brows are aligned perfectly and her cheeks have a sheer color not so pink or red but enough to give a vibe of a natural healthy looking cheeks.

When all is done and it’s time to wear her dress Ria feels her stomach twirl in excitement. She doesn't know why and she’s supposed to be nervous but instead of being anxious she’s actually smiling. Fay helped her out in wearing the dress and zipped it up. She was surprised at how soft it felt in her skin and when she put on her white and gold lace shoes. They matched perfectly! When Fay gave her the glass jewelry box and she started to put it on her heart started to beat erratically. Thoughts of getting married came across her mind but she pushed it aside. Married or not with papers or just mutual agreement this thing won’t bind people together. In the mortal realm it does matter but she likes more this mate bonds and soul binding. If one die the other would likely do the same, they stick together through thick and thin and no one is cheating. That’s more important than a piece of paper that can be burned or torn apart. Finally Fay pulled a wall-like mirror covered by a curtain and she saw someone she actually didn’t recognize. She gasped wanting to pinch her cheeks but decided to do it on her hip.

“ Ouch!” She hissed, looked at her reflection in the mirror and to Fay. She can see that the fairy was trying to hold herself not to laugh.

“ It’s ok Fay, you can laugh, i actually find myself funny too” after that they both laugh.

“ You looked like a goddess my Lady, I’m sure the king will be pleased to see you but we still lack one thing, here put this on since I help you, I want you to wear this flower crown.” Ria looked so beautiful when Fay added the last touch to her outfit.

“ Fay, don't I look like I’m trying hard? I feel like we're not attending a banquet but actually a wedding.”

“ My Lady, You're the Queen of Unknown Creatures, your beauty should be compared to a fairy goddess, don’t forget this is not a mortal gathering. Now take one last look and see if it’s over done.” Fay turns her around to face the big mirror wall and indeed the little Faye is right. It was not over the top but a more serene look. She has a vibe of a royalty yet her face is very approaching and pure.

“ Thanks Fay.” She’s very grateful that there’s someone in this place that can assist her not only that she treated Fay like her friend. She loves her honesty and sincerity, she would sometimes act like a kid but her smile can brighten anyone’s mood.

After scanning a few times herself in the mirror Fay announced that it was time for them to move. To her surprise Fay put on something like thick fabric over her.

“Fay, what is this all about? Why is this on me? What’s going on?”

“ My Lady, your existence as a mortal has not yet been known to all, so the king asked me to put this on you. Don’t worry, I will guide you all the way to the dining hall. Please do cooperate because I will be punished if something wrong happens to you. Besides this will block your scent and no one can see you. Now give me your hand and let's go.” Fay guided her from walking. She can hear the distant music and the chattering of voices but she can’t see anything. All she knows is that they are going somewhere until she smells the grass and wood. The evening wind is freely blowing on the exposed skin in her foot.

WTF?! she thought they were going to the palace dining hall? did the venue change and instead it was held in the palace garden?

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