Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-59 Part -2

Everything became quite like the world suddenly stopped,Ria felt her heart will burst from its rapid beating. Then in one moment someone pulled the fabric off of her, surprise it took her a few seconds before she managed to pull herself together. A piano music played like a serenade creating a beautiful atmosphere when she scans the surroundings she's too shocked to even speak. The palace garden was turned into a garden like wedding theme, there's too many buckwheat flowers which symbolize as lover’s. She can see many immortals that she dont recognize and some whom she just meet in a span of a month. What makes her puzzled is her parents appearance. Ruby is wearing a simple yet almost similar look to her dress even her mother. Her father and Seiya are both wearing a barong (native Philippines national dress for men) a thin long sleeve formal shirt with embroidery woven either with abaca or pineapple leaves. This type of clothes is worn on wedding occasions or in high functions involving high politicians. She noticed Ms. Jen’s presence too, she's wearing the same dress as her sister and all the other immortal’s is spread on both sides which means she's standing in the middle of them. A warm hand grabbed her waist and a minty scent invaded her nose. She felt the growing anxiety became less knowing her mate was there. She instantly turned and was about to snake her hand around Khrys neck when she realized he was wearing the same clothings like her father and Sei. The only difference is that he is wearing a black modern style of barong with golden embroidery similar to hers. His sleek hair is brushed up messily while he smiles at her from ears to ears. Her heart almost made a jump out of her chest seeing those deep ocean orbs dangling with excitement.

“ Khrys, what’s going on?” She asked not understanding what was really happening.

“ First,This flower is for you, my Queen.” His mate handed her a bouquet of buckwheat flowers.

“ Today not only will you meet the unknown creatures but this is also our wedding. I’m sorry if I startled you but before everything else i wanted to give you something that mortal woman dream off. Marry me my Queen.” Khrys bent down on one knee while holding both of her hands. Ria felt tears start to brim down her cheeks which was gently wiped off by Fay who stood again by her side. She didn't care anymore how the little fairy disappeared. All her mind could think off is that her man, her mate, is asking for her hand, a proposal before a wedding is held is something new and surprising. Although everything seems to be quite fast it doesn't matter anymore. She knows too that nothing will assure her future and probably this might be the last time she can indulge herself in her own fantasy and happiness. Khrys already told her that at any moment his cousin will wake up, if it’s happened then they are at war with the Gods of Olympus. Pushing her thoughts of the future aside, She uttered ‘Yes. and everyone clapped their hands. They seemed so happy that the mood of the place became more romantic. She saw Khrys smile like a sunshine in the dreamy garden. He kissed both her nuckles before standing up; they both walked in the pathway in the middle of almost a hundred immortals. When they reached the end Ria saw Goddess of Destiny and three more unknown immortals, on the right corner her friend Ms. Jen has a smile on her face standing together with her family. Ria’s mother is crying in the arms of her father while Sei and Ruru are like popsicle sticks that are glued together. When she saw Khrys bowing down to the immortals in front of them she copied him knowing they must be highly respected since even their presence alone is oozing with a powerful energy.

“ Uncle Hades, Uncle Sol ,Aunt Faith and Aunt Destiny, I am formally introducing my matching soul, Queen Ria, Please bless our union.”

“ Look at us young lady.” Lord Hades said and Ria stared at him straight in the eyes. Although she’s afraid of him she can’t show any weakness. Looking at his obsidian eyes is like staring at the gate of hell. It was terrifying but if it's cast that aside you can actually see fatigue despite his godly handsome face. He's actually sad and lonely. A smirk form in the corner of Lord Hades lips. “Hey Sol, look at this boy, he already has a wise woman as his Queen, how about you? When can we expect you to find one?” Lord Sol has a persona like a stone cold god. His eyes are like the sun, he wore less clothing like an egytian Feiro with high pointed nose and prominent cheekbones, he has a sun kissed skin and thin lips. He didn't utter a word but patted Khrys shoulder before leaving. She heard Khrys utterred thank you uncle grabbing her hand. She could feel the warmth spreading from him to her. It's very comforting since she was actually scared facing all of these mighty gods she can only read in the fiction book. She can't even believe how she can still stand there without collapsing from shock.

“ Don’t poke at him causin, he came out of his castle just for this and now you send him away.” Goddess of Destiny whispered before tapping Ria’s shoulder.

“ Queen Ria, take good care of this unruly King, You have my blessing ever since the day you finally acknowledged who you are and what duty is vested on your shoulder. I’m off too, I still have some unfinished business to resolve. Have fun everyone.” and with that there's only two more gods left. The Goddess of Faith has thick glasses that cover her true beauty. She has porcelain skin with a very long black shiny hair. She’s like a gem that hides her true beauty behind those rimmed glasses and old fashion clothings.

“ Since my sister is gone I will bid my goodbye too, Queen Ria destiny is what you choose but if you pursue things that’s what you call faith. Your determination, I admired it so much. In a small period of time you just didn't defy what’s destined to other people’s life but you gave them hope. Hope that after the pain they’ve been through something great awaits them.” Ria felt a surging power when the Goddess took her right hand and Khrys left hand. She put them on top of each other and said.

“ May your union be blessed in this lifetime to Eternity.” Lord Hade took the place of Goddess of Faith and cast a spell. Ria felt a burning sensation but didn’t dare to grab the center of her chest where her heart was beating. Soon the pain subsided and when the god of the underworld released their hands she automatically touched where she felt the pain. A rounded embedded mark was in there although she can't see it in the mirror she knows it was something that ties her soul to Khrys just like what the god of faith said.

“ Every pure soul who tries to defy the gods rules and write their own story has this mark. It’s a bind that will make both of you meet each other in this lifetime to another. Whether you know the past or you both are completely strangers destiny will bring you together and faith will make your love bloom for eternity.” After that even Lord Hades left. A nostalgic feeling enveloped the newly wed couple , although it’s their wedding it seems like those Goddesses did not only blessed them but they also created a bind that even if Ria and Khrys left this world. They will meet again and again no matter how long it is. She felt his mate held her hand tighter. Looking at each other like they have the same thoughts they both turn around and raise their entwined hand. Everyone cheered for them and the party started. Khrys introduces her to the last and pure blooded night walker named King Theo who belongs to the immortal realm that mingles with humans. He also introduced his friend that has a semi human mate with vampire blood in her. They are Queen Maricella and King Dalton. The couples seem to love each other so much that Ria could even feel King Dalton's jealousy towards King Theo. She found out that the two almost caused havoc to the world but it was fixed a long time ago. “ Please do visit us in the demon world, i would be glad to see you again Queen Ria.”

“ Thank you so much, I will once everything is settled.” Ria smiled genuinely. It's nice to know she’s not the only one who became royalty in a fairytale like story. The greetings and pleasantries lasted for many hours. She meets many immortals from vampire to demon ,white witches to the fairy realm and many more . Wine and food is over flowing together with the laughters and what she thought is a test seems to be just mingling with the immortals. Khrys and Seiya looked more on good terms together as they both pulled her and Ruru to introduce them to their aunt on their mother's side. She met the two older siblings of Lady Medusa and they both changed their appearance but Ria can see their true form due to her power given by those who blessed their union. She bowed her head in a form of respect to them.

“ I see you had in possession the hair of my sister, keep it and it will protect you from harm.” Lady Sthen said looking at her hand. Since it's a heirloom from her mate's mother although she was wearing a necklace she didn’t forget to attach it in her wrist like a bracelet. “ Thank you both for accepting our kind and for loving these two. We felt blessed and truly happy after a long time of grieving our sister's death. Now we can finally rest assured someone is loving them just like their mother did when they were not yet born.” Lady Euryl had had tears of happiness in her eyes.

“ We will love them with all our heart, we promised right, Ruru?” Ria asked her sister who bobbed her head. “ Yes, who else can love my mate who has a very stubborn and unrealistic possessiveness in him. Sigh”

“ My dear Ruru is the right aunt, I wish we can get married too and have many kids looking like my mate.”

“ Hey what do you think of me, a dog or a pig?” The two continued bantering while entertaining Seiy and Khrys aunts.

Meanwhile Ria and her mate left to see her parents and friend . Her mom is with Ms Jen and Sisica who plays a role as a human working in the interior design team. She gave an oath to protect her brother's mate and she's doing it diligently. Although Ms. Jen feels like everything is strange in her eyes; she's only seeing the immortals as human beings like her.

“ This might be nothing but I hope you will like it. I'm grateful that I am invited to this grand wedding. You looked like a fairy with your gown Ria, I wish you all the best wishes.” They both hugged each other for a long time. Ms Jen seems coping up with the loss of her mate and she seems to touch her belly unconsciously.

“ Jen, am I expecting a bundle of joy, you seem glowing. Thank you for this gift. I will treasure it.”

“I am actually 3 weeks pregnant, how did you know it? I haven’t said anything to anyone.” Ms. Jen looks like a red tomato from blushing. Ria can't help the joyous feeling of knowing her friend find a new reason to live and move on with her life.

“ Silly, you're too obvious, rubbing or touching your flat belly of course anyone could guess that. Don’t forget I’m the godmother ok?”

“ Well, that’s pretty clear, I will send you an invitation” Ria smiled and touched her friend's belly. “ May you grow up lovingly and fill your mom's heart with lots of happiness and love.” She said. After they exchanged a few more conversations she excused herself and pulled her mate to finally have a talk to her mother and father. A warm hug and the calming scent of a mother invaded her nose, her mom kissed her forehead and his father tapped her shoulder acting like a tough man but Ria still gave him a hug which he didn’t refuse. There were even a few tears that managed to slip in his eyes.

“ Take good care of my daughter Khrys and don’t forget you and your brother is a family to us. When things are over, you all has to visit us in Ajax mountain.”

“ Yes father, We will.” To Ria’s ears it’s like a promise coming from his mate and she felt a surge of determination that they will win and all can be back to normal again.

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