Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-6*Unexpected turn of event*

Ria didn't know how she manages to go to the office.

She only remembers, telling Mrs.Daisy to take care of herself.

Next thing Ria know she was already sitting on her chair staring at her small cactus plant in dazed.

Her mind was in chaos, too many things to rethink and she knows she had to plan everything carefully.

Especially now that she's alone again and has nobody to lean on.

She felt like she went back to the beginning.

Ria let out a heavy sigh.

“ Fine! There's a benefit also for being alone.." she tried to consoles herself.

A few minutes later Ria heard Ms. Jen calling for her.

Ria immediately knows it’s time to face her boss.

She took the documents Mr. Cuenca gave to her yesterday.

When she passed by in Secretary Jen's office table the later gave her a timid smile which Ria return, smiling back too.

Nervous, she took in and out deep breaths to ease the twirling tension inside her body.

She experienced too many things today the fact that Micheal turns her as his mistress makes her want to vomit by the awful feeling of having a relationship with a married man.

The fact that she gave her purity, trust, and love to him.

Ria felt stupid of herself!

She really wanted to breakdown, to cry till her body went numb and there’s no more tears to shed.

Her soul feels empty like it's in an abyss of darkness.

Everything went crumbling within twenty-four hours.

Her dream, her love was just thrown in the bin just like that!

Although Ria gets a chance to prove her worth but the price to pay for it is so big if she doesn’t have a strong will to survive Ria won’t be here anymore.

This just proves that this world is filled with everything!

Cruelty, love, un loyalty, desperation,

hunger for money and fame. People are indeed imperfect.

She felt victimized by Michael but she can't blame it all to him.

In Ria's mind, she's at fault also.

Very naive to believe there are still good honest men in this world and Ria didn't even investigate him.

There are some flaws but she turns a blind eye to this.

If she looked thoroughly into it, maybe just maybe she would have caught him much early than two and half years!

Ria felt a new wave of headaches coming in.

She tried to avert her mind to the task that she needs to do today.

Throw all the negative thoughts away.

Be professional.

You can do this Ria!

You're strong!

You're brave!

She keeps on uttering those words until she reaches the elevator going one floor up. Her boss likes to be alone most of the time so Secretary Jen, stays one floor lower than him.

All of her colleague has their own personal small office. Only Ria is the only one without it.

They just gave her a table and a chair in the corner next to a decorated yellow-green snake plant. It was very unfair, but because she doesn’t have any real identity in the office, she can’t complain about it. Ria was already happy to see the office room of the interior design team. She would sometimes imagine herself pointing a stick or using a laser to point out the detailed map and blueprints taped on the whiteboard or projected on the wall. It just saddens her when they notice that she's glancing at them while they tackle a task, some would close the blinds so Ria won't see what they are doing. If it's happen’s, Ria would only smile and think of them acting very childish.

Even though she can see it through the glass wall, the room is soundproof and Ria isn't blessed to read words coming out through their mouth without hearing it. The ding sound of the elevator brought Ria back to reality.

She quickly walks to her boss's office door, she knocks twice but her brows furrowed when she heard a woman's voice inside. It seems like they are arguing. One moment later Ria saw the door went open. She quickly stepped aside and bowed her head when she saw Ms. Cindy Cuenca the head of the interior design team, based on Ria's observation Ms. Cindy is fuming with anger.

“So this woman here is the one you appointed to this task?”

Ms. Cindy crosses the distance between them tilting Ria's chin with force.

“I’ll tell you what bitch, remember my face well because this might be the last time you would see me. You’re just a nobody in this company. Don’t think for a moment that your dirty tricks will succeed.” Hearing how Ms. Cindy looked down on her. She slapped her hands off from her chin. They can look down on her for all she cared. But no one is allowed to hurt her physically. Last night was enough!

Ms. Cindy was shocked by what Ria did she took one step backward while holding her hand. Based on what Ria heard about Ms. Cindy's attitude towards other people.

She's the type of person who used her position and connection to step on others. Especially to a new employee like her. That surprised look says everything. It might be her first time to experienced that someone would dare fight against her or worst physically return back what she did. Well, today she chooses the wrong one to mess with. Ria took one step closer to Ms. Cindy and says.

” I may be a nobody in this company and I know you look so tiny of me Ms. Cindy but I never step nor degrade others just because I'm angry. Please excuse me, I have an appointment with Mr. Charles.” Ria saw how Ms. Cindy's face turn reddish like at any moment she will explode in anger. But just her luck, Ria's boss catch on time so the argument won't continue.

“Ms. Santiago please come in, don’t mind that witch, and shut the door. Ohh wait, do it with a loud bang please.” There's a devilish smile on Mr. Cuenca’s eyes. Without hesitation, I did what I was told and we all heard how Ms. Cindy shout like a madwoman outside.

” You dare fucking insult me! Just wait that I get home Charles..I'll let the whole clan knows your dirty secret! faggot!” After that, Ria heard no more sounds coming from the outside. Ria was a bit surprised when she saw Mr. Cuenca clapping his hand.

“ Oh dear, Yesterday I was surprised by your gutsy attitude but today you impressed me. No one dares to speak with that witch cousin of mine. Only you dear, Now I’m confident that you will get this proposal done squeaky clean.” Mr. Cuenca taps his table. On top of it was another manila envelope. Ria gave him a small smile, she's not yet accustomed to how casual her boss is talking to her.

”May I know what's inside of this Sir?” Ria went sitting on the chair next to her boss office table.

”There's a hotel accommodations wherein Mr. Villar building situated, it's good for a month but it's up to you if you like to stay in your parent's place. Money for food and other expenses is included. Let's not forget your travel ticket back and fort.” Ria nods her head and gladly took the manila envelope from her boss's office table.

” Anything you want to add more Ms. Santiago? You seem very happy to know I'm giving you a month away from the office. Care to share something?”

”Oh no, Sir it's just that it would be my first time to handle this huge proposal and my emotions have gone haywire. One question Sir, do I still have a payment while I'm in the field?” Ria couldn't help to fidget on her seat while waiting for her boss to answer her question.

”Why, yes of course?! Your daily salary won't be affected by this. You will be paid fairly. Don't worry about that and just focus on the task at hand. I wish you all the good luck. May you succeed so we all get what we wanted.”

”Well then, Thank you, Sir, for trusting this to me. Rest assured, I'll do my very best. Although it still puzzled me why this certain Mr. Villar chooses me who has no experience at all in this field, I will still grab this opportunity. My name and my work is at stake here, plus I badly needed it now because of some personal issues. Once again thank you sir” Ria stood up and bowed her head in a form of respect and appreciation.

”Very well, since your mouth is tightly sealed to tell me what's bothering you. I will respect your personal privacy. I hope everything goes smoothly. See you within a month dear,”

”Thank you, Sir. If there's nothing else I'll take my leave then.”

”Nope that's all Ms. Santiago, oh by the way. Your ticket is book for tomorrow at six o'clock in the morning so I think you better go home and pack your thing” Mr. Cuenca gave her a mischievous smile. Ria almost rolled her eyes, this boss of her is really something.

You will never guess what's up inside his head.

”Thanks for letting me know sir, I'll sign a leave form to Ms. Jen.”

”No need Ms. Santiago, everything is done. I knew you would agree by the looks in your eyes yesterday so I fixed everything from last night already. Ciao” with mouth agape Ria just nods her head and exits Mr. Cuenca's office.

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