Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter -60 The Awakening

After the wedding was finished and everyone left, Khrys brought her to the peak of Mount Ajax. There she saw a huge castle in magnificent structure. A woman greeted them at the entrance “ Lord Chrysaor, we didn't get a notice that you will visit the Gray castle. Good evening My Lady. Please allow me to lead you in your room.” Says the lady who looked around in her mid sixties. She bowed her head in respect to them and her face has this professional look that you can't even read what's her thoughts or emotions. They continue walking inside while Ria scanned the surroundings in a mannered way. She notices a man's portrait standing proudly with a woman sitting in a very luxurious chair.Their hands held each other and you can see the warmth and love in their eyes.

“ Did my brother arrive Lady Isabel?”

“ No, my Lord, that is why I didn't know you will come. Here we are, would the two of you like us to prepare a meal or some refreshments ?” Lady Isabel asked.

“ No, I just want my mate to see this place and we already ate. Thank you Lady Isabel.”

“The pleasure is mine,Lord Chrysaor, The weather isn't very pleasing please remain in the safety of the castle for the sake of your Queen.” The elderly woman's meaningful words caught Ria’s attention. But she didn't ask what's wrong? instead she waited for her to leave.

“ I’ll keep that in mind thanks again Lady Isabel.” Both couples watched as Isabel gave a courteous nod and left in the far corridor after showing their room. Curious after entering the chamber which is not so big compared to Khrys. The place wasn’t lacking anything a guest could wish for. Actually it is thirty times better than a five star hotel in the mortal world.

Having mutual understanding Khrys knows her mate wanted to ask some questions so he decided to explain it before Ria could even ask. “ I can feel the turmoil underneath the earth. I hope Seiya can come back at the right time.”

“ What do you mean Khrys? What is wrong?.”

“ Something’s felt off and the forest is restless, i don't know if i am right but I guess my cousin’s mate who died a hundred years ago is finally found by my Aunt Destiny.”

“ Do you mean the beautiful lady in the luxurious chair with a very prominent and domereing look that matches your cousin’s characteristic face? Is she the one?”

“ She is indeed, A warrior with a strong greywolf alpha’s bloodline in her body she was named the Rouge Queen in her past life but God’s aren’t happy with them specially my Uncle’s Hades daughter who feels jealous that her father looks up only to his son. She stole a mage potion and that’s how my cousin ended up in the deep slumber.” Ria felt the urge to see where does her mates cousins is laying,

“ Is it possible to take a peek to where your cousin is resting?.”

“ We can but that means we are disobeying the oldest tribal priestess of this palace. She may look like in her mid sixties but actually she age slower than a human and she's about a hundred fifty years old. She was the one who discovered the real identity of my Aunt Luna, and despite the fact that she can tell it to anybody she chose to close her mouth which my Aunt appreciated.”

“ So she is someone we can’t offend then?.”

“ Yes and No,” Ria’s brows crunch up and his mate raises his thumb to rub her forehead to prevent the crease from forming on it.

“ I mean,she’s probably back in her tribe down in the mountain, This place is made specially by my uncles when you're inside even that almighty lecherous deity cant see what’s happening inside. If I used my human part we can actually walk without anyone tracking us.” Ria’s face lits up hearing what her mates said.

“ So are we in for something dangerous or fun?”

“ I really don’t like the word dangerous but I know what’s running inside your mind my Queen. You are curious as to where my cousins are held right? He was stabbed by a dagger in the forest, under an ancient tree where he always rests together with his mate.” While talking Khrys took her hand and brought her out of their chamber. He led her to a hallway similar to a labyrinth. When they reached the dead end she saw his hand gave off some of his power and the wall sucked it in, to her surprise just like watching a magical movie a door was formed. the cold midnight wind blew to their body and they both walked out of the castle. Ria took a deep breath loving the fresh oxygen cascading in her exposed skin. When they came here they just changed their clothes to a more casual attire. She wears jeans, a blouse and a hoodie jacket. While Khrys wore a strekking suit and both couples had Novadry shoes. It's useful for walking down the mountain with ease. When they are almost near the location of the ancient tree a huge lightning bolt hit a tall tree a few distance ahead of them which almost made Ria’s heart jump out of her chest. The ground started to tremble and a big fire quickly spread around due to the wind.

“ We have to go back, it's too dangerous here. Let’s go” Khrys held her hand tightly and they were about to shift back to the castle when a bright light and running horses appeared in the sky. She saw her mate's stiff face and to her surprise he changed to his Gorgon side with a full armored suit clad in his body.

“ Khrys what's happening?” She grabs the handle of her sword attached on her back and draws it out. “ Golden Army of mount Olympus.” They are here to check if my cousin has awakened. Damn it! I’m sorry my Queen, this is all my fault.” Chrysaor's deep voice felt conflicted.

“ Sooner or later we have to face them too so there’s no need to apologize. I have been training for this time. Let's see how good I have become combined with the power vested in me.” She tried to lighten the mood and not to distract her mate.

“ Lets focus on what lies ahead.” She grabs the back of her mate's head and turns his face to her. She tiptoe kissed him before uttering “ I love you” . Their kiss didn't last ten second she let him go and stared at him with pure determination in her eyes. She dreamed of this day for countless nights. At first it seems like a nightmare for her but after having the same dream all the time. She thinks of it as a preparation for what is going to happen to her. Ria thought if she succumbs in fear then not only her, but her loved ones life will be in misery. She will not allow it; her pure resolve of breaking her destiny keeps her mind alerted of their surroundings and something inside of her is set free. She felt a surge of power deep within herself is immiting in her body even her mate took a glance at her with amazement.

“ You manage to break free from your mortal shell. My guts is right, you’re the only one fitted to be my Queen, After this lets go home in our kingdom.” Chrysaor gave her a proud smile and she nodded her head. “ Yes, let's go home.” Their conversation halted when finally an armored white horse with a speed of lightning stopped in front of them. The purebred stallion morphe as a human and for the first time Ria witnessed Seiya’s true form.

“ We don't have much time, hurry ride on me brother and sister in law!” Seiya turned himself to a sturdy white stallion again. Without hesitation Chrysaor took her hand and together they rode on Seiya’s. Her mate patted his brother's body “ This time we will fight together brother. hai!” he pulled the rained and let Ria grip on it.

“ Hold on tight my Queen. I need you to assist me if ever they stop us.”

“ I understand.” Ria rearranged her sword belt and attached it on her side ready incase she needed to pull it out in any minute.

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