Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-61 Defying The God of Olympus

Chapter-61 Finale

Seiya started to move and gallop in the air,Ria felt the wind burn her skin because of the speed faster than the light. But even before they could leave the Ajax mountain they felt a strong barrier stopping them. When they check the surroundings the golden army of Zeus seized them with multiple golden chains on both sides. All three weren't prepared for it; they thought they couldn’t catch them because of how fast Seiya can run. Chrysaor barks with authority while trying to break free from the chain binds in his body. “ What’s the meaning of this?” He glared at them while one from the army stepped in.

“ Lord Chrysaor, we have a restraining order from the higher ups, the three of you are accused of revolting from the rules set by Lord Zeus. We are here to escort you all to the Olympian palace.” Ria felt her heart beating faster even though Khrys is powerful, fighting against six sturdy army of gods seems not a good idea. Besides they are bound with a chain similar to what her mate had told her. She tried to convey her message to him and it seems like her mate understood her.“Fine, but free us in this chain.We all know what this thing is capable of.” He meaningfully said. Although the one army of Zeus who spoke to them seems unfazed he did release them.

“ We are only following what Lord Zeus said. You can mediate with him when you meet. As a king of unknown creatures,l supposed you will uphold to your words Lord Chrysaor.” Finally they are released and nothing feels better than sensing their suck power coming back. With an unpredictable idea popping in his mind, Khrys touches his brother and holds his mate's waist tighter. In a blink of an eye the three vanished into thin air. Ria felt an overwhelming power in her surroundings, all she knows is that she reckoned her mate's touch and then the second time she opens her eyes they are now in a place as white as snow, the structure of the surrounding can be compared to the late roman empire. Ria felt gooseflesh all over her body when her gaze fell to someone that felt so powerful she couldn't stand looking at him. Seiya transforms himself back to his human form but Chrysaor remains in his clad suit. The two looked overly serious while staring at the same direction she's looking at.

A huge, perfectly rounded white marble table and a pile of deity’s sitting in a luxurious silver chair on both opposite sides stared at them. In the middle of it, there are two insignificant chairs more shiny than the rest. It is in solid gold, sitting on it is beyond the world in comparison. No to be exact it’s incomparable beauty for a man and a woman who sit next together. The man is quite serious with elegance and power exuding on him, he's wearing a golden armored suit which defines his muscular build while the lady next to him is wearing a white beach bohemian dress. Her beauty is not worthy to be defined because nothing can describe how beautiful she is. With a glowing elegance she stared at them quite fascinated.

“ It seems to me that Lord Chrysaor broke another rule I set upon you. Tell me where’s my golden army?” Khrys pulled his mate behind him while his brother stood next to him with hatred written all over his face.

“ On what ground did you have the right to bestow a rule on me Uncle? If I remember correctly the trace of my mother's bloodline goes back to Lord Kronos. Your petty rules don't apply to me.”

“ Insolence brat! You will die in my hands.” Athena abruptly stood out of her chair unleashing her sword ready to jump and make a blow.

“ Patience, Athena, This place is sacred. I don't want it to be soiled.”

“ Apologies My Lord.” Zeus waves his hand and everyone is shifted to a Roman-like arena for gladiators to fight with glory. Khrys didn’t bulge nor there’s no trace of fear that can be noticed in him. In fact he even looked relaxed which soothed his two companions.

“ Now, here is much more better, Tell me boy, what makes you think you can retaliate against me? Are you aware that by disrespecting me I can have your head and condemn your mate, her family in eternal damnation.” Hearing this Ria spoke her meaning, she can’t just stand listening to a God who talks about his creation like it's just a piece of chess he can easily disregard.

“ Excuse me, sir, I thought you're the one who created us? I don't quite understand, how can you play with our life like we are worth nothing? I know we are sinful but you made us like that. You're the most superior amongst us so I highly anticipated that you would have a bigger heart just like when we glorify you for creating us and everything in this world.” She breathed a heavy breath after speaking. The aura of Zeus is quite suffocating for her as she’s not really meant to be here. Her body could only stand in this place because she received the gifts from the two aunts of her mate and Lord Hades.

“ Your mate has a lot of guts. I wonder if she can still speak after you lost your life, Athena teaches them a lesson.” Zeus sat on his golden throne while Hera quietly observed the scene in front of her. The other deities that Ria is quite not familiar with remain standing. While they stood inside the arena, she watched as the glorious war goddess ascended on the battlefield with her huge sword and strong shield.

“ Today i will put your sluggish brain back to normal and make you all realize that no one is allowed to defy Lord Zeus.” Seiya spit on the ground with a mocking smile in his face.

“ You talk too much for a war god, I say let's do this!” The three of them nod in agreement they all stood in a fighting stance. Ria unleashes her sword, gipping it tightly.

“ Let’s do our best and never regret anything.” She screams and they charge at the same time. Chrysaor shifted behind Athena while Seiya and Ria charged in front. Athena swings her sword blocking the strong kick that Seiya throws at her while Ria bends down baring her sword aiming to the Goddess' legs. Being the god of war Athena dodge their attacks when she felt something slashed her back. She Quickly stomps her foot and jumps high in the sky but the moment she’s in the mid air Chrysaor was there too giving her a powerful blow with his fist. She quickly shielded her body using her armor but what shocked her the most is that she didn’t expect it to be that powerful. It's enough to push her back on the ground. Seeing this unbelievable scene unfolding in front of him Zeus start to grip the armrest of his throne. Athena didn’t show any surprise; she quickly stood up like nothing happened and had a sinister smile on her beautiful face. She aims her attacks to the most weak one and the most important person in Chrysaor life’s knowing her demise means the end of the game. She aimed her sword in Ria’s heart but before she could reach her Chrysaor was already in her peripheral vision blocking her attack. He shielded the attack with his left armored hand. Knowing how powerful the attack, his armor breaks and the blade of the goddess reaches his flesh.

“ No!?” Ria screams in horror seeing the blood dripping down on her mate's arm to the tip of his finger until it falls in the ground. Seiya was quick to attack giving a powerful combination of a hand fist and a kick. Athena blocked it easily and was about to give a blow of her sword when Chrysaor swung his bloody arms making the blood smear everywhere. Athena didn’t expect it and was not in time to shield her face. The blood reaches her eyes causing her immediate blindness. It was then she realized why the boy uses his left arm. It was the poison one that could kill immortals. She didn’t make a fuss nor will she show that she’s affected by losing her sight. For Athena what matters most is to please her creator, her father like. She can’t display any weakness because she's the mighty god of war!

“ Nice, trick but that won’t make me cower in fear. Now the real fight is about to happen, show me all you got!” She said using her power to sense the movement on the ground. Three footsteps, No! How could it be? There’s six footsteps vibrating in the ground. Before Athena could swing her sword all the footsteps were gone. Ria rode on the back of Seiya as he transformed in his true form. While Chrysaor floats in the air using his sword he shifts just a few inches from Athena and slashes her. Athena blocks it but the second attack was too fast for her to dodge. Ria gave all her best and strength in one blow of her sword. It hit the shield and her hand trembled in pain from the impact. Her sword cracked and Athena was about to hit her in her chest luckily Seiya was quick to move away. Athena clenched her teeth hating what is happening now. It’s quite embarrassing that three kids can actually inflict pain on her and she’s in quite a disadvantageous situation. Seeing this Zeus stood up from his throne raising his hand the sky became darker and a lightning bolts appeared in his hand. He throws it to the arena, hitting Chrysaor, Ria and Seiya. They all fly at the farthest end. All three lay limp on the ground Zeus was about to hit them again but Athena spoke.

“ Lord Zeus, please don’t do this. A warrior fight must be done with honor. I won’t accept this.”

“ Silence! You're a disgrace! There’s only two petty immortals and half immortal and look how you end up?” Athena felt her body shaking and her heart hurt hearing those words from her father figure. Zeus is ranging in furry that veins are visible in his face and neck. He throws his lighting volts that will surely end the life of those eyesore when a trident blocks it away.

“ What’s the meaning of this brother?” Zeus cannot believe that Poseidon will show up and block his attack. He didn’t expect that his brother would actually care for his children from that hideous creature.

“ Brother, are you trying to kill my children? I spent my life under the sea realm to appease you and I was hoping you would let my children go. But now, seeing those murderous looks in your eyes. I see you won't let them live peacefully. If that's so, why don’t you count me in the battle.”

“ Are you retaliating on me too?” Zeus asked.

“ His not alone, me and the other Gods too.” To everyone’s surprise Lord Hades appears together with the goddess of Destiny, Faith and Sol.

“ Count me in. Sorry I’m a bit late because my mate ran away. Long time no see Uncle Zeus. I Think it’s time I settled a score with you for casting away my mother and for using your granddaughter to trick and kill my mate in her past life.”

Ria felt her whole body ache but she still tried to move and grab her mate's face next to her, Khrys looked pale and she remembered that he actually blocked with his body the impact of the lightning bolts. Without him she and Seiya would have died already.

“ Khrys, open your eyes please.” She whispered almost choking when she felt his mate light almost to none breathing.

“ Brother, wake up!”

“ His fine he just lost consciousness and his life force is almost drained from blocking that attack.” Goddess of Destiny bends down and opens a potion that looks familiar in Ria’s eyes. It's the same potion Khrys often used on her to ease her pain. Goddess of Destiny let the potion drip down on Khrys partly open mouth and empty it. Within a few seconds she heard her mates breathing normally and opened his eyes.

“ You're not hurt right.” There's tenderness in his eyes while cupping Ria’s cheeks.

“ No, I’m fine thanks to you my love.” Tears freely stream down her face thankful that her mate is safe.

“ Sei, leave this place and let us finish what you guys started.” Aeluis Seth spoke.

“ But causin-.”

“ Bring them back to Ajax mountain and wait for us, be good Sei your brother and his mate is not safe here. You're the only one that can move faster, I trust that you will protect them.” Goddess of Destiny cut his word, Seiya didn’t argue anymore seeing his brother’s mate need help and Chrysaor is not stable yet to fight back again.

“ Have faith in me Aunt. I will bring them home safe and sound.”

“ Very well we cast a safety barrier so the golden army won't have a chance to stop you, Now off you go.” Seiya nodded his head, transforming himself in his true form and let the two lay on his back. The moment he felt they were steady he galloped in the air and in a blink of an eye they were gone.

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