Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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The sun shines brightly on Ria’s face,to block it away she turns to her right side and traces with her hand the space next to her. When she felt it was cold and empty she grunt in dismay. Khrys must have gone to the office. She pushes her lazy body to move out of the bed and walk to the bathroom. Lately Khrys has been more active than he used to be saying he is not getting any younger anymore and he needs to hurry up and produce a little me or a small version of him. Ria didn’t deny the fact that she too loves the idea of having a child with her mate. It’s already a blessing that they are still together and what supposed to happen to her life was altered. Now she’s living like day by day is the last day of her life. She wants to cherish it and appreciate how beautiful it is. Just breathing the same air and seeing the sun rise and the moon creep luminously in the night is all a blessing to her. She couldn’t help but thank Khrys causin for creating a peaceful word once again. Now the Gods of Olympus is merely a symbol that Zeus exists. The fight was over before the sunrise and now there's a council for immortals like Demi-gods,Vampires, Witches, Oracles,Mythical creatures, and Wolves. Everything is arranged perfectly creating peace and harmony in both immortal and mortal realm. A knock on the door brought her back from her reverie.

“ Come in” she shouted out after drying her face and hand.

“ My Queen, we came to bring your meal, Lord Chrysaor said that you must not skip a meal before going out of the villa.”

“ Thank You Faye and Hilda, I will surely finish it, today is a very hectic day for me.” She happily sat at the table and munched in her food after the two feries served her meal.

“ Your majesty should be careful not to choke herself by stuffing so much food in her mouth.” Faye giggled.

“ I have to because of your King, I feel like this past few days i dont have much power to move, that damn guy is like a bull once he pounces on me. It will take almost a day break before he will let me go.” Faye gasped covering Hilda's ears.

“ My Queen, watch your word, Hilda is still clueless of this.”

“ Ops! My bad.” Ria clasped her hand in apology and started to eat again.

After the two left she walked to the balcony and breathed in the fresh air coming from the forest just in front of her. She fills her lungs with enough oxygen before breathing out. Smiling, she took the watering can and started to pour water to her favorite white roses. She’s not surprised anymore that the flower never stops to bloom. It was a gift from the Queen of Fairies. It's a form of gratitude for bringing back the liveliness to the Queen’s Only son. After watching them for a while and trimming it Ria decided to take a shower and be ready for the day. She wore a business suit fitted to a lady. She heads down the stairs after putting on a Minimal makeup and stepping into her combat shoes that are called stiletto. Today she’s going to cut the ribbon in her newly open school for the children who can't afford to study because of their status in life and poverty. She knows with all the wealth that her husband accumulated in the mortal realm they can’t spend it all so she decided to share their blessing to the needy one. Entering her car she drove her way to the building she designed. On her way there she didn’t forget to instruct her phone to call her husband. Two rings and he picks it up. “ Yes, My love, what can i do for you?”

“ Morning Mr. Bull, i will be coming to your office later after I’m done with my chores today.”

“ My Queen, Who are you calling Mr.Bull?” Khrys brows knitted together.

“ Silly, Who else am i talking to right now? Isn’t it My dear husband.”

“ Hmn, Why are you so fond of calling me with different names my Queen?”

“ It's because you're a meanie who doesn’t give me a break. I’m almost at the building, see you, love you muah!” She gave him a taunting kiss which surely annoys him before hanging up. She parks her black maybach and walks out of her car. Ria wasn’t even that far from entrance when a group of parents came rushing towards her. Jen who resigned from her work in Manila is now working with her as her assistant. She blocks the path between Ria and the group of parents.

“ Mrs. Villar, We came here to show our deep gratitude for helping us out and our children.

“ A heavy burden was lifted up on our shoulders knowing someone like you wants to reach out to us, please accept our small gift. May you live a very long life filled with happiness and love.” Some parents said.

“ Thank you so much, it's my duty to give back something to the people who made us where we are right now. Without you our business will not flourish.” She smiled at them and personally accepted each of the gifts some of it Jen helped her out to carry and once the parent left to the place designated to them. A few security guards whose children also are a part of the scholarship brought the goods in the back of her car. The ceremony started with a small speech from her and after that it was the cutting of the ribbon. All the kids stood next to her and they took a photo at the front of the building. When it's done she and Jen tour the parents, students around the facilities of the campus. All of them were in awe when they saw how good the quality of school supplies was inside each class room. There's a surveillance camera room to ensure the safety of the children, a music room, laboratory, computer room, a huge race tract and an open gymnastics hall. The school canteen is very neat and enough to accommodate a hundred students. Some parents couldn’t help but to cry in happiness knowing their children is safe and sound in this place. When the parents left with their children Jen and Ria drove in the Villar Empire building. They part ways when she heads to her husband's office which is next to the Vice President office that she owns. So basically Jen stays inside her office. She knocked twice before entering her husband's office using her vip key card. She knows her mates feel her presence but he's too engrossed with his work that he didn’t give her a look.

“Give me ten minute my love. I'm almost done with this .” He said.

Watching him looking so dead serious in his paperwork Ria has a naughty idea popping in her head. She gingerly walked over to his table leaving her hand bag on the couch. When she's behind him she bent down, blowing on his ears. Instantly she saw her mate react, his ears turned red and his hand grip the pen harder. Seeing how easily she can seduce him she goes further licking his earlobe and biting it. Ria was shocked when in one blink Khrys brought her to his private room inside his office.

“ You naughty Queen, i will punish you from torturing me.”

“ Wait, i was just joking ahh stop! Khrys let me go. No that tickles..” Ria tried to push the damn brute off of her when her mate grip her waist and start to prep kisses all over her face and down to her neck sucking and licking her skin. It didn’t take much to warm up their body. The next thing Ria knows is that Khrys took off the last remaining fabric covering her private part. They kissed each other like there's no tomorrow. It was so passionate that even though Ria was still a bit sore from last night's marathon she can’t say no to him. Khrys devoured her breast like a cub feeding on it sucking biting and then his tongue will soothe the tingling pain away afterwards. She’s moaning like she’s reaching a place filled with pleasure and ecstasy. His warm mouth traveled down the valley of her chest to her belly button licking it with tongue making her toe curl in delight. When it reaches its final destination Ria automatically spreads her legs wider anticipating those magical tongues do its magic. Feeling the warm of it glide to her private part made her grab her mates hair brushing and fisting on it. Damn it felt so good specially when his tongue thrust in her cave she can’t help but to bury his face differ to her. He licked her slowly and played gently with her clit that a warm feeling erupts deep in her core until she finally reached her peak screaming her mates name. She hasn't caught her breath when Khrys buried deep his huge manhood in her womb.

“Ah!” She almost couldn’t breathe trying to relax her muscles to accommodate his huge thing. Even though they have been married for quite some time Ria felt it seems like it's always her first time when they make love. She grabbed his neck and embraced him while Khrys started to slowly move in and out of her womb. She felt fulfilled that nothing is stopping them in the path of happiness. Writing your own story and creating your own destiny requires a brave heart and a pure love that can conquer everything. If we start to believe in something nothing is impossible. Both couple reach their climax and hugged each other like one.

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