Defying The Gods Of Olympus

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Chapter-7 fighting!

It's was just after lunch break when Ria decides to leave the building where she's working. Heading back to the condo, Ria was surprised to see Daisy sitting in the lounge area looking sad and in dazed.

She was supposed to call her when the people from the office approach Ria.

Ms. Anna, the head staff, looked worried as she motion for Ria to come to their office.

“What's going on, Ms. Anna? Why all of my stuff is here?”

Ria was dumbfounded when she saw her things in a few boxes. It's all mixed up even her undergarments were hanging in one box.

”We don't know what happened between you and Mr. Cruz, but he asked our people to help bring your stuff out of the condo.”

”He what?! He can't do that to me?! I gave half of the money for the two months deposit on the unit we are renting. I also have the right to live there!”

”I'm so sorry, Ms. Santiago, but your name is not in the contract. You have to call Mr. Cruz about this. We are just following the tenant's order.”

”Wait?! Ms. Anna, you've been seeing me paying the rent I was even the one signing it with my name.

How come you accept my payment if I'm not a co-renter of that condo unit?”

”About that, Mr. Cruz told us to take it because he asked you to pay on his behalf. We don't know you both shared money in renting the condo, and we don't also know that you shared some of the two months' deposit. Everything is in the name of Mr. Cruz. Here is the copy of the contract that Mr.Cruz sign with us.

He said to show it to you in case you cause trouble.

I'm so sorry, Ms. Santiago, but we only allow you in the premises of the condo because you are Mr. Cruz's girlfriend.”Ria didn't know how to react to what she heard from the staff.

All along, she was fooled by that scumbag, and she's too stupid to believe that he prepared everything for her and that she doesn't need to worry about anything.

Ria was even ashamed because Micheal pays sixty percent of the rent and his asking only forty percent on her.

She was deceived again by those sugar-coated mouth!

When Ms. Anna handed her the copy of the contract that they sign with him, a realization hits her.

This morning when Daisy was telling her about Micheal’s address isn't correct. Ria finally realized how he played with her.

From the beginning, Micheal planned everything, and he was even smart enough to think ahead of time that his wife will look for him, so he decided to deceived Daisy that his still living in the old address where Ria also lives before.

Then Micheal used her to pay up the remaining balance he can't pay probably because his in short of money, and he sees Ria is working so hard and thinks she's an easy target to be fooled and his not wrong.

Although his plot was exposed, it was too late.

Ria was scam by her so-called ex-boyfriend, and now she had nowhere to go.

Even though she planned to move out, Ria didn't expect that scumbag was quick enough to think of throwing her out like unwanted clothes.

Ria felt her chest constricting, and her throat felt too dry.

This way of treatment is far too much for Ria to handle.

She bite her inner cheeks to stop the impending tears threatening to shed on her face.

She doesn't want these people to see her crumbling down.

Micheal made a fool out of her, and Ria wishes to give him a hundred punch if it's possible to get even for all the damage his done physically, emotionally, and mentally to her.

Stay strong.

Don't cry.

Show them you are not easy to step on.

You are worthy of something great.

Don't let this thing get the most out of you.

Focus Ria!

She kept on repeating these words in her head until she can finally face the staff of the condo with face held high!

“Thank you for everything I'll be calling a cab, please excuse me. I'll be back in a few minutes. ”

” No problem, Ms. Santiago, please take your time.” there was sympathy on Ms. Anna’s voice, but Ria didn't need those now.

She walked out and went sitting next to Daisy.

“Why are you still here, Daisy? Anything I can help you?” Daisy, who looked like she just woke up from a bad dream, saw Ria and hugged her without warning.

Ria was surprised but didn't say a word to Daisy after she heard her started crying, not hysterically but also enough to make you feel the pain she's feeling inside.

Ria left Daisy this morning in the hope that she could have a good talk with Micheal, but her guess was wrong.

It seems like there was no mutual understanding, and base on how Micheal treating Her now, what else more to Daisy?

”Its ok Daisy, we will sort this out.”

”Why are you so helpful to me? Aren't you angry? I cause you troubles, and now your kick out too?!” Ouch! That last words that Daisy said hit Ria, but she can't blame this poor woman in front of her. In Ria’s eyes, she's a victim too.

“I am a victim also, and I know what you feel. Men should respect a woman and not to toy with them. Micheal said his a single man and his visiting his province because he was worried about his mother.”

Ria laughs as she reminisces about their past.

Those justified excuse was now seen as a sloppy one, in Ria's mind.

“ I never doubt him because I'm a person who always tries to see the right side of the people, those two and half years I spend with him is memorable if only he didn't taint it with his immoral act and showed his true self.

Now I felt like a stupid walking bitch! I ruin your family without knowing it.

He was my first, and I thought it would last but like what the older people say in my town.

Your first time will never be your last.” A drop of tear slide on Ria’s cheeks, she can't deny the hurt anymore.

Everything happens so fast, and within twenty-four hours she's homeless, her boyfriend made her look like a fool in the eyes of the condo staff, and now Ria had to take care of the messed he created.

“No, don't think like that, Ms. Ria, you have a good heart.

I can't believe that Micheal has this side of him.

Please know that I never blame you for anything. We are both victims here, and I am sorry too. Seeing you, I know that you have no, I'll intention in your heart.

You're a good person.

Thank you for helping me.

I am going back home now, Michael gave me one thousand to go home, and he promised to give me money every month for the kids’ support.

But with all the lies he made me believe I'm doubtful if he will do what he promises. “

Daisy looked so depressed that Ria can't just sit and watch her leave like this.

“Daisy, don't leave yet. I know something that can ease your mind. Just give me a minutes I'll call somebody.”

Ria left Daisy and tap in her phone she dialed a number and in two ring it was connected to the other line.

“ Hi Ria, anything you want to asked to Mr. Cuenca?” Ms. Jen was already notified in advanced by her boss to accommodate any requests that Ria wishes to asked.

On the other side Ria was surprised by Ms. Jen word.

She wondered if Ms. Jen has some kind of telepathic ability to know she's in trouble.

“Ehem.. Ms. Jen you surprised me with that.

I actually have a favor to asked. Was there any place you know that I can rent out.

I'm actually homeless now and my flight is tomorrow morning so I don't have much time to move.

Plus I also need a legal lawyer to consult something about woman's rights and children's rights. Could you help me please..?”

“Sure, Boss said I should accommodate all of your wishes. This thing is just a piece of cake for me. First thing first, a place to live.

It just happened that there's two empty condo units fully furnished next to mine.

The rent is a bit much but if you work as one of our interior designer you can afford it. It cost ten thousand a month with free electric and wifi water bill is yours.

The contract is one year and you have to pay three months in advance.

Could you afford that?”

Ria almost stumbled upon hearing the amount of the condo unit.

She tap her phone and open her online banking, it showed she had two hundred eighty thousands save money.

Well, for now she just have swallow it up and brings her stuff to safety.

” I can pay for that could you make an appointment today so I can move already Ms. Jen?”

”Sure, my friend is the manager of the condo. I'll arrange it for you right after our conversation, I'm sending you now the address of the condo. So now, about the legal consultant. We have one in our company. I'll recommend you to them.

The first floor is the office of the legal consultant team.”

” Wow, Ms. Jen, it's no wonder our boss have so much respect on you. Your skills is beyond comparable.”

Ria couldn't help but admire Ms. Jen's capabilities. She just solved all of her problems within a few minutes of talking.

”No problem, I'm happy if I could be of any help. Anything you want to add more Ms. Santiago?”

“No that's all thank you so much Ms. Jen, I'll remember this.”

“No worries, just don't forget I love samgyupsal(korean barbecue food) ”

” Cool, I love it too, don't worry I won't forget it. And Ms.Jen?”


”Thank you for treating me like I'm one of you guys in our workplace.”

”Silly woman, I honestly like your optimistic side I hope there more like in the company. All I see here is wolf in sheep clothing.”

Ms. Jen eyes went rolling when she sees the other members of the designers team.

Not one from this people are actually real, they are just a bunch of wolf trying to booty lick Ms. Cindy to be on her good side.

”Anyways if that's all I'm off Ms. Santiago.”

“ Thanks again Ms. Jen and bye” Ria tapped her phone again and saw the message that Ms. Jen send to her.

Resort Drive One Palm Tree Villas.

Pasay City near Ninoy Aquino International Airport terminal 3,cluster-C unit 6N.

Six floor.

You can move already its been clean xxx.

Ria smiled.

At least not all of the people around her is terrible and selfish.

She tapped her phone again and used an app to call a taxi nearby.

When Ria saw one took her in and will arrive in five minutes she quickly walk to Daisy.

”Daisy, follow me.” without any clue Daisy, was like a lost child who followed her.

Ria knock on the staff office door before entering it.

” Hi, I'm getting my things thanks for everything.”

The staff help her carry three more box while she take the two holding it on both hands.

“ Do you need help Ria?”

“ Yeah, actually could you please help me with that full body mirror it's very special to me. Don't worry although it's made in wood it's not heavy at all.”

“ Ok, got it. “

“ Thanks Daisy”

Ria heave a sigh of relief when the taxi arrived and its big like what she needed the most.

They both went riding on it after carefully closing all the box so no one can see what's inside of it.

Ria was really ashamed when she saw her bra and other undergarment just hanging half way on the boxes.

That damn guys didn't even care about her personal belongings.

When they arrived at the new condo a woman not older than Ria approached them.

“Hi! I'm Angie the manager”

With a click of her hand a bellboy went with a cart and help them put her stuff on it.

“ Your things will be send to your room please come with me in the office.”

Ms. Angie looks so professional with her cats eye eyeglasses.

” Yes of course, wait a moment please.”

” No problem.”

” Hey Daisy..! Come here.”

Daisy who look like she's mesmerized by the place look back to Ria.

She walk to her and asked” What is it? And why are we here Ria?”

”Excuse me sir, could you please bring my friend in our room so she can rest already.”

Ria gave him a sincere smile.

”Yes Ma’am, please follow me.”

” Go Daisy I know you're tired, I'll follow you later once I'm done here ok?”

”Ok, Ria.”

Daisy followed the bellboy while Ria walk together with Ms. Angie in an office.

After paying and signing all the contract that she read carefully making sure she really the one renting it.

Ria shake hands with Ms. Angie.

” I hope you have a pleasant stay in our condo, please don't hesitate to contact me if ever you need something.”

”Thanks Ms. Angie i’ll be on my way now.”

Ria wave goodbye and headed to her new room.

There's only one thing she have to do for Daisy before she left to ease her mind.

It's pay back time to that scumbag!

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